Recap: Wade Redden on Free Agency and his situation

Senators Rangers HockeyWade Redden was on Macko and Cauz and spoke about his free agent contract and time with the Rangers:

  • On his July 1 with the Rangers, “It was a whirlwind, probably something I wasn’t prepared for. It didn’t end great but it was an exciting time and it was a big decision to make and there are a lot of things going on and to consider and it’s a big day and it can become a bidding war and teams get caught up and it’s a crazy day.”
  • Did players help to recruit you, “I think, in my case, there were a few calls from teams with players that I knew. Most teams have something to offer and guys want a player. I don’t know if it still happens anymore and I think guys have something in their head and I don’t know if a cal from a team would sway them.”

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Note: Wade Redden Officially Retires

Former Ranger Wade Redden has retired from the NHL after 14 seasons. (NHLPA)Wade Redden Mustache CT Whale

Redden signed a six-year deal with the Rangers in July of 2008 that had a cap hit of $6.5 million per season.

He turned down a similar offer from Columbus to sign with the Rangers.

After signing Michal Rozsival, the Daily News wrote at the time that the Rangers “stunningly” signed Redden to a six-year deal worth $39 million. John Dellapina added, “Redden is neither a game-breaker offensively nor a bone-breaker in front of his own net.”

Redden last played for the Rangers on April 11, 2010.

He spent the following two seasons, 2010-11 and 2011-12 in Hartford and the Rangers used a compliance buyout on him at the beginning of last year.

After being bought out Redden signed in St. Louis and was then traded to the Bruins.

According to Cap Geek, Redden was paid $69,615,666 in his career which is the 20th most in NHL history. He will add another $1.66 million to that number next season in the final-year of his buyout from the Rangers.

“Classy, classy guy retires today in Wade Redden. Always made time for people. Very liked by his teammates. Very solid career.” (Pierre LeBrun)

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Ryan McDonagh said that Redden was a mentor to him when he was in Hartford.

Read: Wade Redden Has Turned The Page

Bruins defenseman Wade Redden returned to practice today but said the is not yet ready to return to game action.

He was asked today, by Katie Strang of ESPN NY, about potentially playing against the Rangers and Redden said that he has turned the page on his history with the Rangers.

Redden added that things obviously didn’t go great with the Rangers and that the buyout was the best thing for all parites.

Note: Wade Redden Is On The Bruins

On January 17th, 2013 the New York Rangers bought out the final two years of Wade Redden’s contract with a compliance buyout.

Redden’s contract counted on the Rangers cap for this season but will not count on the Rangers cap for next season.

As a free agent, Redden signed with St. Louis and played in 23 games.

He was traded to the Bruins at the trade deadline and played six games for them in the regular season.

In the regular season, split between St. Louis and Boston, Redden had three goals, four assists and played 15:04.

Redden has played five playoff games for Boston and averaged 15:48 with one goal and one assist.

He missed game five with an undisclosed injury, returned in game six but was a late scratch in game seven last night.

John Tortorella reportedly texted Redden after he made his return to the NHL with the Blues.

Adam Rotter: I’m happy for Redden and glad he is in a position where he can have a nice role for a playoff team. He was nothing but great for the players in Hartford and I do think he could have helped the Rangers, but his cap hit prevented that.

Note: John Tortorella Texted Wade Redden

Last night, Wade Redden scored his first NHL goal since March 18, 2010.

Redden has played 2 games for the Blues since being bought out by the Rangers and Andy Strickland of True Hockey says that John Tortorella texted Redden wishing him a congratulations on returning to the NHL.

Read: New York “Wasn’t A Good Fit” For Wade Redden

In an interview with The Score, Wade Redden was asked about why things with the Rangers didn’t work after signing a six-year contract, that had a cap hit of $6.5 million per season, in July 2008.

Redden said that the pressure of a big contract caused him to feel as if he wasn’t doing enough and needed to contribute more which took him away from the things that made him successful in the NHL.

He added, “It wasn’t a good fit from early on, and they made a decision to make changes. I lived with that. It wasn’t a good fit, things didn’t work out, and I’ve moved on. I’m done there now, and am happy to have moved on.”

On his time with the Whale, Redden said that he approached the games in the AHL the same way by working hard, playing hard and being a good teammate.

Redden’s time with the Rangers officially ended last week when they bought out the remaining two years on his contract via an accelerated compliance buyout.

Read: How Wade Redden Signing With The Rangers Led To Nikolai Zherdev Coming To The Rangers

In a chat in the Columbus Dispatch, Aaron Portzline talked about how in 2008 the Columbus Blue Jackets were interested in Wade Redden and told him that money would not be an issue for them.

Redden ended up picking the Rangers and in response to being turned down, the next day the Blue Jackets, in search of defensemen, traded Nikolai Zherdev and Dan Fritsche to the Rangers for Fedor Tyutin and Christian Backman.

Portzline writes “Of all the bad luck this club has experienced, that was a huge “WHEW!” moment.”

Glen Sather said at the time that Zherdev was a player the Rangers had been looking at for some time and “the deal kind of fell into our laps.”