Read: Anthony Duclair’s game against Russia last night

Anthony DuclairCanada lost to Russia in OT last night in their first pre-tournament game of the World Junior Tournament.

Anthony Duclair was robbed at least twice during the game. (TSN)

  • Duclair was a player who was “standing out.” (Stephen Burtch)
  • His line with Sam Reinhart and Max Domi received a standing ovation after “another” strong shift. (Masters) (Pronman)
    • That line was “dominant” and always has something going on. (FD Roll)
    • That line will be a “joy” to watch for Canada. (Pinchevsky)

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Buzz: Is Quebec expecting Anthony Duclair back?

Anthony Duclair`12/20/14 | 8:29AM: Francois Parenteau believes that Duclair will be with Quebec for the Memorial Cup. (La Presse)

12/19/14 | 3:19PM: Quebec coach Phillippe Boucher said today that getting Anthony Duclair back would be the “best Christmas gift.” (Jean-Philippe Martin)

Stephane Leroux writes that Boucher “expects” Duclair to be returned to Quebec which would “complete the puzzle” for his team in the second half. (RDS)

Leroux writes that without Duclair Quebec is a good team but with him they are “almost unbeatable.” (RDS)

Quebec acquired top Canadian goalie prospect Zac Fucale today to help their bid to win the Memorial Cup. Quebec is hosting the tournament so they have an automatic bid.

Duclair has said that he is fine with whatever happens after the World Juniors.

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Read: Anthony Duclair is fine with whatever happens after the World Juniors

Anthony Duclair12/16/14 | 1:30PM: Duclair was skating with Reinhart and Domi again today. (Rusic)

12/14/14 | 2:39PM: Alain Vigneault said yesterday that he told Anthony Duclair not to read into his future based on the team allowing him to play for Canada at the World Juniors. (Newsday)

If the Rangers send Duclair back to Quebec he would be guaranteed to play for the Remparts in the Memorial Cup.

Duclair said that the Memorial Cup is also important to him but he just wants to play hockey. He said that he would be happy to stay with the Rangers but also happy to go back to Quebec. (La Presse)

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Read: Alain Vigneault on Anthony Duclair being sent to the World Juniors

Duclair8:04PM: Alain Vigneault said that sending Duclair to play for Canada is the best thing for his development. (NYR)

Vigneault said that Duclair told him he wanted to play for Canada if he had the chance. (NYR)

6:43PM: Duclair said that the things he has learned at the pro level are thing he can pass down to his teammates with Canada. (Globe and Mail)

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Read: Anthony Duclair is really excited to play for Canada/hasn’t been told what is next

Anthony Duclair3:29PM: Duclair said that he has learned to be humble and grounded when things are going well. (Masters)

3:24PM: Benoit Groulx, coach of Team Canada, said that Duclair proved what kind of player he was last year when he scored 50 goals. (Masters)

10:29AM: He is skating this morning with Max Domi and Sam Reinhart. (Masters)

9:38AM: Duclair said that he told Alain Vigneault that it would be really important for him to play in the tournament and that he wanted the experience, especially since it is his last chance. (RDS)

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Read: Canada is excited to have Anthony Duclair for the World Juniors

Anthony Duclair7:39PM: Due to weather, Duclair is not actually at practice in Toronto today. (Masters)

6:58PM: Duclair is skating on the top line at Canada’s practice today with Sam Reinhart and Max Domi. (Masters)

12/11/14 | 4:37PM: Groulx, the coach of Canada, said that Duclair has learned a lot in the NHL so far and he will help the Canadian team’s skill level and puck possession. (Metro)

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News: Anthony Duclair is being loaned to Canada for the World Juniors

Duclair8:43PM: Bob McKenzie said that Duclair will likely be the top RW on Team Canada though could slip to number two if Ottawa loans Curtis Lazar. (TSN)

12:46PM: The Rangers have announced that they are loaning Anthony Duclair to Canada for the World Junior Championships. (NYR)

The World Juniors start on 12/26. Bob McKenzie says that this is a “big get” on RW for Canada.

The Rangers will receive $772,500 in cap space while Duclair is away.

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Adam Rotter: It’s the right decision and I think ultimately, if he is still the 13/14th forward, he will end up back Quebec. Duclair should get some good minutes for Canada and the experience of playing in a very pressurized situation. The tournament is in Canada and Canada hasn’t won Gold in a few years so there will be a lot expected of this team. I think that the Rangers will give Duclair a few games when he gets back from the tournament to see if he has progressed and then make a final decision on where he will spend the rest of the season.

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