Read: Dan Boyle’s best game and what is important to him

Dan Boyle1Dan Boyle played a season high 24:49 against Tampa Bay on Wednesday, had two shots on goal, 1 that was blocked, four that missed the net and his first goal of the season.

Boyle also had one hit and one blocked shot.

After the game, on MSG, Dave Maloney and Joe Micheletti spoke about how Boyle had his best game of the year and that he is a smart player who knows when to push the pace or take things slow. They said that it was a real positive sign for the Rangers.

Asked about scoring his first goal, Boyle said on MSG, “the media likes to talk about personal points and goals and assists but for me, at my age, I don’t really care about that. My goal is to leave my mark on the ice, make something happen, whether I get goals and assists, that is not really as important to me as when I was 20 years old. I am just looking to help out offensively and defensively.”

Read: Dan Boyle’s hand is still bothering him

Dan BoyleDan Boyle said that the broken hand that caused him to miss the first month of the season is better but not where he wants it to be yet. (NY Post)

Boyle says that in the four games since he has returned his body has “subconsciously” taken some action to protect the hand while he is on the ice and it’s a case of a “body that’s protecting itself.” (NY Post)

He said that his shot is not yet where it needs to be yet. (NY Post)

Alain Vigneault said recently that Boyle was “coming along.”

He has been on the ice for 2 goals for and 3 against and at 5 on 5 when he is on the ice, the Rangers control 46.4% of the shot attempts. (Puckalytics)

Boyle is starting 43.75% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 29.69% in the neutral zone and 26.56% in the defensive zone. (Puckalytics)

Stats: Dan Boyle since he returned to the Rangers lineup

Dan Boyle1Since returning to the Rangers lineup three games ago, Dan Boyle has played 22:14, 23:21 and 20:06 with a minus one rating.

He has six shots on goal, 2 shots that have been blocked and three that have missed the net.

Boyle has also taken a boarding and hooking penalty since he returned.

Before the Rangers game on Monday, Alain Vigneault said that Boyle was “coming along” and gotten better each period. He said that he will make mistakes but “for the most part: I have liked how he played.

Boyle said that he anticipated playing with pain during his return and said that the process of gaining his strength back has been “too slow” for him. He said that he hopes his hand gets better and stronger.  (NY Post)

Read/Stats: Dan Boyle’s return to the Rangers lineup

Dan BoyleDan Boyle played 22:14 in his return to the Rangers lineup and played 6:01 in the first, 6:44 in the second, 8:10 in the third and 1:19 in OT.

Boyle played 19:50 at even strength and 2:24 on the PP.

He was a plus one, took a boarding penalty, had three shots on goal, two that missed the net, 1 hit and 1 blocked shot.

When Boyle was on the ice at even strength, the Rangers had 22 shot attempts for and 16 against, with 12 shots on goal and 9 against. (Natural Stat Trick)

On his game, Boyle said on MSG  “to steal Derek Stepan’s line from three games ago, case of the rust is what I think he said. It was what I thought it would be. The legs and hands were a step behind but I think for somebody who had 17-18 games behind the rest of the guys I thought I did some good things and some things will get better as I play more.”

He  added that as the game went on he felt more comfortable and that is a natural feeling when you have been out of the lineup. (Ranger Rants)

Joe Micheletti said that he thought Boyle did a lot of “good things” and read the play well, led the rush and overall had a “pretty good” game.

Dave Maloney said on MSG that he was impressed with Boyle’s “savvy” on the blue line.

Recap: Dan Boyle on returning to the Rangers lineup

Dan Boyle6:38PM: Boyle said on MSG:

  • On tonight, “We will see. The brain has to be sharp, the hands and body might be a step behind but if brain can do a little more we will be in a goof spot.”
  • On Marc Staal, “defensively he is very good, breaks up a lot of plays, good stick.”
  • On MSG, “Amazing, I regret not being here opening night, it was tough to watch.”

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Read: Dan Boyle could be back tomorrow or Saturday (Updates)

Dan Boyle3:17PM: Alain Vigneault said that he thinks Boyle will play under 20 minutes tomorrow.

1:50PM: Boyle’s comment’s today, (via Rangers Report):

  • On battle drills, “I did a little more today, it wasn’t one where there was so much hockey going on and guys could battle. I did a little bit here and there, grabbed some guys off to the side and did some pushing around. It felt better than yesterday and hopefully it keeps going that way.”
  • Do you have enough strength, “I have to play in a game to find out. I’ll find out if it’s tomorrow night, if it’s tomorrow night, ask me then.”
  • On pain and knowing if it’s too early, ‘That is where the doctor has to step in and give you his medical opinion. According to him the bone is, 5 weeks tomorrow, that is a sufficient amount of time for the bone to heal and as far as pain goes, that could be a month, month and a half before it goes away. Pain, we all play with pain and it’s something that you have to deal with.”

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Read: Dan Boyle is day to day and hopes next week is “realistic”

Boyle White1:48PM: Alain Vigneault said, “for the first time he had a normal sweater which means he has been cleared for contact. From my understanding the hand has been healing according to plan, it’s gonna be four weeks, so today was his first real practice with the group. I would say that it’s a safe bet to say that at some point next week he will be back in the lineup.” (NYR)

1:25PM: Dan Boyle skated today in a regular jersey at Rangers practice after skating the last few days in a non-contact jersey.

He met with the media and proclaimed himself day to day. (NYR)

He added (NYR):

  • “everyday is getting better but now it’s kind of the final, you know, part of it and doing a bit more every day and getting to the level where I can go out and play.”
  • It it range of motion, “yea, it’s some pain and some strength and probably pain and strength, those two things.”
  • Have you officially been cleared for contact, “I don’t know (laugh) I don’t know the answer to that. It wasn’t the kind of practice where we needed to hit each other extensively, I don’t know.”

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