Read: Marc Staal on adding Dan Boyle

Marc StaalMarc Staal said that he is excited to get to know Dan Boyle and the team is excited to have him. (TBNews)

Staal said that Boyle is still a great player, very talented with the puck and will be a “huge help” on the power play. (TBNews)

It’s been speculated that Boyle will shift into Anton Stralman’s spot and skate with Staal but Staal said that he isn’t sure what the pairings will be. (TBNews)

Asked about Staal, Boyle said “him and I played in the All-Star game a few years ago so I do know him a little bit but he had to deal with the eye injury but he looks like he has come back from it. As far as playing with him, any partner I have had in the past has kind of had to adjust to me a little bit more, I can play with anybody. I am a positive guy on the bench, I am hard on myself but when it comes to my teammates I am very positive and supportive and whatever he needs from me, I’ll be there. He is a responsible D man and allows me to go out there and do what I do best and hopefully it’s a good match. (Rangers)

Read: Dan Boyle talks about the PP and how he thinks it works

In his career, Dan Boyle has 66 goals on the PP and 77 at even strength to go along with 215 PP assists and 200 even strength assists.

About half of Boyle’s career points have come on the PP. Since the 2005-06 lockout, Boyle ranks 5th in PP goals by a defenseman, behind Zdeno Chara, Dion Phaneuf, Shea Weber and Mike Green. (HRef)

Asked about the PP, Boyle said, “I’ve been a big part of the PP for a while, I think it’s important for the five guys to know where each other are but with video today, I think it’s important to be a little bit unpredictable. What I mean is, the other teams. while the five guys on the unit need to know where each other are at, it’s important for the other team not to have an idea of what they are looking for. Sometimes you need to get ugly and when you are too cute is when it starts to go sideways.” (Rangers)

Alain Vigneault has said that in in ideal situation you have two players on the ice who shoot one way and three who shoot the other.

Scott Arniel, who runs the PP, says that a successful one is all about establishing the shot and that it helps to have a mix of different shots.

San Jose assistant coach Larry Robinson says that Boyle is “elite” at playing the PP. (

Read: Dan Boyle loves Brian Leetch

Brian Boyle7/191/14: 4:27PM: On his official Team Canada bio, Dan Boyle lists his hockey idols growing up to be Rick Tocchet and former Ranger Brian Leetch. (Olympics)

Boyle said, “my favorite player growing up was Rick Tocchet, hence the 22, but my favorite D Man was Brian Leetch. He was kind of the guy that I emulated growing up and to be sort of associated with him and the Rangers has always been in the back of my mind.” (Rangers)

He adds, “I was a Flyers fan growing up but Brian Leetch was the guy that to this day… people will talk about Ray Bourque or Phl Housley or other defenseman but Leetch is the best defenseman that I have ever seen play.” (Rangers)

Boyle has said that Leetch wasn’t the biggest defenseman but could obviously do things with the puck. He says that some people have compared him to Sergei Zubov but the player he most looked up to growing up was Leetch. (Voice of Russia)

Read: Marty St. Louis is a big reason why Dan Boyle signed with the Rangers

7/17/14 | 3:23PM: Asked about Marty, Boyle said “Marty and I are cut from the same cloth. We have similar backgrounds and our parents were friends in Tampa. We had gone through a lot of the same situations, being undrafted and overlooked and we both have a chip on our shoulder and reuniting with him was part of that also.” (Rangers)

He added, “when you win, you are just inseparable for the rest of your life and the bonds don’t break. Marty and I are cut from the same cloth and we are very similar in how we approach the game. He is a special player.” (Rangers)

7/16/14 | 11:15AM: Dan Boyle said Marty St. Louis was a big factor in turning down more money and more years to sign with the Rangers.

Boyle and St. Louis were teammates in Tampa Bay from 2001 to 2008.

From 2005-06 to 2007-08, the only data that was available, the two combined for 40 points, 22 of which were on the PP and Boyle had the primary assist on 11 goals for St. Louis. (HR)

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Read: The challenge of playing in New York and whether Dan Boyle will be up to it (Update)

7/18/14 | 2:49PM: On NYC, Boyle said “It’s a center of attention and I am not saying that I need, I just wanted to experience that.” (Rangers)

7/15/14 : 1:53PM: “I played with Dan Boyle and he is a guy who thrives on being underrated. He has thrived his entire career, thrives on being underrated, has been consistent his whole career, he wants to be the guy, he wants to make a difference, he is capable of doing that. His hockey IQ is off the charts and he has a little edge to him, people don’t know, he has a little jam to him once in a while which I love. That jam and ‘show you mentality’ has helped him become the great player he has been in his career. He brings a veteran presence and brings leadership and skills and competitiveness and is a right hand shot which was needed, they needed a guy who could be dynamic and who can skate the puck out of trouble. (Kevin Weekes to the Rangers website)

Weekes added, “he wanted to be here. He had options, Dan Boyle was a hot commodity and he wanted to be a Ranger, he chose NY and anytime someone wants to be a Ranger that tells you everything that you need to know, they are willing to come here, be a blueshirt, are willing to play under the bright lights at the Garden, you can’t hide playing in NY. You gotta come grind and bring the blue collar into the blue shirt. I think it will be a nice fit.”

