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Read: Putting Cam Talbot In and Giving Henrik Lundqvist A Break

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the expectation is that Cam Talbot will start tomorrow against Minnesota and it’s likely he will play against Toronto on Monday as well.

Brooks says that this will allow Henrik Lundqvist to take a “mental-health break” since it seems like he is “carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder” lately.

Talbot last started on 12/2 against the Jets and last played against the Blue Jackets on 12/12.

Read: Jim Schoenfeld On Some Of The Hartford Prospects

Danny KristoJohn Giannone, on his Bleeding Blueshirts podcast, asked Jim Schoenfeld about players in Hartford that the Rangers have an eye on.

Schoenfeld said that he hated to name players for fear of leaving one out, but said:

  • “Danny Kristo has very good offensive skills and we have him killing penalties too because we want him to learn to play away form the puck. I don’t believe there is anyone in the American league who is good enough offensively to survive in the NHL with that skill alone. They will have to learn to be two-way players in one way or another. They will need to learn how to finish a check, block a shot, learn to be reliable in the defensive zone, in the neutral zone they will have to understand coverage because it’s going to be increasingly difficult for them to score. You can’t be giving up what you can’t get back. We are trying to turn them into two way players.”
  • “JT Miller has made another trip back to Hartford. He has skill, people have seen his skill. They have seen him score goals, they have seen a good wrist shot, a good release. They have seen courage and toughness. JT Miller is learning to play away from the puck because it’s too risky and the coach doesn’t feel comfortable enough to put him on the ice in certain situations. It goes to play and learn rather than stay here and condition.”
  • “Dylan McIlrath has made great strides this year. He is tough as nails, a good scrapper, good body checker and he is developing his craft.”

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Read: Pierre McGuire On The Rangers Goalie Situation/Cam Talbot

Cam TalbotThis morning on TSN 1050, Pierre McGuire was asked about the Rangers goalie situation and if there is anything going on with Henrik Lundqvist and the team.

Pierre said, “No. I don’t think so. Especially after last night when Cam was a little shaky. I watched parts of that game. You could see that Henrik wasn’t happy but the one thing is that Alain Vigneault wanted to probe and see what he had in Cam Talbot and he found out that Talbot is a useful player but he isn’t capable of being a starter at this point.”

Talbot said of his performance last night, on MSG:

  • On the game winning goal, “that is my fault. I need to put it in the corner. Can’t expect the guys to react to that.”
  • “On his game, “I felt alright. It’s still not where I wanted to be tonight. Four goals isn’t going to cut it…you can’t expect the guys to go out and score five goals every night. I gotta do a better job of eliminating their opportunities.”

Dave Maloney said last night on MSG that the Rangers goalie situation breaks down like this, “Henrik Lundqvist has been your best player for the last eight years….and right now you have a goalie who has had seven good STARTS.”

Elliotte Friedman writes at CBC that Alain Vigneault’s management of the Rangers goalies is likely being impacted by the Olympics and how the schedule is being condensed for that.

Cam Talbot

News: Cam Talbot Starting Tonight (Pre Game Thoughts)

12:48PM: Talbot, via the Rangers, made these comments today:

  • Was pushing Henrik for the starting job a goal, “no…when I was called up I assumed it was going to be playing spot starts and all that stuff. Not really, didn’t know what to make of it. Just try to come in and play solid for the guys and give them a chance when I come in.”
  • On his confidence,” It’s been increasing pretty much…I have been trying to stay grounded and working hard and trying to be ready when I get the chance. Just go out and work with Benny on the ice and then in the gym too.”
  • On feeling he could really contribute to the Rangers, “a few games into it…when I started to feel more comfortable. The first few games I was a little nervous and trying to make a good impression. Now it’s about growing and getting better.”
  • On how he felt in Hartford about maybe playing in the NHL, “I don’t know what to say to that. You just work and you never know what will happen. I just work hard on and off the ice and it’s gotten me to where I am today.”
  • Exceeding expectations?, “I set pretty high goals for myself but to get tot his level is a dream come true. I am just trying to take it all in and make the best situation out of it.”
  • On the opportunity, “it’s just an opportunity for me to go out there and play behind these guys and hopefully get a win.”
  • Did you talk to Hank after finding out you were starting, “no not really. We both went out there and had a normal pregame skate. Nothing to really talk about. We are both trying to do the same thing out there and win. That is what I will try and do tonight.”

11:24AM: The Rangers have announced that Cam Talbot will start tonight against the Winnipeg Jets.

Talbot was the first goalie off the ice at practice today as Henrik Lundqvist stayed on for extra work.

