Buzz: Shane Doan Is Making His List Of Teams

According to Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic, Shane Doan’s camp hasn’t heard from prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison recently and is planning to make a list of teams that he is interested in joining.

His agent says that Doan is just preparing for any option and that his first choice is to remain with the Coyotes, “When we get the news, whether it’s good or bad, at least we’ll be prepared. Otherwise we’ll have to take a week to make a decision. If we find out it doesn’t happen, then we’re behind the 8-ball trying to go visit teams and make a decision.”

Doan visited the Rangers and Flyers over the weekend while on the East coast for the NHLPA and NHL labor meetings.

Doan and his agent expected to hear from Jamison last week but did not.

Buzz: Shane Doan Is Interested In The Pens

Doan has visited the Rangers and Flyers so far in his search for a new team.

Buzz: The Plan Is Shane Doan and Rick Nash

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers plan isn’t to sign Shane Doan OR trade for Rick Nash, the plan is to try and acquire them both.

Brooks writes “Know this: It isn’t either Doan or Nash for the Rangers. It is, on Sather’s blueprint, Doan and Nash.”

He writes that the Rangers are a favorable landing spot for Doan if he leaves Phoenix.

Read: How Shane Doan Would Fit In

At Rangers Report, Carp writes about Shane Doan and how he thinks he could fit in with the Rangers.

He writes, “I think he would fit very, very nicely into the Rangers; into their identity, into their leadership group. He could play on their second line, no problem. He could theoretically play on their first line if they don’t make another major move.”

Carp writes though that the wouldn’t go anywhere near the reported four year deal worth $7.5 million per season, but would give Doan a two-year deal around $6 million per season.

Buzz: Shane Doan Had A Meeting With The Rangers Today

According to John Gambadoro of Arizona radio station 620 KTAR, Shane Doan met with Rangers officials today in his first meeting with another team.

Doan was in New York for the CBA talks.

Gambadoro tweeted recently that the Rangers were showing “real interest” in Doan and that “If the Phoenix Coyotes weren’t worried about losing their captain before, they should be now.”

Doan didn’t rule out NY as a place to play when he spoke with the media yesterday.

Doan played under Jim Schoenfeld and John Tortorella in Phoenix and was teammates with assistant coach Mike Sullivan.

Adam Rotter: To me, this was a meeting out of convenience as Doan was in the area for CBA talks and the Rangers are very interested in him. I think he has interest in becoming a Ranger, otherwise he wouldn’t have taken the meeting, but he will also likely be meeting with the Canucks, Kings, Penguins and Red Wings. The Rangers have made their push for Doan and they will have to see what the next step is.

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Buzz: The Rangers Have Made An Offer To Shane Doan?

According to a report out of Philadelphia, the Flyers have made an offer to Shane Doan in the hopes that he would replace Jaromir Jagr as a veteran in the top six.

The report, via Crossing Broad, says that the Rangers and Penguins have also made offers to Doan.

It has been confirmed that the Penguins have made an offer for Doan, but not yet confirmed that the Rangers have.

In addition to the Penguins and Rangers, the Sabres, Kings, Sharks and Canucks have made offers to Doan.

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59% of readers said that they would give Doan 3 or 4 years.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have interest in Doan and whether they have made their offer or are prepared to make their offer, they are certainly in the mix. He still seems intent on waiting out the situation in Phoenix and that could continue to delay things, but if and when he decides to move on, you can be sure the Rangers will be at the front of the line pushing him to come to NY.


Katie Strang tweets that she “asked Doan if he’d consider playing NY and he didn’t rule it out but said still monitoring the ownership situation in PHX”

Buzz: It May Take Shane Doan “Weeks” To Decide His Future


3:52PM: Phoenix GM Don Maloney told Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic that he is still confident that captain Shane Doan will return to Phoenix but cautioned it “may be weeks” until Doan makes a decision.

Reports out of Phoenix say that a judge will hear about the latest issues in the Coyotes/Owner/Arena situation on August 14th.

Six teams have made offers to Shane Doan and the Rangers, while interested, have not yet done so.

It was suggested last week that Doan may still take some time to make a decision.

Buzz: The Rangers Have Not Yet Made An Offer To Shane Doan

According to Sportsnet, six teams have officially made offers to Shane Doan.

Those teams are the Penguins, Kings, Sharks, Canucks, Red Wings and Sabres. reports that Doan’s agent hopes to have some “clarity” this week on where Doan will play next season and that the Red Wings will wait as long as it takes to get Doan.

The report does say that the Rangers are one of the teams heavily interested in Doan,

Buzz: Shane Doan and the Sharks (Now The Pens)

1:22PM: According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, via PHT, the Penguins have made their offer for Shane Doan and that there is “mutual interest”

8:31AM: In the San Jose Mercury News, via Spectors Hockey, Shane Doan’s agent Terry Bross indicates that should Doan leave Phoenix, he would be very interested in joining the San Jose Sharks.

The report indicates the the Sharks, along with the LA Kings, have offers on the table for Doan.

It has been reported that Doan is likely to stay out West if he doesn’t stay in Phoenix.

It has been suggested that Doan may not make a decision until the end of this week.

Doan reportedly has an offer from an Eastern Conference team worth $30 million over four years.