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Read: Dan Boyle makes the Rangers dangerous

Dan BoyleOn July 1, Dan Boyle turned down more money and longer deals to sign with the Rangers and replace Anton Stralman on the Rangers second defense pair and to be the QB on the PP.

Boyle’s agent said that he is excited about joining up with Marty St. Louis in New York and that Boyle thinks he is perfect for how the Rangers want to play.  (NY Post)

Craig Button said on the NHL Network, “Upgrades Anton Stralman in a significant manner. He is a difference maker. They got a whole lot more dangerous with Dan Boyle.”

When Boyle signed, Pierre McGuire said, “Boyle will play with Marc Staal, run the PP, take a lot of pressure off of Ryan McDonagh and Kevin Klein. The biggest thing is that this gives them street cred in the dressing room, they lose Benoit Pouliot, they lose Anton Stralman but guess what, we just brought in a Gold Medalist, a guy who can run the PP. They need to be better on the PP, they lose Brad Richards and Boyle replaces all of that stuff.” (TSN)

Ray Ferraro said, “Boyle can run a PP and is in the top portion of the defenseman who can do it. Boyle plays with a chip on his shoulder. He is proof to everyone every night, I am good, I can handle this and going to NY is no problem for a guy like Dan Boyle. The fact that he still has game left doesn’t hurt him either.” (TSN)

Aaron Ward said “there is a sense of confidence having a defenseman back there who is able to be as offensive as he is, not just being offensive but being able to shoot it. I like that Boyle is an ‘i’ll take it, put it my hands’ kind of player.” (TSN)

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Read: Dan Boyle spoke with Brad Richards before signing with the Rangers

Dan Boyle and Brad Richards were teammates in Tampa Bay from 2001 to 2009 and Boyle said this week that he reached out to Richards before deciding to sign with the Rangers.

Boyle said that speaking with Richards was “tough” because after just being in the Stanley Cup Final, he was now looking for a new team. Boyle added though that Richards had nothing bu great things to say about the organization and the team.

Richards was bought out and signed with Chicago.

When he was bought out, Richards released a statement and said “Tough last few days … I loved being a Ranger and living in New York and playing at MSG in front of great fans. I’ve met many new friends, excellent teammates and staff and I have memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Glen Sather, the management and owner, Mr. Dolan, are all class acts. I want to thank them for letting me be a part of New York life and the Rangers family. With this decision finalized, I can now look forward to starting the next chapter in my career.”

Recap: Dan Boyle’s conference call yesterday

Dan BoyleDan Boyle spoke with the media on a conference call yesterday about his decision to sign with the Rangers: (via Sports Talk NY on Youtube)

  • Why did you sign with the Rangers, “That is where I wanted to go, it’s the simplest way to put it. Once I found out I was done in San Jose, this was a team that jumped out and has been a team I have been curious about. I have played in Florida and California, not traditional hockey markets so I wanted to experience something, those places were great but I wanted to experience something different. New York, Original Six team, it’s just where I wanted to go. The money…you could make more money elsewhere but you gotta be happy and that is why I chose to go there.”

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Buzz: The amount of money Dan Boyle turned down to sign with the Rangers

Dan BoyleWhen Dan Boyle signed a two-year deal worth $9 million with the Rangers yesterday it was immediately noted that he left more on the table to come sign with the Rangers.

The amount left on the table by Boyle has been described as “a lot.” (

Boyle reportedly was offered a three-year deal by the Red Wings worth $12.5 million. (Ansar Khan)

Other reports indicate that Boyle was offered two-years and $10 million from the Red Wings. (FreeP)

Boyle reportedly turned down two different offers from the Islanders, two-years at $5.5 million per year and three-years at $5 million per year. (Cyrgalis)

The Sabres reportedly offered Boyle a “blank check.” (NY Post)

It was expected that Boyle would get at least between $5 million and $5.5 million on a new contract.

Boyle’s agent said that he told teams during the interview process that if the Rangers made an offer the decision wouldn’t come down to money. He says that Boyle always wanted to play for the Rangers and looks forward to re-joining his old teammate Marty St. Louis. (NY Post)