Stats: JT Miller’s Return To The Lineup

JT MillerJT Miller returned to the Rangers lineup last night after a three-game stint in Hartford.

Miller skated on a line with Carl Hagelin and Derick Brassard and played 11:49, had 3 blocked shots and two hits.

Miller attempted four shots, had two on goals, 1 missed and one blocked.

At 5 on 5, via Extra Skater, Miller was on the ice for 8 shot attempts for and 9 against, 3 shots on goal for and 6 against.

Miller started 60% of his even strength shifts in the offensive zone, 20% in the neutral zone and 20% in the defensive zone.

Recap: JT Miller’s Comments Today

JT MillerJT Miller spoke with the Rangers website today prior to his return to the lineup:

  • On the back and forth, “It happens. When you are young in your career you have bumps and you need to get used to them and I am just thankful for the opportunity.”
  • On his time in HFD, “It’s a different role and you need to get used to it and help the team anyway that you can. The minutes are good for conditioning and learning how to play all of those minutes and you need to make shifts shorter and make the most of it. Here it will be less than that but I just want to make every shift count and I am happy to get back in.”
  • Has there been a message from the coaches, “not really. You need to know your game and when you go down you need to play at both ends of rink and can’t take it for granted. You can’t lose respect for that league and you need to play your game no matter what level you are at. My worry is getting consistent on the ice and trying to play a two-way game the best that I can. Try not to take shifts off, work on my skills as well. You can never stop getting better at those and focusing on those.”

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Read: JT Miller’s First Game In Hartford

JT MillerIn his first game since being sent down, JT Miller had a goal, an assist, three shots, a plus three rating and was named the number one star.

Ken Gernander said after the Wolf Pack win on Wednesday, “he had an immediate impact and that is a goal scorers goal. He waited…he had a checker in front…waited…took a step to the left to make sure he would get it through. He makes those little skilled plays.”

Miller said, “I tried to make plays and shoot pucks when I got the chance.”

On what he wanted to work on Miller said, “I need to be more consistent and well rounded in my game. I thought I had a few hiccups in my own zone transition wise. I need to make sure that I am skating. I was just excited to get back on the ice tonight.”

About being sent down, Miller told the Hartford Courant that he understands the numbers game in the NHL and that he respects the decisions of the organizations and just wants to make the best of whatever situation he is in.

He added that he isn’t focusing on being called back up and instead just focusing on playing his best wherever he is.

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NEWS: JT Miller Sent To Hartford (Updates)

2:22PM: Alain Vigneault said today, via the Daily News, that he hasn’t figured out where Miller fits in just yet and that he needs to play to continue his development.

12PM: Via the AHL Transaction wire, the Rangers have sent JT Miller to Hartford.

Miller has not played in the Rangers last three four games. Miller played under 10 minutes in his last six games.

With the Rangers this season, Miller has one goal, one assist, an average of 11:06 and according to Extra Skater, when he is on the ice, the Rangers have 48.8% of the 5 on 5 shot attempts.

Miller, at 5 on 5, has been on the ice for one goal for and five against.

The Wolf Pack play tomorrow against Portland and then Friday and Saturday.

During his 3 game stint in Hartford earlier in the year, Miller had four goals, 6 PIM and 11 shots on goal.

Adam Rotter: It was time for Miller to go to Hartford and after not playing for over a week he can get three games in four nights this week. With the Rangers finally getting healthy, this could provide Miller a chance to stay in Hartford for a while, work on his game and get called back up later on during the year when he may be able to make more of an impact.

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News: Michael Del Zotto and JT Miller Scratched Tonight

Rangers Canadiens HockeyAlain Vigneault confirmed, via the team on twitter, that Michael Del Zotto and JT Miller are the healthy scratches for tonight’s game against Boston.

This is the third straight game that Del Zotto has been scratched.

Miller has played under 10 minutes in the last six games, 9:14 the most and 5:04 the lowest, with one goal, 7 shots and a minus three rating.

