Note: The Hockey News Top Ten Rangers Prospects

In The Hockey News Future Watch Issue, the Rangers top ten prospects are ranked:

  • Tim Erixon
  • Chris Kreider
  • JT Miller
  • Dylan McIlrath
  • Christian Thomas
  • Jesper Fasth
  • Steven Fogarty
  • Scott Stajcer
  • Michael St. Croix
  • Shane McColgan

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On the list, Erixon is ranked 17th, Kreider is ranked 23rd and JT Miller is ranked 29th.

As an organization, the Rangers are ranked 13th.

Read: Looking At The Top Five Prospects

At TSN, Scott Cullen looks at the top five players in each teams farm system.

For the Rangers, Cullen has:

  • Tim Erixon
  • Chris Kreider
  • JT Miller
  • Michael St. Croix
  • Christian Thomas

Before the draft, Cullen listed the Rangers top prospects as Erixon, Kreider, Thomas, Evgeny Grachev and Dylan McIlrath.

Read: The Rangers Organizational Rank

At ESPN Insider, Grant Sonier lists the Rangers 15th in his rankings of organizations depth with prospects.

Sonier had the Rangers ranked 17th in his previous installment.

He mentions Chris Kreider, Christian Thomas and JT Miller as the players leading the pack for the Rangers. He calls Thomas one of the top prospects playing in junior hockey.

Earlier this year he called Kreider one of the ten best prospects in hockey.

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Read: Chris Kreider Ranked 27th by Hockey’s Future

Rangers prospect Chris Kreider has been ranked 27th by Hockey’s Future in their ranking of the top 50 prospects in the NHL.

Kreider spent all of last season ranked 23rd.

Since Christian Thomas is ranked second on the Rangers team list, ahead of Ryan McDonagh and Tim Erixon, I figured that he would make the list, but it doesn’t seem like it. No reason to think he would be ranked ahead of Kreider.

Kreider was called one of the top 10 prospects in hockey over the summer.

Read: Tim Erixon and Ryan McDonagh Ranked By HF

At Hockey’s Future, they rank Ryan McDonagh 32 and Tim Erixon 31 on their list on the top 50 prospects.

Chris Kreider and Christian Thomas should be ranked in the top 30.

McDonagh was ranked 50th in the spring rankings. Erixon was not ranked.

Nice to see Erixon ranked highly and McDonagh to get a big bump like that. I don’t count McD as a prospect anymore, but it is still nice to see him ranked high. Thomas and Kreider are both ranked higher on the Rangers individual list so it would figure that they would rank higher on the top 50 list.

Read: Rangers Top 20 Prospects

At Hockey’s Future, Leslie Treff lists the Rangers top 20 prospects.

She has Chris Kreider first, Christian Thomas second and Tim Erixon third.

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On Christian Thomas,  Treff says “Thomas will need to get much stronger to play in the NHL. If he accomplishes this without compromising his speed, Thomas has the potential to be a first line player.”

The fan rankings that I compiled a few weeks back had Chris Kreider, Tim Erixon and Christian Thomas at the top three. I look at Treff’s top three and see someone who is extremely high on Christian Thomas. I also look at Ryan McDonagh, who isn’t a prospect anymore, being ranked behind Tim Erixon as a showing of the player that Erixon can be. I also love that Jesper Fasth took such a big leap up in the rankings.

Part of me sees JT Miller taking over the number two spot in the spring edition….

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Read: The All Character Ranger Prospect List

At Prospect Park, Jess gives his biased look at the Rangers top ten prospects. He says that the first three things that he looks for in a prospect are character, drive and talent.

He says that you could call his list the all character list.

  1. Dylan McIlrath
  2. Carl Hagelin
  3. Christian Thomas
  4. Chris Kreider
  5. Ryan Bourque
  6. Blake Parlett
  7. Scott Stajcer
  8. Shane McColgan
  9. Jason Wilson
  10. Max Campbell

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Read: Reader Prospect Rankings

Recently, I asked readers to send me their top 10 prospect rankings.

The top six, based on an average of the 35 rankings, were:

  • Chris Kreider
  • Tim Erixon
  • Christian Thomas
  • Dylan McIlrath
  • JT Miller
  • Carl Hagelin

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Thanks to everyone who sent in rankings. It was very close between Kreider and Erixon. Kreider finished with an average vote of 1.75 while Erixon finished with 1.80. Spots 7-10 were tricky because there wasn’t a set criteria of whom to vote for and people were sending in players that they thought deserved to be there, but others didn’t. It’s a bit of a mish-mosh, but Ryan Bourque, Andrew Yogan and Pavel Valentenko all deserve to be in there at some point.

Probably around mid-season I will look to do this again.

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