Buzz: The Rangers may be trying to move someone off their reserve list to clear a potential spot Anthony Duclair

Anthony Duclair6:07PM: Craig Custance writes that the Rangers like Duclair enough to at least “explore” moving a contract to get him to start the season with the team. (ESPN Insider)

10/1/14 | 7:26AM: With Anthony Duclair still around, the Rangers are at 51 contracts on their list of of 50 contracts. (CapGeek)

Duclair’s contract does not slide and he will burn the first-year of his entry level deal no matter where he plays, but if he does play in the NHL the Rangers will need to move out a player under contract to fit in Duclair. (CBC)

If Duclair is sent back to junior, even though his contract doesn’t slide, he doesn’t count against the Rangers reserve/50 contract list.

Elliotte Friedman says that there is “no doubt” that the Rangers are trying to move “at least one body” in case they want to keep Duclair around. (CBC)

The Rangers would not have to trade a player from their roster to comply, just a player who is on their reserve list which includes players in Hartford. (CapGeek)

Poll: Do you want to see Anthony Duclair start the season with the Rangers?

Sam Rosen said on MSG last night that he would keep Duclair around.

If the Rangers keep Duclair they will need to clear a spot on their 50 contract list.

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Anthony DuclairAgainst the Flyers last night, Anthony Duclair had a goal, an assist, was a plus two, had two shots, 1 hit and played 15:27.

Joe Micheletti said last night, “If he continues to play at this level, the key is as the veterans get better closer to the regular season, will he keep this pace and then get better to stay at this level.”

Joe adds, “At this point the kid has been really impressive. He has been relentless on the puck, he has a nose for the net. He has the speed and how many players can score like that. He has size and speed.”

Alain Vigneault said last night that Duclair has definitely caught their attention.

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DuclairAlain Vigneault was asked to asses the play of Anthony Duclair after his strong performance on Friday night.

Vigneault said, “I thought he went in traffic, he used his speed to go into traffic, other than one where he took his penalty in the third period, his decision making at the lines were high percentage he made the right plays so, he will get another look without a doubt. He can definitely skate at this level. He had one very good first game and we will see what he can do tomorrow.”

Vigneault added that he didn’t see any issues with Duclair defensively and that his speed helps him.

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In his first game as a pro, Anthony Duclair played 13:55, had a goal, an assist, 5 shots on goal, 1 hit and a penalty.

Alain Vigneault said after the game that except for one play, he felt Duclair had a “real strong game.” He adds that Duclair is “definitely creating an impression.”

Rick Nash said that Duclair played with a lot of speed, confidence and “took control of the game.” (MSG)

Asked about his game, Duclair said that Nash and Derick Brassard deserved a lot of credit for keeping him calm and helping him throughout the game. Duclair said that he felt calm during the game and that the speed of the game is much faster than in juniors. (MSG)

He added, “I want to stay here as long as possible, whether it’s making the team or starting the season, I just want to give it my all.” (MSG)

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Recap: Anthony Duclair on MSG


10:32PM: Scott Arniel told John Giannone that Duclair has explosive speed and has been good at getting back and tracking the puck when he doesn’t have it.

Duclair has also been praised all night long by Joe Micheletti and Sam Rosen.

9:29PM: Anthony Duclair was a guest of John Giannone on MSG and said:Duclair 2

  • On the first period, “I can’t put it int words for sure, an unbelievable feeling and probably the happiest kid in the world but I still have two periods to go and I have had the chance to play with two good players and I need to keep showing what I can show.”

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