Buzz: Mikhail Pashnin Didn’t Want A Two-Way Contract

Update: 9:13AM: Laurie from Beyond the Blueshirts transcribed quotes from Pashnin’s agent where Glen Sather said this about Pashnin:

“Your defenseman has forced our guys to play with their heads up, because when they lowered them for a moment, they immediately found themselves on the ice after his hit.”

Original Post: Dmitry Chesnokov tweets that the Mikhail Pashnin stayed in Russia because he didn’t want to sign a two-way contract with the Rangers.

Chesnokov quotes his agent as saying that Pashnin didn’t think he could grow in the minor leagues.

Pashnin signed a two-year deal to stay in Russia yesterday.

The Rangers weren’t going to give him a one-way deal and pay him a higher amount in the minor leagues than a two-way contract would. He would have gotten every chance to make the team and win a spot, but there was no guarantee, and it seems like he didn’t want the $75,000 or so that playing in the AHL would have given him.

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Buzz: Mikhail Pashnin Is Still Up In The Air

At Beyond The Blueshirts, Laurie translates an interview from a Russian Newspaper and says that Mikhail Pashnin hasn’t signed a contract with the Rangers yet and quotes his agent as saying “all roads are open.”

His agent also said that he expects Pashnin to decide on his playing future within the next ten days.

Reports out of Russia were unhappy with Pashnin for coming to North America. He is believed to have an offer from the Rangers for a contract.

Pashnin was the 200th player selected in 2009.

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Tweet: Russia Isn’t Happy That Mikhail Pashnin Left

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via BTB

Pashnin has yet to sign an official contract with the Rangers, but is negotiating with them.

Yep, Pashnin is likely headed to the AHL this season. His game needs to transition over to the North American rink, and while he plays a North American game with a lot of hitting, he still needs time to adjust.

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Buzz: Mikhail Pashnin Has an Offer From The Rangers

Update: 11:53AM: More on this at Beyond the Blueshirts.

Original Post: Dmitry Chesnokov tweets that 2009 seventh round pick (200th overall) Mikhail Pashnin has an offer from the Rangers to play in North America.

Pashnin, 22, has shown a love for hitting.

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In the lats two seasons in Russia, has has a total of nine points in 87 games.

The Rangers like to say that he has a game built for North America, and it looks like he will get the chance to show that this season and beyond. He will probably play in Hartford this season and could be a physical defenseman for the Rangers down the line.

READ: Mikhail Pashnin Likes To Hit

At, they look at 2009 seventh round pick Mikhail Pashnin as part of their “20 Prospects In 20 Days” series.

Pashnin showed last year at the Rangers development camp that he had a penchant for hitting. Gordie Clark says that he plays a North American style game.

He will be eligible to play in North America this coming season.

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He will get another chance to showcase himself and make an impact during the Rangers development camp later this month. He will have to find another player to get into an altercation with though as Ethan Werek isn’t around anymore.

Tweet: Mikhail Pashnin Staying In Rusia

…This was expected, though he made such an impact at Rangers prospect camp that it could have been thought he might take a chance and come over. Instead he will continue to develop in the KHL and maybe come over next season.