Buzz: Shane Doan Seems About Ready To Move On

He adds “Doan’s agent now waiting for permission to start negotiating elsewhere. Visits to resume as early as Monday.”

Sarah McLellan tweeted last night that as of 7PM PHX time, Doan had not heard from Jamison.

David Shoalts tweeted last night that Doan’s agent refuted reports that he wanted a four year deal worth $30 million.

81% of readers said that they would not give Doan that contract.

Buzz: Shane Doan Is Interested In Three or Four Teams, May Get Offers Of FIVE YEARS (Update)


2:14PM: According to David Shoalts, for Doan to leave Phoenix, he is looking for four years and $30 million.

Doan reportedly has that exact offer from an Eastern Conference club.

Shoalts adds “There are teams willing to pay Doan $7-million for one year (maybe two) but he’ll be 36 by start of season so 4 yrs is scary. All that being said, same source says someone will cough up a four-year deal for Doan in $7-m range.”

12:25PM: According to Sarah McLellan in the Arizona Republic, Shane Doan is primarily interested in three or four teams and a couple more that he is just interested in.

Doan is expected to speak with prospective Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison today to get an update on where he stands with purchasing the team. His agent says that if they don’t get the update they want “I think we’re going to start to negotiate with some of the other clubs.”

His agent went on to say “I wouldn’t be shocked if we had a decision next week.”

Doan visited with the Rangers and Flyers while on the East coast last week.

Doan’s agent says that it’s time to decide “It’s time to fish or cut bait. All the obstacles are out of the way, so I can’t hold these teams off forever. They have franchises to run, and they need to make moves for their clubs as well. I don’t think it’s fair to Shane or the other clubs that might be interested to continue to drag this out.”

Vancouver newspaper The Province thinks that Doan won’t sign for less than three years and could be expected to get multiple five year offers, something the Canucks may not be willing to do.

Buzz: Shane Doan Is Making His List Of Teams

According to Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic, Shane Doan’s camp hasn’t heard from prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison recently and is planning to make a list of teams that he is interested in joining.

His agent says that Doan is just preparing for any option and that his first choice is to remain with the Coyotes, “When we get the news, whether it’s good or bad, at least we’ll be prepared. Otherwise we’ll have to take a week to make a decision. If we find out it doesn’t happen, then we’re behind the 8-ball trying to go visit teams and make a decision.”

Doan visited the Rangers and Flyers over the weekend while on the East coast for the NHLPA and NHL labor meetings.

Doan and his agent expected to hear from Jamison last week but did not.

Buzz: Shane Doan Is Interested In The Pens

Doan has visited the Rangers and Flyers so far in his search for a new team.

Buzz: The Plan Is Shane Doan and Rick Nash

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers plan isn’t to sign Shane Doan OR trade for Rick Nash, the plan is to try and acquire them both.

Brooks writes “Know this: It isn’t either Doan or Nash for the Rangers. It is, on Sather’s blueprint, Doan and Nash.”

He writes that the Rangers are a favorable landing spot for Doan if he leaves Phoenix.

Read: How Shane Doan Would Fit In

At Rangers Report, Carp writes about Shane Doan and how he thinks he could fit in with the Rangers.

He writes, “I think he would fit very, very nicely into the Rangers; into their identity, into their leadership group. He could play on their second line, no problem. He could theoretically play on their first line if they don’t make another major move.”

Carp writes though that the wouldn’t go anywhere near the reported four year deal worth $7.5 million per season, but would give Doan a two-year deal around $6 million per season.