Adam Rotter: I’m a little surprised that Del Zotto is out tonight as I thought the team would want to get him back in after the weekend games, but Falk has played okay and might be a better matchup against a bigger and physical Bruins team. Miller should be sent to Hartford where he can play big minutes and continue to develop. Especially as the Rangers get healthy and start to have their full lineup, Miller should be in Hartford where he can play in every situation,

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On Sunday night against the Panthers, JT Miller scored his first goal of the season after Chris Kreider made a defensive play, Ryan McDonagh made a slick move and Kreider fed the puck back to Miller.

Miller told Al Trautwig, “they made a change, my guy came off and the puck just landed on my stick. Two great plays by those guys.”

Al Trautwig added, Ryan McDonagh is all the sudden Rod Gilbert with that little stick move.

On the post game show, Miller said “the guys made it easy on me. They made two really nice plays.”

Read: The JT Miller Situation Right Now

JT MillerThis week, Alain Vigneault said that he wants to see JT Miller find a role in the Rangers top 12 forwards  and eventually develop into a top-six player. Vigneault said that he is thinking about what is best for the team and the player.

He said that while Chris Kreider needed to play in a top-six role to be effective, Miller is a guy who can play in the top-six or bottom-six but it needs to be determined if it’s better for Miller to play limited minutes in the NHL or big minutes in the AHL.

Miller told the NY Post earlier in the week that he needs to get better at having a short-term memory and moving on from mistakes and focusing on his next shift.

He added that he plays every game as if it is his last and just needs to play hard and play within the system to be successful.

On the season, 11 games, Miller has one assist, is a minus two, has 6PIM, 13 shots, 13 hits and averaging 12:22 per game.

In three games in November so far, Miller is averaging 9:34 per game.

According to Extra Skater, Miller has 25 shot attempts this year, 13 on goal, 6 that missed the net and 6 that were blocked. Miller is starting 32.7% of his shifts in the offensive zone, 34.7% in the neutral zone and 32.7% in the defensive zone.

While on ice at even strength, via Extra Skater, Miller has been on for 88 shot attempts for, 96 against, 51 shots on goal for, 52 against.

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Adam Rotter: JT Miller doesn’t turn 21 until March 14th and as we have seen with Chris Kreider, who is older, it takes time for players to find their way in the NHL. Miller was great in the preseason and has had some moments during the regular season, but it may benefit him more to go to Hartford and play big minutes for an extended period of time, especially if his role is on the fourth line.

Note: JT Miller Likely Scratched Tonight/His Last Few Games

JT MILLERWith Ryan Callahan’s return to the Rangers lineup tonight, it appears that JT Miller will be a healthy scratch.

Miller declined to speak with Larry Brooks other than to say that he thinks he is out tonight. Alain Vigneault told reporters that he wasn’t positive on this lineup but was leaning toward Miller being scratched.

Miller has one assist on the year, picked up against Buffalo on Thursday, and in his last five games has played 12:12, 14:58, 12:41, 14:28 and 14:27.

On the year, Miller has 12 shots, 11 hits, 5 blocked shots and is averaging 13:17 per night.

After the first period on Saturday, via Shift Chart, Miller spent most of the rest of the Rangers win over Carolina playing with Taylor Pyatt and Brandon Mashinter.

According to Extra Skater, Miller has been on for 72 shot attempts for and 87 against at 5 on 5. He has been on for 42 shots on goal for and 46 against.

In his last five games though, Miller has been on the ice for 40 attempts for and 45 against.

Adam Rotter: Why Miller is scratched instead of Brandon Mashinter or Taylor Pyatt is a fair question to ask. With Pyatt, the main reason he isn’t sitting probably has to do with him being a penalty killer. Even with Ryan Callahan back, Pyatt has been a guy that Alain Vigneault has put out there consistently this season on the PK.¬† It’s likely to be a one game thing for Miller who will either return to the Rangers lineup on Wednesday or be sent down since there is no point in sitting him when he can play in Hartford.