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Dan BoyleSince the year 2000, Dan Boyle has played in the sixth most games of any defenseman with  919 and has averaged 70 games per season in that span.(HR)

He has played the fourth most minutes in that time behind Zdeno Chara, Nick Lidstrom and Kimmo Timonen and led the league in total minutes played in 2006-07. (HR)

Last season Boyle suffered a concussion and said that he didn’t feel like himself for around three months. Boyle pointed to the concussion, not his age, as the reason why his played started to dip but added that down the stretch he was back to playing like himself.

He said that he keeps himself in “really good shape” and has no problems logging big minutes. Boyle said that he wants to make a difference, wants the puck on his stick and most importantly wants to win hockey games.

Last season, Boyle led the Sharks in average ice time per game with 21:16 but was third on the team in average ice time at even strength at 17:22.

Over the last six seasons, when Boyle is in the ice his team takes 53.5% of the shots. (HR)

Boyle saw 3:38 per game on the PP last season which was 12th in the league for defensemen and was 18th in points for defensemen with 6 goals and 12 assists.

Over the last three seasons for defensemen, Boyle is 25th in total ice time with 4,717 minute, 15th in points with 104, 19th in points per game with .51, 8th in shots with 2.49 per game. (HR)

In total ice time he is behind Dan Girardi (5,194) and Ryan McDonagh (5,084) over the last three seasons. (HR)

Stats: Dan Boyle’s presence on the PP and Ryan McDonagh

It’s likely that Ryan McDonagh and Dan Boyle will be at the points on the Rangers top PP unit next season. (ESPN)

On the PP last season:

  • Dan Boyle:
    • (Regular season) 6 goals, 12 assists/3:38 per game. 54 shots on goal, 20 that missed the net, 40 were blocked. 47.4% of his shots were on net and from an average of 44.1 ft out.
    • (Playoffs) 3 assists/4:44 per game, 9 shots on goal, 2 shots that missed, 10 that were blocked. 42.9% of his shots were on goal and from an average of 47.6%. (ES)
  • Ryan McDonagh:
    •  (Regular season) 2 goals, 11 assists/2:52 per game. 39 shots on goal, 12 that missed the net and 24 that were blocked. 52% of his attempts were on net and from 47.9 ft out.
    • (Playoffs) 2 goals, 5 assists/4:23 per game. 14 shots on goal, 10 shots that missed the net, 17 blocked. 34.1% on net from an average of 42.7 ft out.

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Read: Marc Staal on adding Dan Boyle

Marc StaalMarc Staal said that he is excited to get to know Dan Boyle and the team is excited to have him. (TBNews)

Staal said that Boyle is still a great player, very talented with the puck and will be a “huge help” on the power play. (TBNews)

It’s been speculated that Boyle will shift into Anton Stralman’s spot and skate with Staal but Staal said that he isn’t sure what the pairings will be. (TBNews)

Asked about Staal, Boyle said “him and I played in the All-Star game a few years ago so I do know him a little bit but he had to deal with the eye injury but he looks like he has come back from it. As far as playing with him, any partner I have had in the past has kind of had to adjust to me a little bit more, I can play with anybody. I am a positive guy on the bench, I am hard on myself but when it comes to my teammates I am very positive and supportive and whatever he needs from me, I’ll be there. He is a responsible D man and allows me to go out there and do what I do best and hopefully it’s a good match. (Rangers)

Read: Dan Boyle talks about the PP and how he thinks it works

In his career, Dan Boyle has 66 goals on the PP and 77 at even strength to go along with 215 PP assists and 200 even strength assists.

About half of Boyle’s career points have come on the PP. Since the 2005-06 lockout, Boyle ranks 5th in PP goals by a defenseman, behind Zdeno Chara, Dion Phaneuf, Shea Weber and Mike Green. (HRef)

Asked about the PP, Boyle said, “I’ve been a big part of the PP for a while, I think it’s important for the five guys to know where each other are but with video today, I think it’s important to be a little bit unpredictable. What I mean is, the other teams. while the five guys on the unit need to know where each other are at, it’s important for the other team not to have an idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes you need to get ugly and when you are too cute is when it starts to go sideways.” (Rangers)

Alain Vigneault has said that in in ideal situation you have two players on the ice who shoot one way and three who shoot the other.

Scott Arniel, who runs the PP, says that a successful one is all about establishing the shot and that it helps to have a mix of different shots.

San Jose assistant coach Larry Robinson says that Boyle is “elite” at playing the PP. (

Read: Dan Boyle loves Brian Leetch

Brian Boyle7/191/14: 4:27PM: On his official Team Canada bio, Dan Boyle lists his hockey idols growing up to be Rick Tocchet and former Ranger Brian Leetch. (Olympics)

Boyle said, “my favorite player growing up was Rick Tocchet, hence the 22, but my favorite D Man was Brian Leetch. He was kind of the guy that I emulated growing up and to be sort of associated with him and the Rangers has always been in the back of my mind.” (Rangers)

He adds, “I was a Flyers fan growing up but Brian Leetch was the guy that to this day… people will talk about Ray Bourque or Phl Housley or other defenseman but Leetch is the best defenseman that I have ever seen play.” (Rangers)

Boyle has said that Leetch wasn’t the biggest defenseman but could obviously do things with the puck. He says that some people have compared him to Sergei Zubov but the player he most looked up to growing up was Leetch. (Voice of Russia)