Read: Glen Sather Always Calls Everyone Back

In the book “Behind The Moves,” Jason Farris spoke with NHL General Managers past and present about how they conduct business and to tell stories about their lives in hockey.

Here, Glen Sather explains how important it is to immediately call  a fellow GM back:

“If you get a phone call from a GM, he is calling you for a reason. It may be a deal hatched in his own mind that he is going to trade you [someone less valuable] for a good player who you have on your team and you just laugh at the deal, but you need to call back and say that you are either interested or not interested…. You can’t leave it for a week and then call him back. It happens, but those guys aren’t around very long when it does. You might miss an opportunity, too, if you don’t call back. So I always call back, and I tell every guy who works for us to keep their cell phones with them, because there is no time off in our game.”

Calgary GM Jay Feaster says, “You can take three days to call your owner back – at your own peril. You can take time to call the league back. But if a manager calls, that phone call needs to be returned immediately.”