Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack lose 5-2 (JT Miller assists/Conor Allen goal)

The Wolf Pack lost 5-2 to the Albany Devils last night:

  • •    Mat Bodie: minus one, four shots
    •    Conor Allen: 1 goal, 1 assist, 2 shots
    •    Dylan McIlrath: minus one, elbowing
    •    Ryan Bourque: 1 goal, 4 shots
    •    JT Miller: 2 assists, plus one, 4 shots
    •    Marek Hrivik: minus two, 1 shot
    •    Chris Bourque: minus one, 4 shots
    •    Oscar Lindberg: minus two, 1 shot, hooking, tripping (2) penalties
    •    Jesper Fast:  minus two, 2 shots
    •    Danny Kristo: minus two, 1 shot, unsportsmanlike conduct
    •    Ryan Haggerty: 1 assist, plus 2

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Stats/Watch: Wolf Pack lose 7-3 (JT Miller goal, Jesper Fast assist, Danny Kristo fight)

The Wolf Pack lost to the Albany Devils 7-3 last night.

  • Mat Bodie: 1 assist, minus one
  • Conor Allen: minus two
  • Dylan McIlrath: minus one, holding and roughing penalties
  • Ryan Bourque: minus two, 1 shot, unsportsmanlike conduct
  • JT Miller: 1 goal, 6 shots
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 goal, minus one, 2 shots
  • Chris Bourque: 1 goal, plus one, 4 shots, tripping penalty
  • Oscar Lindberg: minus FOUR, 2 shots, roughing penalty
  • Jesper Fast: 2 assists, minus one, 5 shots, holding penalty
  • Danny Kristo: minus two, 1 shot, fight
  • Ryan Haggerty: minus three, 3 shots

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Stats: Wolf Pack win 2-1 (JT Miller and Ryan Haggerty scored)

The Wolf Pack defeated Portland 2-1 last night:

  • Mat Bodie: 1 shot
  • Conor Allen: 1 shot
  • Dylan McIlrath: 3 shots, fight, unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Ryan Bourque: nothing on scoresheet
  • JT Miller: 1 goal, 2 shots
  • Marek Hrivik: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Chris Bourque: 3 shots, interference and roughing penalty
  • Oscar Lindberg: 1 assist, 1 shot
  • Jesper Fast: 1 shot
  • Danny Kristo: 2 shots
  • Ryan Haggerty: 1 goal, 2 shots

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Read: JT Miller is in Hartford to play center

JT Miller Rangers Broadway Hat9:56PM: Vigneault said today, “we sent him down to Hartford to play in the middle and I talked to Schoeny and Ken yesterday and he needs to get more seasoning there. I see a possible future where he might be a center. He is comfortable on the wing, I want to see him in the minors and see how he does. On our team right now that is the place where there is availability, if a guy can go down there and learn. JT has tremendous upside and his overall attitude and the way he behaved this year was so professional. I talked to him yesterday about what we are doing and he is going to go down there and work real hard and when we need him again he will be there for us.”

2:24PM: Alain Vigneault said on Saturday that the Rangers sent JT Miller to Hartford to play center. (NYR)

Vigneault said that he wants Miller to get more “seasoning” down in Hartford because his future with the Rangers is likely to be at center. (NYR)

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Read: The potential future of JT Miller

JT MILLERThe demotion of JT Miller is a “rush to judgment” on the part of the Rangers after a “very good” camp and then up and down start to the season. (NY Post)

Miller could be a trade chip for the Rangers but not for a “band-aid” type player like a 5th or 6th defenseman. Miller should be used, if the situation comes about, to try and acquire a player like Joe Thornton or Eric Staal. Larry Brooks says that if the Rangers find themselves in a position where a center like Thornton or Staal could put them over the top, Miller could be part of that kind of a deal. (NY Post)

There could also come a time where Alain Vigneault may “invest trust and patience” in Miller but right now Vigneault “needs convincing regarding Miller’s viability as a Ranger.” (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: The story with Miller is the same as it was with Chris Kreider last year. It’s not where he starts but where he finishes. Miller is no good sitting in the press box while Alain Vigneault tries out Ryan Malone and keeps Kevin Hayes in the lineup. He needs to play, play well and show that he is above being an AHLer and ready for a full-time NHL role. If he does that he will be back up and with Rangers on a consistent basis.

News: Chris Mueller called up, Jesper Fast and JT Miller sent down

Jesper FastThe Rangers have sent JT Miller and Jesper Fast down to Hartford and called up Chris Mueller.

Fast played in three games to start the season, was a minus one, had three shots on goal, 2 blocked shots and an average of 12:41 per game. He also saw 1:47 per game on the PK.

Miller was a minus four in three games, had 7 shots on goal, 4 hits, 3 blocked shots, 1 giveaway, 3 takeaways, 9 faceoff wins and 14 losses and average of 12:06 per game.

Starting tomorrow the Wolf Pack have 3 games in four nights.

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Adam Rotter: I thought Miller and/or Fast would get in on Sunday but instead they go to Hartford to play rather than sit in the press box. This should mean that Marty St. Louis is done playing center and will go back to the wing, maybe with Kevin Hayes in the middle like we saw at times last night. I liked Mueller during the preseason and I like anything that will get Marty back to the wing.

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Read: JT Miller was strong again on Friday, what Rick Nash says about him

JT Miller 19/28/14 | 8:40PM: Miller said that he put more work in during the offseason so he expects better results. (Newsday)

9/27/14 | 2:21PM: In his second preseason game, JT Miller had a goal, played 16:10, had 3 shots on goal, 2 shots that were blocked, 1 shot that missed the net, 1 blocked shot and 13 faceoff wins and 5 losses.

Alain Vigneault said that he was happy with Miller’s strong performance on faceoffs and that he is going through the process of becoming a better player.”

Asked to evaluate his game so far, Miller said that he thinks he has been “solid” but still needs to work on things like managing the puck and not forcing as many plays. (MSG)

Rick Nash was asked about Miller and said “I think the biggest thing is that his game has matured a lot from the last season, not only on the ice but off the ice, he understands what it means to take that next step and become a permanent NHL guy.”