Buzz: Shane Doan Reportedly Has A Crazy Offer From An Eastern Conference Team

Helene Elliott tweets that the deal is “Absolutely insane.”

Sean Leahy tweets, “This Shane Doan offer was obviously from the Eastern Conference of the KHL”

Doan had a cap hit of $4.5 million last season.

Adam Rotter: That is certainly one way to get Doan to leave Phoenix!

Read: Shane Doan Is Holding Everything Up

In the Arizona Republic, Sarah McLellan writes that Shane Doan holds the cards for many team’s next move and has held up most of the free agent and trade market.

Doan is continuing to wait for more information on the Phoenix ownership situation and McLellan writes that the waiting is having an negative impact on the interested teams.

In terms of an update on Doan, his agent Terry Bross said “It will happen when it happens.”

The Rangers are believed to have an edge in possibly securing Doan’s services due to his past relationships with many members of the Rangers organization.

16 teams are believed to be interested in Doan while about 4 or 5 have made formal offers for the Coyotes captain.

59% of readers say that they would give Doan the 3 or 4 years he is seeking in a new contract.

Read: Shane Doan Should Leave Phoenix

In the Arizona Republic, Dan Bickley writes that Shane Doan should leave Phoenix because he “deserves better” than the current situation the Coyotes are in.

He writes of Doan, “Your allegiance is a blessing and a curse, so we’ll make this real easy on you: This is your last contract, and greener pastures beckon. Go if you must, even if it means returning in a Red Wings sweater.”

On leaving Phoenix, Doan’s agent said “Don’t think it’s lost on him that it’s going to have an impact in more ways than on the ice if he leaves. That’s why we’re dragging our feet on this.”

Doan reportedly has interest from around half of the league.

Buzz: Shane Doan Has A Few Formal Contract Offers

According to Kevin Allen in USA Today, Shane Doan’s agent Terry Bross says that four or five teams have made offers to Doan and that 16 teams have at least inquired about Doan.

Allen says that Doan has been traveling in Western Canada but planned to speak with his agent in the next day or so.

Bross told Allen, “We are getting to the point where it is going to be decision-making time.”

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Buzz: Shane Doan Knows What It Will Mean If He Leaves

At Fox Sports Arizona, via KK, Shane Doan’s agent Terry Bross says that one of the reasons that Doan is dragging his feet on a decision on what to do next is because of the responsibility he feels he has to the Coyotes.

He says, “Don’t think it’s lost on him that it’s going to have an impact in more ways than on the ice if he leaves. That’s why we’re dragging our feet on this.”

Bross says that July 16th is the new date for when  it may be time to get serious about listening to other teams’ offers.”

Buzz: The Edge The Rangers May Have In Getting Shane Doan

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers could have a bit of an edge in luring Shane Doan East if he decides to leave Phoenix.

As noted before, Doan played under Jim Schoenfeld (head coach) and John Tortorella (assistant coach) for two seasons in Phoenix.

Brooks notes that Benoit Allaire was the goalie coach in Phoenix from 1997 to 2004 and that Rangers assistant coach Mike Sullivan was a teammate of Doan’s for four seasons.

Asked yesterday, 58% of readers would give Doan the multi-year deal he is reportedly going to seek.

Buzz: The Rangers Will Be Making Their Shane Doan Pitch

2:31PM: Andy Strickland tweets that it will take 3 or 4 years to sign Doan.

10:09AM: According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers are one of the teams that will be making a pitch to Shane Doan if he decides to leave Phoenix.

The Blackhawks, Canucks, Red Wings and Penguins are expected to be high on Doan’s list of potential teams.

Buzz: Many Teams Have Reached Out To Shane Doan

3:22PM: McLellan tweets that only a few will warrant serious interest from Doan and that they could be the Red Wings, Canucks, Penguins and Kings.

2:14PM: Chris Kuc tweets that the Chicago Blackhawks have reached out to Shane Doan about possibly playing for them next season.

Reports out of Vancouver suggest that the Canucks are very much in the mix for Doan and that if there is a shortlist, the Canucks would be on it.

Shelly Anderson tweets, “Add #Penguins to list on UFA Doan. Agent Terry Bross via email: “They have been in contact and Shane is interested.”‘

The Detroit Free Press tweets, “Terry Bross, agent for UFA F Shane Doan, tells Detroit Free Press: “Shane has interest in Detroit.” Has heard from Wings today. “

The Rangers are believed to be very interested in signing Doan.