News: Rangers sign Dan Boyle (Updates)

5:49PM: Boyle turned down a THREE-YEAR offer from the Red Wings that would have been worth $12.5 million. (Ansar Khan)

12:40PM: The Rangers have signed Dan Boyle to a TWO-YEAR deal worth $4.5 million per year. (Larry Brooks)

Boyle reportedly left a lot of money on the table to sign with the Rangers. (Brooks)

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Pierre McGurie said on TSN that Boyle will replace Stralman, will run the PP, take some pressure off of Ryan McDonagh, pair with Marc Staal and add more credibility and leadership to the locker room.

“Boyle plays with a chip on his shoulder every night and going to NY is no problem.” (Ray Ferraro)

Boyle left a lot of money on the table to join Marty St. Louis. (Pierre LeBrun on TSN)

1:38PM: Boyle’s agent says that if the Rangers were making an offer the decision Boyle was going to make wasn’t going to be about money. (Larry Brooks)

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Buzz: The Rangers are in Dan Boyle’s top five (Updates)

12:02PM: Pierre McGuire says that Boyle would fit in will with the Rangers as someone who can step in for Stralman and settle down their PP. (TSN)

Ray Ferraro says that the Rangers are trying to offload salary and may not be able to fit Boyle in, but if they can he would be a good fit. (TSN)

12PM: The Rangers are expected to make a big push for Dan Boyle. (Brooks)

Boyle would fill in for Anton Stralman and take over for Brad Richards on the PP.

9:40PM: The Rangers are trying to determine how far they can/will go to try to get Boyle. The Rangers would have “loved” to get Boyle on a one-year, bonus heavy deal but he is seeking two-years around $5 million and is “sure” to get it. (NY Post)

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Recap: TSN’s Insider Trading (Paul Stastny, Anton Stralman and Dan Boyle)

NHL PuckPierre LeBrun, Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie and Gino Reda discuss the latest rumors on Insider Trading: (TSN)

  • On Paul Stastny, “They were contacting teams and telling them they were out. Winnipeg is out and now it comes down to fit and money and I think it comes down to three options, 1) re-sign in Colorado which is still what I think is the strongest move if the Avs raise their offer and I think they will in the next 24 hours. 2) St. Louis is very intriguing, he still has a home there, I think they will push hard and I don’t think they will offer him term but they will offer him top dollar on a shorter term deal, 3) is hitting the lottery and going for the longest term and most money.”

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Buzz/Poll: Dan Boyle says that he still has good hockey left

8:15AM: Boyle will have a choice between bigger money or a better chance at winning with his next contract. (Darren Dreger)

6/27/14 | 6:54AM: Boyle reportedly wants similar money to what Sergei Gonchar got last year, $5.5 million per year, and it’s expected that after Andrei Markov and Ron Hainsey signed three-year deals, that someone will give Boyle a third year.  (Toronto Sun via KK)

6/26/14 | 8:34AM: The Rangers are one of the teams who reached out to defenseman Dan Boyle yesterday when the window to speak with free agents opened.

Boyle is reportedly seeking a two-year deal and it’s expected that he will get at least $5 million per-year.

He turns 38 next month but said that “he knows for sure” that he has at least “two very good years” left in him and maybe more. He said that “mentally and physically” he has committed himself to playing the next two years. (ESPN)

An Eastern Conference executive said that Boyle is still a “great skater” and “terrific” character guy. (ESPN)

The Rangers would have interest in Boyle if they fail to re-sign Anton Stralman. Larry Brooks says that the Rangers would have interest in Boyle on a one-year, bonus heavy deal, but Boyle is seeking two-years at more than the $4 million the Rangers have slotted to give Anton Stralman.  (NY Post)

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Recap: TSN’s Insider Trading Segment (On Jason Spezza, Ryan Kesler, Joe Thornton and Dan Boyle)

6/26/14: 7:05AM: Doug Wilson, the Sharks GM, may try to engage multiple teams in talks for Thornton and then let Thornton choose which team to go to, if he is willing to waive his no-move clause at all. (Ottawa Sun)

6/25/14 | 6:38PM: James Duthie, Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie spoke about the latest news and rumors in the NHL in TSN’s Insider Trading Segment (TSN)