It is the second time this season that Talbot has played back to back games, 10/24 against Philly and 10/26 against Detroit.

As Larry Brooks noted in the NY Post, it is the first time since 2011 that Henrik Lundqvist has sat out two straight games when healthy.

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Read: The Idea Of A Goalie Controversy

Cam Talbot

1PM John Giannone tweets “There is no NYR “controversy.” A solid rookie is starting a 2nd straight gm. In an Olympic year. In stretch of 5 games in 8+ days. The end.”

12:30PM: Dave Maloney tweets “Stop the madness! NYR has a goalie that has been their best player for 8 seasons and one that has had 7 good starts.A goaltender luxury#nyr”

11:26AM: Alain Vigneault, via Bruce Beck, said today that Henrik Lundqvist is still the number one goalie for the Rangers.

10:58AM: Pat Leonard notes that Talbot was the first goalie off the ice this morning and will likely get the start in net.

9:37AM: Following the Rangers win over the Canucks on Saturday, Alain Vigneault declined  to reveal his starting goalie for tonight and said that he hasn’t told the players who is starting and that everyone would find out on Monday.

When pressed on whether he would consider going with Cam Talbot, Vigneault again declined and said that it would be a topic for Monday.

At Ranger Rants, Andrew Gross writes that there isn’t yet a goalie controversy but that if Henrik Lundqvist is healthy and passed over, one would surely start.

Katie Strang writes at ESPN NY that it seems likely that Henrik Lundqvist will start tonight, “it was an interesting decision by Vigneault not to disclose who will get the nod.”

She wonders if this is a move to try and motivate Henrik Lundqvist to play better than he has.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Vigneault’s words have created some build up, “where none existed,” to tonight’s game and maybe the immediate future for who the Rangers will have in net.

Adam Rotter: Vigneault not naming his goalie to the media, before he tells the actual player, isn’t something that is new and it is the way he has done things all year. That said, with the way Talbot has been playing, it was only a matter of time before this topic came up. Talbot has been great for the Rangers while Lundqvist has only been great in spots and mostly good overall. My guess is that Lundqvist will start tonight and that the job of number one goalie is still firmly in his hands. Vigneault is no stranger to goalie controversies and the distraction that they bring, so it’s my guess that he will go with Lundqvist until Talbot forces him to start giving him more starts and make a change.

Read: Cam Talbot’s Focus and Positioning

Cam TalbotCam Talbot, in his first start at Madison Square Garden, stopped 35 of 37 shots to bring his record this season to 6-1.

Talbot told John Giannone after the game that playing at the Garden was “unbelievable” and that he benefited from his practice time at MSG which helped him learn the boards and glass.

When asked what is working for him, Talbot told Giannone that his focus is on letting the puck come to him and then settling it down.

He told Ranger Rants that the players in front of him have been playing great and that he doesn’t want to let them down when he is in the net.

Talbot said that one thing he is working on in practice is staying patient and forcing the shooters to make the first move. He said that his patience, positioning and composure in the net are helping his game.

Joe Micheletti and Dave Maloney said that Talbot made the saves he had to make to keep the Rangers in the lead.

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Note: Cam Talbot Starting Today/Michael Del Zotto In and John Moore Out

Cam TalbotThe Rangers have announced that Cam Talbot is starting in goal today against the Canucks.

It is the first home start for Cam Talbot.

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Michael Del Zotto returns to the Rangers lineup after being a healthy scratch for two games and John Moore is a healthy scratch.

Derek Dorsett returns to the lineup after missing the past two games with a wrist injury. Taylor Pyatt is scratched.

Read: What Really Impresses People About Cam Talbot

Cam TalbotCam Talbot picked up his second straight shutout and after the game Ryan Callahan talked about what has caught his eye when it comes to Talbot.

Callahan said, “he has been solid from his first game here. The thing I have noticed about him is just how much of a professional he is on and off the ice, how he carries himself and it shows in his play.”

Alain Vigneault told the NY Post before the game yesterday that he doesn’t just look at how Talbot performs on the ice, but all the work he puts in during practice and how he prepares himself. Vigneault added, “he has done everything I would expect a player to do that wants to become the best that he can be.”

Joe Micheletti said last night, “It was Benoit Allaire who kept telling Alain Vigneault to give the kid a chance and now he is showing what he can do. He is just always in position and I spoke with the Nashville goalie coach who noticed how quiet he is in the net. He just takes up so much space, he is big and he gave him the ultimate compliment by saying that he is a bigger Henrik Lundqvist. I’m not sure if there is a better compliment than that. The kid has worked to get to this point and he has stayed at this level and I go back to earlier in the season when he really got them out of their early season slump.”