NEWS: Dylan McIlrath Called Up

Dylan McIlrathDylan McIlrath has been called up (Rangers).

McIlrath has played in 24 games for the Rangers, has 3 goals, 4 assists, 30 shots, 115 PIM and 9 fights this season.

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Leslie Treff tweets that in her opinion, McIlrath isn’t quite ready yet but that it’s low risk move to call him up now.

Adam Rotter: It’s the right time to give McIlrath a shot even if it’s only for a short time. He can get some NHL experience and hopefully push both John Moore and Michael Del Zotto to be better. The ideal situation would be for him to step in and play well enough to stay, like Ryan McDonagh did as a rookie, but that seems like a stretch right now. The key for McIlrath is to get his feet wet in the NHL and then take what he learns back to Hartford and either play well enough to force the organization to call him back up or To read more of this story, click here

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Danny KristoJohn Giannone, on his Bleeding Blueshirts podcast, asked Jim Schoenfeld about players in Hartford that the Rangers have an eye on.

Schoenfeld said that he hated to name players for fear of leaving one out, but said:

  • “Danny Kristo has very good offensive skills and we have him killing penalties too because we want him to learn to play away form the puck. I don’t believe there is anyone in the American league who is good enough offensively to survive in the NHL with that skill alone. They will have to learn to be two-way players in one way or another. They will need to learn how to finish a check, block a shot, learn to be reliable in the defensive zone, in the neutral zone they will have to understand coverage because it’s going to be increasingly difficult for them to score. You can’t be giving up what you can’t get back. We are trying to turn them into two way players.”
  • “JT Miller has made another trip back to Hartford. He has skill, people have seen his skill. They have seen him score goals, they have seen a good wrist shot, a good release. They have seen courage and toughness. JT Miller is learning to play away from the puck because it’s too risky and the coach doesn’t feel comfortable enough to put him on the ice in certain situations. It goes to play and learn rather than stay here and condition.”
  • “Dylan McIlrath has made great strides this year. He is tough as nails, a good scrapper, good body checker and he is developing his craft.”

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Dylan McIlrath

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3:36PM: Bob Crawford, the Wolf Pack broadcaster, says that McIlrath has made ‘great strides” this year.

11:49AM: Darren Dreger of TSN tweets that “NYR rumored in deals on daily basis. Defenceman Dylan McIlrath has earned a chance given his play in AHL. Perhaps, a trade isn’t necessary?”

McIlrath is a right handed shot and has 3 goals and 6 assists for the Wolf Pack this season. He also has 102 PIM and 25 shots on goal.

Leslie Treff of Hockey’s Future wrote recently that McIlrath is growing into a “good, tough defenseman with an outstanding shot” but it isn’t yet known if he will become a “dominant” player.” She says that McIlrath should get a spot with the Rangers next season.

Gordie Clark said prior to training camp that he wanted McIlrath playing regularly in Hartford for the first half of the year but “after Christmas we will see what happens.”

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Adam Rotter: I haven’t seen McIlrath since the preseason so I don’t know if he is ready. The reports from people who have seen McIlrath indicate that he is much better than he was last year but still coming along. He provides a toughness that the team currently lacks, but whether he can be reliable enough in his own zone at the NHL level is still unknown. If the idea at the outset was to keep McIlrath in the AHL all season then they shouldn’t deviate from it just because of Michael Del Zotto’s struggles.

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4:43PM: 10/14/13

At Hockey’s Future, Leslie Treff writes that Dylan McIlrath is finally started to develop into the player the Rangers drafted with the 10th pick in 2010.

She says that McIlrath has improved dramatically from last season, is playing top pairing minutes and is using his “heavy” shot.

Treff writes that McIlrath could get a shot later this season with the Rangers but should become a regular in the NHL next season.



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Dylan McIlrathAt, Tal Pinchevsky spoke with Dylan McIlrath and Jeff Beukeboom about their relationship together and what kind of player McIlrath is.

Beukeboom says that he loves how McIlrath understands who he is and what his role is on the ice.

Pinchevsky writes that McIlrath loves the feeling of “imposing his will physically on opposing players” and McIlrath confirmed that by saying he loves making contact with another player.

Beukeboom noted that while the Rangers are deep on defense, they don’t have a player with McIlrath’s skill set

McIlrath said that he loves picking Beukeboom’s brain and learning from him.

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Recap: Dylan McIlrath’s Comment’s Yesterday

2010 first round pick Dylan McIlrath spoke with the media on Friday:

  • On if he is physically ready to compete, “Clean slate. I get to keep everything in the past and impress the brass.”
  • Is this the year, “I hope so. I think so, I believe so, I just need to prove it to the new guys and prove that I can belong in the NHL. It’s a good start to training camp, really up tempo, and I am looking forward to it.
  • On the depth of the Rangers, “i am going to have to win a spot, they have a lot of veteran d men, and if I am going to make the team I am going to have to beat a really good player out. It’s gonna be a lot of hard work but I just wanna make the coaches have a hard decision to make.”
  • On being on the ice with Marc Staal, “you learn so much. He is the kind of defenseman I look up to. I want to play like him. He is steady and with a really good stick. Great shutdown but also can make good passes. I want to get to that level but it will take a lot of hard work. I can just pick his brain and watch him on the ice and see how he goes about his business.”

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Dylan McIlrathWhen asked about what he thinks his immediate future holds, Dylan McIlrath said that he won’t be awarded a spot based on how high he was drafted and that he understands the challenge that will come in earning a roster spot.

He told the Daily News that he trusts that the coaches and the organization have his best interest in mind and that at the very least he would like to make it a tough choice for them to send him down.

Gordie Clark said during the offseason, “I don’t want him on the bench if he can’t play a regular shift in the NHL right now. He needs to play and play a lot of games in the first half and after Christmas we will see what happens.”

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Read: Dylan McIlrath’s Progress This Past Season

Dylan McIlrathLeslie Treff writes at Hockey’s Future that Dylan McIlrath has slowly been given more and more responsibilities by the organization and that his adjustment to playing in the AHL was positive. She notes that there were times when he was “invisible” but other times when he “inflicted bone crushing hits and cleared the crease.”

Treff notes that McIlrath’s development still puts him on track to be a player that other teams will hate to play against.

She does say that it could be another couple of years before McIlrath fully develops into being all that he can.

At the Rangers website, McIlrath said he appreciates the patience that the fans and organization have shown with his development and that he is priding himself on being good in his own zone. McIlrath said that his goal is to be a “shutdown defenseman” who is physical and can fight.

McIlrath labeled his season as up and down year but a good first experience with pro hockey.

Gordie Clark told Ranger Rants that McIlrath was a little bit behind because of his knee injury and that it takes a full year for that injury to heal. He said that Jeff Beukeboom “played the crap out of him” and that they hope his knee responded well to the half season of play.

McIlrath said that being coached by Beukeboom is great and he loves that he can pick the brain of “the best.”

Jeff Beukeboom said in an interview that McIlrath improved as much as anyone on the Whale last season. Beuk agreed with McIlrath in saying that he had some ups and downs but said that there was still a lot to like about his season.

Beukeboom adds that McIlrath can do more than just hit and scrap, has a high hockey IQ and will be a good player when he gets some more experience under his belt.

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