  • On trading Jason Spezza, “they hope so and the talk has picked up over the last 24-48 hours. There are four teams talking to Anaheim, three in the West, we know Anaheim and St. Louis are in that group and one mystery team in the East has entered the fray which makes things interesting. Keep in mind that Spezza has a list of 10 teams that he won’t be traded to including four Eastern teams, Florida, Carolina, Columbus and the Isles. The Sens would like to get this done before or at the draft and want to  get a first round pick.” To read more of this story, click here

Buzz: The Rangers are interested in Dan Boyle (Updates)

8:38PM: The Rangers and Flyers have shown are 2 of around 10 teams that have shown an interest in Boyle. (Renaud Lavoie)

5:32PM: Boyle would be open to returning to Tampa Bay if the Lightning had interest. (

4:55PM 8 teams have reached out to Boyle and meetings will start tomorrow. (Darren Dreger)

1:22PM: The Rangers are “very interested” in Boyle especially with Anton Stralman being a UFA. (ESPN)

1:19PM: The Rangers and Leafs are among “several” teams that have interest in Boyle and the Leafs interest is “serious.” (Pierre LeBrun)

12:40PM: The Rangers are among the teams that are interested in pending UFA defenseman Dan Boyle. (Katie Strang)

Boyle is a right hand shot who had 12 goals and 24 assists last season with 154 shots on goal, a minus 8 rating and an average of 21:16 per game.

Boyle’s rights were acquired by the Islanders but he is likely to become a UFA next week.

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Buzz: Rangers Watching Montreal/Toronto (Other Rumors)

7:20AM: If the Rangers want to consider adding a player who has performed well against them they may look at Ryan Garbutt of the Dallas Stars (NY Post)

1/19/14: 6:53AM: The Rangers have interest in Dan Boyle but the Sharks are not likely to trade him. (Ottawa Sun)

Boyle has been consistently mentioned as a player the Rangers have interest in over the past few seasons.

1/18/14: 9:19PM: The Rangers have a scout watching the Montreal and Maple Leafs game going on right now in Toronto. (Fourth Period)

Other teams with scouts at the game include New Jersey, Nashville, Winnipeg, Minnesota and Philly.

Toronto’s director of scouting was at the Rangers Red Wings game on Thursday.

Buzz: The Latest On Marian Gaborik and Dan Boyle

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that that the Rangers don’t appear willing or able to construct a package that would land Dan Boyle.

Brooks says that the only deal that would make sense would be to swap Boyle for Marian Gaborik, but that deal is not on the table.

In terms of Gaborik, Brooks says that “there is essentially no league-wide chatter regarding Gaborik.”

Darren Dreger said this morning that there has been no talk with Boyle or his agent about a trade and that, as part of his no-trade clause, he submitted his list of eight teams that he would not go to before the season.

On Sportsnet, Mike Keenan said that he didn’t understand why the Sharks would move Boyle at this point.

Keenan said that if he were to get traded, he would think that Boyle would end up with the Rangers, saying “I like the Rangers because Staal is out of the lineup. Del Zotto would be his partner, he would help the power play.”

Doug MacLean said that Boyle would help the Rangers, has a big cap hit for next season that could be a problem,  but that they should go for him if he is available.

Buzz: The Interest Level In Dan Boyle

In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes that the Flyers and Rangers are the teams who have shown the most interest in Dan Boyle.

He thinks that if Boyle gets traded it will be to the Rangers since they are in a position to make the playoffs and may feel desperate enough to meet the asking price.

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Buzz: Dan Boyle Doesn’t Want To Leave SJ/Could Ian White Be An Option?

1:20PM: The Penguins have acquired defenseman Douglas Murray from the Sharks.

The Price, according to Bob McKenzie, is two second round picks.

At ESPN Insider, Craig Custance spoke with someone close to Dan Boyle who said that he doesn’t want to leave San Jose.

Custance added that the Boyle you are getting is 36 years old, but his cap hit reflects Boyle from when he was 30.

With all the mileage he has, a scout told Custance that “if he was what he was, he wouldn’t be available.”

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Custance says that a more ideal fit for the Rangers would be Ian White from Detroit.

White, according to Custance, is “not a guy who necessarily want in your top four but has offensive skill that would contribute to the Rangers power play.”

He notes that White is a UFA at the end of the season and the Wings have depth on defense that they could be willing to move.

White, 28, has one goal and two assist in 19 games for the Red Wings this season.

He had seven goals and 25 assists for the Red Wings last season and has a cap hit of $2.875.

White is averaging 19:50 per game and he averaged close to 23 minutes per game last year.