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Tonight’s episode is at 10PM and will be replayed at 11PM

Read: Mike Rupp Isn’t Happy That He Called Jody Shelley Irrelevant On 24/7

One of the highlights of the last episode of 24/7 was hearing Mike Rupp engage in some trash talk with Jody Shelley during the Rangers win over the Flyers.

Rupp said that Shelley was “irrelevant” on the ice and wasn’t going to have an impact on the game.

At Puck Daddy, Rupp said that he didn’t like that what he said in the heat of the moment and on the ice was put out on TV. Rupp thinks that those words should stay between the players.

During the preview episode of 24/7, Shelley called Brandon Dubinsky a “weasel” and Dubinsky responded by saying that Shelley was a terrible hockey player.

Shelley has taken a beating from the Rangers on 24/7.

The two were teammates in Columbus in 2005-06.

Tweets: 24/7 Episode 3 Reaction

I enjoyed this episode a tremendous amount. The skating in Bryant Park, with more from Danny Girardi’s son, the hilarity of the party at Brad Richards house and Marian Gaborik and the Christmas tree were all great. I LOVED the moment in the Flyers game where Ryan Callahan and John Tortorella are breaking down a play on the board and you can really see how the two work together.

More on the episode from ESPN NY, ESPN and Puck Daddy, Pro Hockey Talk.

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist Was Afraid Of 24/7 At The Beginning

At AM New York, Henrik Lundqvist had a little piece talking about the Winter Classic and the lead up and preparation towards it.

Hank says that it was scary to think about the HBO cameras being around all the time for 24/7, but now it is easy to forget they are there.

Plus, I think it’s cool for the fans to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes. We’re a pretty tight group, which you can probably tell from the show. Overall, it’s been a good experience, and it will be a nice thing to look back on for all of us.

I have talked with many non-hockey fans who have watched 24/7, and it’s universal in thinking that Henrik Lundqvist could be the coolest person on the face of the earth. I think that after the first episode, and the guys saw how the program would look, they started to relax and probably even play up to the cameras a little more.