Buzz: The CBA Is Holding Up Shane Doan

In the Arizona Republic, Sarah McLellan writes that the CBA is the latest that is holding up Shane Doan.

Don Maloney said “I don’t foresee a lot happening around here right now.”

On the ownership situation and Doan, Maloney told McLellan “It’s still trending positively. We’re still very optimistic about it. Once that happens, hopefully we can re-sign Shane to a deal that works for both of us.”

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Buzz: The Coyotes May Actually Be Sold

The PHX Business Journal writes “Two sources with knowledge of the three-year-old Coyotes ownership saga say Jamison now has the investors and partners in place to finally buy the Coyotes and a deal could close very soon.”

He adds “One source familiar with the deal said Jamison has secured the money and partners to buy the team and final details are being reviewed by the NHL.”

Buzz: Nashville Is On Shane Doan’s Short List

According to Josh Cooper in the Tenessean, Predators coach Barry Trotz revealed that Shane Doan has the Predators on his short list of teams.

Trotz says “To be quite honest I hope everything gets resolved in Phoenix and he retires as a Phoenix Coyote, but if it doesn’t, I know Nashville is on his short list.”

Doan has yet to meet with the Predators.

Buzz: The Latest On The Shane Doan Situation

According to Pat Leonard in the Daily News, Shane Doan’s agent confirmed that he has received a four-year deal worth at least $7 million per season.

The team that made that offer is not the Rangers and it is not known if the team that made the offer is one of the teams that Doan has interest in.

Leonard says that the Rangers are still one of the favorites to sign Doan and that the Rangers, Flyers and Canucks are the only teams that Doan has visited with.

He notes that Vancouver, where Doan’s wife is from, owns a house and is part owner of the Kamloops Blazer, may be the Rangers toughest competition for Doan.

Buzz: Shane Doan Wants More Than Three Years

According to a tweet from David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News, the Sharks are no longer in the running for Shane Doan as he has made it clear he wants to sign a deal that is longer than three years.

The Sharks reportedly would only offer Doan three-years and $4.5 million per season.

In a poll asked over the weekend, 44.23% of readers said that their preference to sign Doan to a three-year deal is based upon the cap hit he would bring. 39.68% of readers said that they would sign him to a three-year deal and 16% said No.

69% of readers said that they would sign Doan to a three-year deal worth $5 million per season.

81% of readers said that they would not give
Doan the reported four years and $30 million that he is seeking.

Buzz: Shane Doan May Actually Choose His Team Soon

He adds “I would be surprised if Doan signs with Pens. No way their offer is highest. But he hasn’t scratched them off his list. Interest is mutual.”

Doan has met with the Rangers, Flyers and Canucks.

He has said that he is still hopeful of returning to Phoenix.

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Adam Rotter: The key factor in all of this is that Doan has four young kids who need to know where they will be going to school in the fall. He wants a multi-year deal with the intent of moving his family and time is starting to run out in the summer. Doan has been more than patient in trying to give Phoenix every chance it can to stabilize his ownership and keep him, but that has dragged out the process.

Buzz: What The Sharks Will Offer Shane Doan

According to Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area, the Sharks are not willing to sign Shane Doan to the four-year deal worth $30 million that he is reportedly seeking.

Kurz reports that the Sharks are not willing to go past three years and $4.5 million per season.

Buzz: Where Shane Doan and the Rangers Are At

According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Shane Doan is searching for a four-year deal and that the Rangers, along with Pittsburgh and Vancouver, are on his short list of teams he is willing to sign with.

Brooks writes that if Glen Sather is willing to go to four years on a contract there is a good chance that Doan becomes a Ranger.

He adds that there is a possibility that Doan could accept a three-year deal with the Rangers to play under John Tortorella once again.

Brooks writes that the Rangers primary interest in Doan is to replace some of the depth that they lost with Brandon Prust, Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov.

Buzz: Shane Doan Really Doesn’t Want To Leave Phoenix

In an interview with TSN, Shane Doan said the following about where he is right now as a free agent “I’m doing everything I can to stay there and that’s kind of my goal. At the same time, I have to do some due diligence now in the fact that the longer it takes the the harder it seems to be to get a deal done in Phoenix.”

Doan said “I am going to try and give Phoenix every chance that I can,” and that he is looking for a long term deal.

He added “For me it’s going to be about my family and the right situation for us and the right situation for me as a player to have a chance to win and enjoy the game. That’s a big part of it, being in the right spot and enjoying it. There’s obviously a few teams that fit that.”