Read: Don’t expect to see much Cam Talbot coming up

Cam TalbotAlain Vigneault said on Saturday that he plans to ride Henrik Lundqvist down the stretch with the Rangers fighting for points in such a tight race.

Vigneault said, “Cam has played really well for us but Hank is our guy and if we are going to get in, everyone is winning, if we are going to get in it will be because of Hank playing like Hank.”

Talbot is 11-6 this season and last played on March 13th in a 2-1 loss in Minnesota.

Lundqvist may play every game down the stretch if that is what is needed for the Rangers to lock up a spot in the playoffs. (NY Post)

Per the NY Post, Lundqvist’s end of season workload has been:

  • 12-13: 23 of the last 24 games
  • 11-12: 11 of the last 12
  • 10-11: the final 26 games
  • 09-10: the final 17 and 25 of the final 26
  • 08-09: 27 of the final 29
  • 07-08: 22 of final 23
  • 06-07: 36 of final 37

The Rangers have a 95% chance of making the playoffs and finishing the season with a 5-5 record would still give them a 97% chance of making the playoffs.

News: Cam Talbot starting tomorrow

Cam TalbotCam Talbot will start tomorrow against the Minnesota Wild. (Rangers)

The Rangers have a back to back against Minnesota tomorrow and Winnipeg on Friday.

Talbot made his last start on 2/27 in a 2-1 win over Chicago. He stopped 31 of 32 shots in that game.

News: Henrik Lundqvist is sick and Cam Talbot will start tonight

Cam Talbot11:30AM: Alain Vigneault says that this is not a physical issue with Lundqvist and that he is in fact ill today. (Gross)

11:24AM: Henrik Lundqvist will NOT be the back up goalie tonight. The team is calling someone up. (Steve Zipay)

10:47AM:  The team expects Lundqvist to be well enough to back up Talbot tonight. (Gross)

10:38AM: Henrik Lundqvist is ill today and Cam Talbot will start for the Rangers against the Islanders. (Katie Strang)

It is not known if Lundqvist will backup tonight.

The team has another goalie on the ice this morning. (Andrew Gross)

Read: Cam Talbot Has Fun Watching Henrik Lundqvist

Cam TalbotCam Talbot makes his first start since early January today against the Senators.

Talbot said that he enjoys watching Lundqvist when he is at his best and knows that when Henrik is on his game the Rangers are a tough team to beat. (Ranger Rants)

He added that he looks up to Lundqvist for advice and leadership during certain situations and that he tries to study Lundqvist’s habits on and off the ice. Talbot said that it’s a good situation for him to learn from one of the best. (Ranger Rants)

When it comes to preparing for games, Talbot says that he works mostly with Benoit Allaire but Lundqvist also helps out with some pointers and things he has seen. He added sometimes it’s better not to know too much heading into a game against a new team because you don’t want to focus on something that they may do and then get beat when they do another. (Ranger Rants)