Read: How The Rangers Stadium Series Jerseys May Look

According to Icethetics, the Rangers jersey for the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium is “white” and not a “cream” color as the Winter Classic jersey was.

He also posts a link to ebay listings which show how the Rangers Stadium Series jersey shirt looks.

Rangers Stadium Series Jersey ShirtThe logo on the front is the Rangers Chrome logo that was designed for the game and Icethetics notes that while the colors of the numbers on the back are similar to the Rangers old Liberty jerseys this is a design that has never been used before.

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3:57PM: The Islanders have announced that the final design for their jersey will be revealed in mid-December. It is likely that the Rangers will reveal their jersey around the same time.

2:06PM: The NHL has announced that every team is using a “chrome” logo that is based on each team’s regular logo.


They add that the jerseys for each game will be revealed in the coming weeks.

1:22PM: When the Rangers participated in the 2012 Winter Classic, the team usedWinter Classic Rangers a variation of their first logo on their jerseys and in all Winter Classic related instances where a logo was needed.

Today, the Islanders, announced that they will have a different logo and jersey for their Stadium Series game against the Rangers.

The Rangers have not made any announcements yet about their Yankee Stadium jerseys but a listing of a souvenir puck on ebay, which has the new Islanders logo, shows the Rangers using their traditional shield.

It is believed that the Rangers will wear new and different jerseys for their Yankee Stadium games.

Henrik Lundqvist may wear pads that have Yankee Pinstripes on them.

Buzz: No Alumni Games At Yankees Stadiums?

There will not be Alumni games between the Rangers, Islanders and Devils at Yankee Stadium as part of the Stadium Series event, according to a tweet from Steve Zipay of Newsday.

Alumni Games have been part of previous outdoor NHL games including the Winter Classic and the Heritage Classic.

The LA Kings will not have an Alumni Game prior to their game at Dodger Stadium against the Anaheim Ducks. The Kings said that they explored the idea of having an Alumni Game but that logistics prevented it from happening.

Tickets have gone on sale to season ticket holders of the Rangers and an Alumni Game was not part of the package offered to purchase.

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Note: Yankee Stadium Ticket Prices For Season Subscribers

8/19/13: (7:17PM) The Rangers have begun alerting season subscribers, via Dom, about a window in which they can purchase tickets to the Stadium Series games at Yankee Stadium against the Devils and Islanders.

The team is offering tickets to season subscribers and doing so in two games packs and selling the same number of seats that the season subscriber has a Madison Square Garden. The seats for both games in the pack are at the same location.

The team will offer all season subscribers the chance to purchase tickets but in different stages. Priority to purchase is based on “current seating levels and tenure to allow equivalent access.”

Each ticket plan also comes with a special Rangers knit hit and scarf.

Seating and price information is below

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Note: Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi Discuss Which Rangers Would Be Good At Baseball

In a chat inside the Yankees dugout, with the Rangers website, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi discussed which of their teammates they felt would be good baseball players.

Callahan was asked to name part of a lineup and picked:

  • Catcher: Henrik Lundqvist
  • First Base: Dan Girardi, “I would have to put Dan at first, apparently based on his background.”
  • Second Base: Ryan McDonagh
  • Shortstop: Ryan Callahan, (with a smile) “I would obviously play SS. It’s probably the most athletic position so I would have to put myself there.”
  • Pitcher: Brian Boyle, “he has to have some velocity.”

Bruce Beck, who hosted the press conference at Yankees Stadium, described Girardi as “a power hitting first baseman in his youth” when introducing everyone.

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Note: Ryan Callahan Loves The Yankees

Ryan Callahan told that he grew up as a fan of the New York Yankees and never even considered the idea that he could one day be playing hockey at Yankee Stadium.

He said that while he and his family didn’t travel down to the Bronx many times, “we watched very game at home. My dad is a big Yankees fan and it’s kind of a religion in my house.”

Callahan said on the Yes Network, “to be a Yankees fan and to be able to play at Yankee Stadium….it will be a special day.”

In October 2012, Callahan and Girardi were at Yankee Stadium together during a playoff game and celebrated when Raul Ibanez hit a walk-off home run.

Recap: Yankee Stadium Outdoor Game Press Conference


11:53AM: On the YES Network, Ryan Callahan said “it’s exciting and brings you back to your youth. We were fortunate enough to play in Philly and now Yankee Stadium. Being a Yankee fan I really relish the opportunity to play at Yankee Stadium. We will have a lot of fans in this building.”

  • On his shoulder, “things are good. Rehab is going well and I am on schedule. Hopefully I will be able to get going soon.”
  • On Alain Vigneault, “I’m excited just to get in there and learn the new systems and new approach. Once training camp opens up it will be a chance to start new. “

11:38AM: Garth Snow and Jeff Gorton were standing on the podium and chatting/laughing after the formal part of the press conference ended


Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.33.56 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.35.03 AM

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Read: Are The Rangers Going To Get New Jerseys For Yankee Stadium?

Winter8_1358599cl-8This season the Rangers will play the Islanders and Devils at Yankee Stadium and will be the road team in both games.

Back in June, Islanders GM Garth Snow, as noted by Icethetics, said that Islanders were focusing on creating a jersey to wear for the outdoor game against the Rangers on 1/29/14.

Snow said that the Isles jersey won’t be all that different from the current Islanders jerseys but that all teams who play in outdoor games use new uniforms.

The Penguins appeared in the 2008 and 2011 Winter Classic games and had a unique jersey for each game. The Red Wings are appearing in their second Winter Classic game this January and will be wearing a new uniform, different from the one they wore in 2009.

According to Henry, the Rangers website noted in a chat recently that they would have an alternate jersey for this game.

There is a press conference today at Yankee Stadium to discuss the game.

News: NHL Officially Announces Games At Yankee Stadium Next Year

The NHL has officially announced that the Rangers will play two games at Yankee Stadium next season.

They will play the Devils on 1/26/14 at 12:30PM and the Islanders on 1/29/14 at 7:30PM.

Rangers GM Glen Sather said, “The New York Rangers are honored to participate in these two historic games at Yankee Stadium, bringing hockey into the home of another one of New York’s iconic sports franchises. Playing hockey outdoors takes the game back to its roots and reminds us all why we laced up our skates as youngsters. We are excited to be able to bring that experience and thrill to our fans and the city of New York.”

From the NHL release, “The innovative nature of the Stadium Series affords the opportunity to have all three NHL teams in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area play, outdoors, at one of the most-recognized stadiums in the world,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “We’ll be able to create a multi-faceted, multi-day experience for our fans, and we thank the teams, Coors Light, the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium for their support of this memorable NHL event.”

The Rangers are the road team in both games.

THIS SECTION is all about the games at Yankee Stadium.

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