Read: Looking at the numbers that Dan Boyle may put up this season

Brian BoyleLast season, Dan Boyle scored 12 goals and added 24 assists last season with 6 goals and 12 assists coming on the PP.

Boyle is projected by Dobber Hockey to score 11 goals and add 23 assists this season.

In The Hockey News Pool Guide, Boyle is projected to play in 74 games and score 12 goals and add 34 assists. They write that Boyle is still “blasting away” on the point and should get double digit goals.

The Sports Forecaster has Boyle scoring 6 goals and adding 20 assists. They say that Boyle isn’t a 50 point guy anymore but can still put up some points.

Last year, Boyle was projected to score 7 goals and 22 assists with their report saying that he is “slowing down” and his points per game had been dropping for three straight seasons.

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Read: Marty St. Louis and Dan Boyle took the same path

Brian Boyle8/19/14 | 5:46PM: Asked about Marty today, Boyle said “he is a remarkable story and for us to find each other again this late in our careers is pretty special. I talked to him before and then after and we live about 5 minutes from each other. I am sure I will lean on him early with all the little things away from the game.”

8/12/14 | 6:38PM: When Dan Boyle joined the Rangers he said that Marty St. Louis played a big role in his decision to come to New York.

Boyle and St. Louis played together in Tampa Bay and said that the two have made it in the NHL on similar paths.

Asked about Boyle, St. Louis said that the two took a very similar path to the NHL saying:(Rangers)

  • “We came in the league around the same time, the same path.”
  • “He is from Ottawa, I am from Montreal.”
  • “We both didn’t play Major Junior and both went to College.”

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Read: Dan Boyle says the Rangers know what they are getting

Boyle WhiteDan Boyle says that the Rangers went after him for a reason and the organization knows what they are getting with him. (Newsday)

Boyle said that he understands the pressure that comes with the two roles he is being asked to play but says that he hopes he can provide some different looks for the Rangers. (Newsday)

He said that he has heard nothing but good things about Alain Vigneault. (Newsday)

Boyle’s former coach in San Jose, Todd Mclellan, told him that he thought coming to the Rangers would be a good fit for him. (Rangers)

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Read: Dan Boyle and his ice time (Update)

8/17/14 | 1:24PM: Jeff Gorton says that Boyle was a guy the Rangers targeted as soon as they didn’t think something could be done with Anton Stralman and that knowing they would lose Brad Richards on the PP, signing Boyle filled two roles for the Rangers. (

Boyle played 17:22 at even strength last year, Stralman played 17:30.

Two years ago Boyle played 18:12 at even strength and Stralman played 16:01.

8/6/14 | 9:45AM: In every season since 2002-03, Dan Boyle has been the leader in average ice time per game for his team at over 24 minutes per game. (HR)

From 2006-07 to 2011-12, Boyle averaged between 24 and 27 minutes per game.

Last season, Boyle led the Sharks at 21:17 per game.

Asked about his potential ice time with the Rangers this season, Boyle said that he has to earn his ice time and what he has done in the past doesn’t matter. He said that he is not a selfish person and will play less if it means the team will win more games.

Boyle added, “I just want to win hockey games but ice time has to be earned.”

Last season for the Rangers, Anton Stralman averaged 19:24 per game.

Boyle’s former coach in San Jose, Todd Mclellan, told him that he thought coming to the Rangers would be a good fit for him. (Rangers)