Read: The moves the Rangers made in Glen Sather’s first summer as GM

SatherBelow are the moves that Rangers President and GM Glen Sather made in his first summer as GM after being hired on June 1, 2000. (Rangers 2013-14 Media Guide)

June 24, 2000 – 2000 second-round pick (Tomas Kopecky) to Detroit for 2000 second-round pick (Filip Novak) and 2000 third-round pick (Dominic Moore.)
June 25, 2000 – 2000 fourth-round pick Jon DiSalvatore to San Jose for 2000 fourth-round pick (Premsyl Duben) and 2000 compensatory fifth-round pick (Brandon Snee.)
July 10, 2000 – Vladimir Malakhov signed as free agent.

  • Malakhov played 211 games with the Rangers, 12 goals, 53 assists and an average of 21:25 per game. Traded to Philly in 2004 for Rick Kozak and a second round pick.

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Flashback: When The Bruins and Mike Milbury Went Into The Stands

On December 23, 1979, one of the most infamous moments in Madison Square Garden history happened when members of the Boston Bruins went into the stands at MSG.

In the December 24, 1979 edition of  NY Times, Jim Naughton writes that the brawl began when Rangers goalie John Davidson and Bruins forward Al Secord were having an argument about Secord tripping Ranger Ulf Nilsson.

Secord said in 2009 that he hit Nilsson at the end of the game because Nilsson had “sucker punched” him earlier in the game.

While the argument on the ice was occurring, fans in the nearby sections started to throw food onto the ice and scream at the Bruins players. Around this time, one of the Ranger fans at MSG reached over the glass and punched Bruin Stan Jonathan in the face and grabbed his stick.

When his stick was grabbed, Johnathan, along with Terry O’Reilly, Craig MacTavish, Peter McNab and Mike Milbury climbed over the boards and began to fight with the fans. Eventually the entire Bruins team except for one player was in the crowd.

The fighting lasted for around five minutes before it was broken up by MSG security.

The article notes that around 200-300 “belligerent” people were waiting for the Bruins outside of MSG and rocking their team bus. The Bruins were held inside MSG until security could disperse the crowd.

On the 30th anniversary of the incident in 2009, Dave Seminara wrote in the NY Times that Stan Jonathan was was hit with a rolled up program that drew blood beneath his eyes.

Milbury was reportedly already in the Bruins dressing room when the incident started and then went into “full combat made” before entering the stands.

The end result ended up with every Bruins player being fined $500, except for Gerry Cheevers who was in the locker room, and an eight game suspension for Terry O’Reilly and six games for McNab and Milbury.

For more on Rangers/Bruins history, visit the NY Times and Daily News.

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Flashback Repost: The Rangers 1997 Offer Sheet of HHOF Joe Sakic

On Tuesday night Joe Sakic is going to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The post below, originally from July 19th is a flashback to when the Rangers signed Joe Sakic to an offer sheet in 1997.

On July 28, 1997, Mark Messier signed a contract with the Vancouver Canucks for $20 million over three years.

Following this, the Rangers set off on a path to replace Messier and targeted superstar center Joe Sakic.

In Behind The Moves, Neil Smith said “When we lost Messier [to Vancouver as a free agent], [my boss] Dave [Checketts] comes in and says to me, ‘We should do an offer sheet on Joe Sakic.’… He said, ‘I’m on the board of governors and the Nuggets and Avalanche are broke and [their parent company CEO] Charlie [Lyons] says they are out of money. We’ll front-load [the offer] and they can’t match because they can’t come up with the cash.’

Below is an account from the NY Times and the NY Daily News about the Rangers pursuit of Sakic as a restricted free agent.

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Flashback: John Tortorella Should Coach The Rangers (April 5, 2000)

Following the dismissal of John Muckler as head coach and Neil Smith as GM at the end of the 1999-2000, the Rangers gave assistant coach John Tortorella the job of interim head coach to finish out the final four games of the season.

The New York Daily News wrote on April 5, 2000 that Tortorella was the right man to lead the Rangers.

You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody inside the Rangers’ dressing room who does not believe that interim coach John Tortorella deserves to get the job full-time. And after Monday night’s loss at Washington, a couple of important Ranger voices sounded on Tortorella’s behalf.

Brian Leetch said at the time “I think he can be a head coach. He’s got a great understanding of the game and he’s a very emotional person. He’s going to get a chance sometime. I don’t know what they’re going to decide here. But certainly, if he was the one they decided was best, I’d certainly endorse John being around.”

Petr Nedved said that he couldn’t guarantee wins with Tortorella as the coach “But I think they would give him a hard 60 minutes every night and that’s what we need.” He added “next year, I think he would be a really good coach here” and “personally, I have fun playing for him. I think that he’s a fair guy and I think that the guys would love to play for him.

Glen Sather was hired to be GM and Ron Low as head coach.

Tortorella left the organization to become associate coach with Tampa Bay before taking over as head coach.