Note: Dan Boyle has been skating on his own

Dan Boyle4:08PM: Vigneault said, “he has been skating for I want to say 4 days. I just saw him in the cafeteria and he told me he is doing everything but passing and shooting. He should in theory be quicker than Step because he was able to Step while Step wasn’t able to skate through his injury. (NYR)

12:56PM: Alain Vigneault said today that Dan Boyle has been skating on his own the past four days and is able to do everything on the ice but pass and shoot. (NYR)

Boyle was given a time table of being out 4-6 weeks with a broken hand he suffered in the first game of the season.

Adam Graves has said that he thinks Boyle’s injury may end up being good for him.

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Dan Boyle with castOn Friday, Adam Graves was a guest with Michael Kay and spoke about Dan Boyle’s injury.

Graves said, “one of the things that Brian Leetch said last night and it was a very intelligent comment, he said that the great part is that he is an older guy who uses his brain and his mind but when you have an injury to your hand, it allows you to condition on your legs and he will probably be in better shape when he comes back.” (ESPN Radio)

Graves added, “he won’t have as much wear and tear over an 82 game schedule as a 38 year old defenseman. I still think he has a lot to give and as a player I think he will come back better.” (ESPN Radio)

Boyle was at MSG last night with a cast on his hand.

News: Dan Boyle broke his hand/out 4-6 weeks

Boyle White11:27PM: Brian Leetch said on MSG, “it’s disappointing. Boyle was going to bring a lot to the team to make that breakout pass quick. Injuries happen and it’s a test early and it’s disappointing for him and the team. I know he was excited to be here and this was the only place he wanted to come to. “

Leetch also said that one benefit to having a hand injury is that you can still skate and work your legs so that returning is easier.

11:05AM: Alain Vigneault announced post game that Dan Boyle has broken his hand and will miss 4-6 weeks. (Leonard)

Boyle played 14:01 in his Rangers debut but did not take a shift after 2:16 of the third period.

He blocked Lehetera’s shot at 1:53 of the third period.

Boyle had 2 shots on goal, 1 hit and 3 blocked shots in the game.

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Dan BoyleDan Boyle was asked early on in training camp whether he felt that part of his role with the Rangers was to help mentor the Rangers young defensemen.

Boyle said that it was but added, “I’m not here to just fade away into the sunset, I am here to win. Even before they went on their run, this is where I wanted to be. I take pride in wanting to help the younger guys out but I am here to work and play and make a difference on the ice.” (NYR)

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Read: Dan Boyle was made aware of the power play issues

Boyle WhiteDan Boyle said that he originally wasn’t familiar with the Rangers recent history of PP issues but “certainly is now.” (NYR)

Boyle adds, “it’s one of the reasons I am here. It takes five guy, one guy isn’t gonna change one thing all together, everyone needs to buy in and hopefully I will bring in some fresh ideas and new ways to look at things but everyone out there will need to be accountable for what is going on out there.” (NYR)

He adds that everyone knows why the Rangers brought Boyle in and that he, like the team, wants to play an offensive game. (NYR)

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Read: Dan Boyle on his first game with the Rangers

Dan BoyleOn Monday night against the Devils, Dan Boyle played 19:32 including 13:16 at even strength, 3:53 on the PP and 2:23 shorthanded.

Boyle played 6:52 in the first period, 5 minutes in the second and 7:40 in the third.

On his game, Boyle said “there was a lot of rust, the feet and the hands, there is some rust but that is how you get rid of it. There are a couple of things that I am comfortable doing a certain way and here we do it a little different. Just little mistakes that I will learn and correct immediately.” (NYR)

Asked about playing with Marc Staal, Boyle said “it was just the first game and it’s just the first preseason game, we will correct things as we go on but I think I am in good hands with Marc.” (SportsTalkNY)

Alain Vigneault said that Boyle, like the rest of the team, is in the middle of a process right now and he had some good moments and some moments where he will get better.

Vigneault said over the weekend that Boyle’s experience and leadership will be important for the Rangers.