Note: Mike Rupp Is Planning To Switch To Number 17

In a Q&A session on twitter, Mike Rupp said that he is planning to switch his number from 71 to 17 this season.

Rupp said “Yeah, I think so. That’s been a number that’s been with me for a while., and I really enjoy that number! Hopefully if I can get (No. 17) then another little part of me being entrenched here is in place!”

Rupp wore 17 with the Devils and Penguins before coming to the Rangers.

17 was taken by Brandon Dubinsky.

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In the comments section recently, Alex said this about Mike Rupp “And how many shots did Rupp block? 0 ! Because he is too slow to even block shots. He is a disgrace as a player and should be sent to Charlotte. He isnt even good enough to play in the AHL! “

Howiehockey said in the comments section of another post, “I’d buyout Rupp. With the exception of one or two games he has been a total bust.
And his intimidation and fighting skills have diminished greatly. Devereaux would be a lot better. Slats are you listening.”

John Tortorella has praised Mike Rupp as one of the “glue guys” on the hockey team and Brandon Prust says that he looks up to Rupp.

Tortorella has also said that he “loves” Mike Rupp and following the Winter Classic, Tortorella said “I’ll tell you what he did right away before he steps on to the ice.  There’s a respect he brings to that room and he’s a great pro and he brings an intangible.”

On an episode of Behind The Bench towards the end of the season, Tortorella said that Rupp has done a great job mentoring young players in how to be a pro and that he will often calm Tortorella down on the bench.

Adam Rotter: I like Rupp and think that he is very valuable to the team. Not everyone is a 20 goal scorer or someone who makes a big difference every night on the ice. The best part of Rupp has always been how he is off the ice and while $1.5 million per year for three years may seem steep for that, it is something that the team values. You need character guys in the locker room and veterans who make their biggest impacts away from the ice. He is much more than a fighter to this team and the guys in the locker room love him.

Note: Brandon Prust Looks Up To Mike Rupp

In a video piece about Mike Rupp posted at The Hockey News, Brandon Prust says that Rupp earned the respect of everyone in the locker room both on and off the ice and that he is someone that Prust looks up to:

For a guy like me, I really look up to him. You want to follow the guys like that and their attitude and what they bring to the rink every day.

John Tortorella has said that he LOVES Mike Rupp.

Rupp has eleven fights this season for the Rangers. He is averaging 6:39 per game and is on pace to have over 100 hits.

Tortorella praised the job that Rupp has done being a leader and “cultivating” the locker room on a recent episode of Behind The Bench.

Buzz: Is Mike Rupp’s Thumb Broken?

According to Tom Gulitti of The Record, Eric Boulton was told that his slash on Mike Rupp Tuesday resulted in a broken thumb for Rupp.

Boulton was fined $2,500 for the slash.

Rupp told Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants that he was just “banged up.”

John Tortorella said on MSG following the Rangers loss to the Devils that Rupp was fine.

Rupp had nine shifts last night for six minutes and nine seconds of ice time.