Read: All Henrik Lundqvist Wants Is To Be Playing Hockey

In the NY Post, Henrik Lundqvist wrote about the lockout, as told to Larry Brooks, and his feelings on what is going on.

Lundqvist said that he felt “excited” when he walked past Madison Square Garden yesterday and was able to see it for the first time in a long time.

Lundqvist said, “So many different thoughts went through my head. I was thinking about how I missed being there, how frustrating it’s been not to be able to play and be with my teammates and in front of our fans.”

He adds “You feed off the game. It’s your life. I never imagined it would be this difficult for me not to play and how much I would miss it. I guess you take it for granted that you will always play.”

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NEWS: Derek Stepan Returning To North America/Confident The Season Will Start Soon

48652527:24AM: KalPa has announced that Derek Stepan is returning to North America.

In their release they say, “Stepan is confident that the NHL will start in the coming weeks and he wanted to return to North America in peace to prepare for the NHL season.”

The Rangers currently have no players playing in Europe. Henrik Lundqvist is still in Sweden though.

In 12 games Stepan had two goals and two assists, had 39 shots and averaged 19:17 per game.

THIS SECTION is all about Stepan’s time in Finland.

Buzz: Michael Del Zotto Has Left The Lakers (Team Says He Has A Back Injury)

Del Zotto Lakers10:10AM: Larry Brooks says on twitter that Del Zotto is returning to NY because of “mild back stiffness.”

9:44AM: Szymon Szemberg says of Del Zotto “MDZ has not enjoyed a good time in Suisse.”

THIS SECTION has been following Del Zotto during his time in Switzerland.

8:28AM: The Lakers have released this statement about Del Zotto:

Lakers defenseman Michael Del Zotto is until further notice because of a back injury. Since Blessur be treated by his medical examiner in New York City has to crack the NHL on Wednesday flying back overseas.

After recovery versa Del Zotto – unless taken by then the NHL game mode is – back to Rapperswil-Jona.

The release says that Del Zotto is out until further notice because of a back injury and he is returning to NY to have it checked out.  They add that unless the NHL is playing again, Del Zotto will return to the Lakers.


Read: Rick Nash Came To NY For One Reason and Can’t Wait To Get Going

Nash DavosIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Rick Nash’s agent Joel Resnick who said that Nash’s return to NY for his groin issue is just precautionary.

He said “There’s nothing for anyone to be alarmed about.”

Resnick added that Nash can’t wait to get playing with the Rangers and that he came to the Rangers for one reason, “to win the cup.”

He said that after seeing the doctors in NY Nash will decide whether he wants to return to Switzerland.