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Cam TalbotHad the Rangers received “superior” goaltending last night they may have been able to survive against the Blue Jackets. (NY Post)

Cam Talbot was “all over the place” in stopping 19 of 23 shots and Larry Brooks says that Talbot was “ordinary” during training camp and had a “terrible” practice on Friday. (NY Post)

Steve Valiquette was asked by Al Trautwig on Hockey Night Live if the Rangers may have won had they had Henrik Lundqvist in net and Valiquette said “yes” but mostly because he always thinks Henrik Lundqvist provides a better chance to win.

Talbot said that he isn’t thinking past this season when his contract is up and he can become a UFA. He said that he proved last year that he can play and needs to prove this year that he can stay at this level. (Daily News)

Talbot, 27, is in the second year of a two-year contract that has a cap hit of $562,500. His actual salary for the season is $575,000.

Read: Cam Talbot doesn’t love Ghostbusters as much as you might think

Cam Talbot1Cam Talbot says that he is a fan of the Ghostbusters movies but not to the “extent that everybody thinks.” (The Hockey News)

He said that the idea for his mask came from his painter DaveArt, who also paints Henrik Lundqvist’s masks, and that Dave always wanted to do a Ghostbusters mask for a New York goalie since that is where the move is set. (The Hockey News)

Talbot just showed off his newest Ghostbusters themed mask.

Click to see Talbot’s FIRST Ghostbusters mask his SECOND and the YANKEE STADIUM version.


Read: Cam Talbot is out to prove that last year was not a fluke

Cam TalbotCam Talbot was 12-6-1 for the Rangers last season with a 1.64 GAA, 3 shutouts and a .941 save percentage.

Of goalies who played in at least 8 games last season, Talbot had the best save percentage and best goals against. (ES)

Talbot said that he is out to prove to people this season that last year was not a fluke and that he didn’t play “beyond his range.” (Rangers)

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Read: The biggest thing that Cam Talbot has learned from Henrik Lundqvist

Cam TalbotCam Talbot was asked what the biggest thing he was able to take away from being Henrik Lundqvist’s back up goalie this season.

Talbot said, “Work ethic on and off the ice. You see how much he competes on and off the ice, he gets scored on in practice and he is just as mad as when he gets scored on in game. Just the biggest thing is that your compete level always needs to be high because what you do in practice carries over into a game. That is the biggest thing I wanted to take to my game, work as hard as I can on and off the ice and translate that into good performances in games.” (Rangers)

Talbot has said that he has gone to Lundqvist for advice before and that he loves watching play.

Lundqvist has said that he and Talbot get along really well and that when Talbot is in net he plays with a lot of poise.

Pictures: Cam Talbot’s NEW/AWESOME Ghostbusters mask

7/18/14: 5:51PM:

Click to see Talbot’s FIRST Ghostbusters mask his SECOND and the YANKEE STADIUM version.

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