Read: It’s Time For Shane Doan To Stop Being So Loyal

At Backhand Shelf, Justin Bourne writes that Shane Doan has proven his loyalty to the Coyotes and the Phoenix area and it is time for him to move on and chase the Stanley Cup.

Bourne writes “It’s so bizarre to me that a guy as fiercely competitive as Doan wouldn’t be salivating at the thought of playing alongside some of the best players in the League after years of skating alongside second and third liners. I’m not trying to tear down the Coyotes current roster, just saying it’s been 16 seasons of playing with mediocrity for the majority of the time.”

Buffalo GM Darcy Regier said that he admires Doan’s loyalty “He’s spent his whole career with that organization, and I think that’s meaningful, and I admire that, but in the event he’s not going to stay there, we certainly would have an interest.”

He added that there has been no meeting set up between the Sabres and Doan.

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Read: Prospective Coyotes Owner Lacks Funds To Run Team

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Greg Jamison still lacks the cash to not only buy the Coyotes but to also operate them.

Mike Sunnucks writes “Operating capital could be the newest obstacle facing the Jamison purchase and the Coyotes tenuous situation in Glendale. Essentially, the prospective Coyotes owner needs the money, financing or favorable sales terms so he can pay the bills, meet payroll and keep the lights on after a sale.”

They write that the NHL could lower the asking price for the franchise to help Jamison buy the team and also help him secure the money to operate the franchise after he purchases the team.

In terms of Shane Doan, Sunnucks writes that he may soon meet with the Kings and “If Doan jumps to a new team before a Coyotes sale is complete, that could diminish confidence in Jamison’s bid.”

Buzz: The Sabres Are Still Interested In Shane Doan But No Meeting Is Planned

Doan met with Vancouver last night and the Rangers and Flyers in the last few weeks.

Bruce Garrioch tweets “The good thing for Shane Doan is he’s finally getting a chance to see North America. First it was New York and Philly. Now Vancouver.”

Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tweets that he would think that Doan at 3-years and $15 million would make sense for the Penguins.

Buzz: Shane Doan Is In Vancouver Right Now

According to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports radio 620, Shane Doan is in Vancouver meeting with the Canucks.

He notes that the Canucks are the third team that Doan has visited. He has also visited the Rangers and Flyers.

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7:32AM: The Province of Vancouver writes that Doan is a “difference maker” and “At 35, he remains productive and durable and is a force on the ice and in the room.”

They note that it’s likely someone will bite on the four-year deal worth $30 million that he is reportedly seeking.

Read: Why Shane Doan Should Pick The Rangers

At, Dan Rosen looks at five teams that Shane Doan could sign with if he decides to leave Phoenix.

One of those teams listed is the Rangers and Rosen writes “He wants to win the Stanley Cup and the Rangers are built to win now.”

Rosen says that if Doan is to sign in NY than Carl Hagelin would likely lose his spot in the top six and Rick Nash would move over to the left side.

He adds “All this might not matter because coach John Tortorella has a habit of constantly juggling his lines, but there’s no denying Doan would fit on the Rangers and make them even better than they are right now — and right now they’re a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.”

The other teams listed are the Canucks, Penguins, Flyers and Kings.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers will need something to lure Doan that is different from what the other teams can offer him. Doan isn’t going to pick a team that won’t be a Stanley Cup contender and is likely to have the same kind of role and responsibility on every team. At that point, it may come down to who goes to a fourth year, or fifth, to sign him up. Doan wants security and stable ownership with his new deal. I don’t think there will be much negotiating, he has his demands and someone will cave into them.

Read: The Coyotes Continue To Have Issues

According to David Shoalts in the Toronto Globe and Mail, today may officially be the day where Shane Doan decides to move on from the Phoenix Coyotes and start negotiating with other teams.

Reports over the weekend were that Greg Jamison is short $20 million  in his pursuit of buying the Coyotes and writes “This brings up another question – if Jamison cannot raise the purchase price how will he cover the Coyotes operating losses above the $17-million covered by the arena lease if the sale ever goes through? In a good year, the Coyotes lose more than $20-million.”

Buzz: The Latest On The Shane Doan Situation

According to the PHX Business Journal, Greg Jamison is $20 million short in his pursuit to buy the Coyotes.

The report says “The Coyotes deal is on tenuous ice but could still happen, according to multiple sources familiar with the team’s three-year ownership saga and uncertain future in the Phoenix market.

Jamison is courting new investors and partners to help him cobble together the money and financing needed to purchase the team from the National Hockey League.”

It also notes that Shane Doan did meet with Jamison late on Friday to hear the latest on where Jamison is in trying to buy the Coyotes.

8:29PM: Bruce Garrioch writes in the Ottawa Sun, via Spectors Hockey, that the Penguins are prepared to offer Doan a four-year deal worth $24 million.

French TV station TVA Sports reports that Doan didn’t hear from Jamison on Friday and that his agent said “it doesn’t look good.”