Buzz: The Rangers Will Do WHATEVER It Takes To Land Justin Schultz

According to a tweet from Larry Brooks the “Rangers will do whatever possible to sign Schultz to Entry Level deal…as will all clubs on expected 5-7 team list”

Brooks adds that Schultz will fly to Toronto tomorrow to begin the process of choosing a team and the plan is to start talking with clubs on Wednesday Morning.

Buzz: What The Justin Schultz Cap Hit Will Be

At The Hockey News, Ken Campbell writes that no matter what team signs UFA to be Justin Schultz, he will be signed to a deal that has a maximum cap hit of $3.8 million.

It will break down as:

  • $925,000 in base salary
  • $850,000 in signing bonus
  • $2 million in performance bonuses

Campbell says that Schultz and his representatives will start fielding offers this week but he can’t sign until July 1.

Buzz: Justin Schultz May End Up North Of The Border

At TSN, Bob McKenzie writes that Justin Schultz will be one of the most sought after free agents and there is a strong belief that he wants to play on A Canadian team and one that will allow him to make an impact right away.

McKenzie speculates that Edmonton could be a good fit for Schultz based on their need for defensemen and chance to play right away.

Toronto is also believed to be a strong contender for Schultz due to Brian Burke being the one that drafted him and his former Wisconsin teammate Jake Gardiner being there.

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Adam Rotter: If the Rangers sign Schultz there will be no guarantee that he will make the team. Schultz has two former teammates that took different roads to their spots on the Rangers that can offer advice: Derek Stepan won his spot out of camp and Ryan McDonagh had to be sent down before being called up and establishing himself.

Read: Justin Schultz Can Step Right Into The NHL

At True Hockey, Andy Strickland writes that Justin Schultz will narrow his list of suitors down following his removal from the reserve list of the Anaheim Ducks on June 25th.

On the impact that Schultz can have next season, Strickland writes “Many believe the right shot D-man can run a NHL power play next season and has the physical tools plus the hockey sense to step right into the NHL.”

Buzz: Why Justin Schultz Could End Up In Toronto

In the Toronto Sun, via PHT, Lance Hornby writes of the relationship that Brian Burke and Justin Schultz have and how Burke asked for Schultz when he acquire Jake Gardiner from Anaheim.

Burke was also the one who drafted Schultz in Anaheim in 2008.

He writes that along with the Rangers, Red Wings, Oilers and Canucks, the Leafs are expected to be the top teams pursuing Schultz.

Gardiner and Schultz were teammates at Wisconsin.

Buzz: Are The Rangers The Leaders For Justin Schultz?

Matheson has mentioned the Rangers strong chances in Schultz since early April.

It is believed that Schultz wants to be guaranteed a spot on the NHL roster to start the season.

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Adam Rotter: It certainly doesn’t hurt the Rangers that they have Stepan and McDonagh, but they aren’t the only team that has former teammates of his. Detroit has Brendan Smith and Toronto has Jake Gardiner. Craig Smith is in Nashville and Blake Geoffrion is in Montreal. The money is going to be the same anywhere, so it will be up to Schultz to decide which situation he wants to put himself in.

Buzz: Will Justin Schultz Want A Guaranteed Roster Spot?

In the Edmonton Journal, via PHT, David Staples quotes former Tampa Bay GM Brian Lawton as saying that the team that signs Justin Schultz will have to guarantee him a roster spot.

Lawton says, “So if you any chance to get a player like this, you’re gonna unfortunately  going to be out there on a limb in some uncomfortable positions. Because there are things you don’t want to do like guaranteeing a roster spot to a player who has not played in the league. But guess what? That is the landscape you’re dealing with. If you’re going to sit at home and say, ‘I’m not going to do that,’ that’s great. But you’re not going to get any players either.”

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Schultz will be 22 years old when the season starts.