FINAL: Canada beats Sweden and wins gold medal

Canada defeated Sweden to win their second straight Gold Medal at the Olympic Winter Games.

  • Jonathon Toews, Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz scored for Canada

Rick Nash played 9:46 with two shots. He played 3:11 in the first, 3:56 in the second and 2:39 in the third.

Sweden picked up the Silver Medal.

Henrik Lundqvist stopped 33 of 36 shots. It’s his second career medal after winning Gold in 2006.

Carl Hagelin played 16:04 with 3 shots. He played 5:39 in the first, 4:39 in the second and 5:46 in the third.

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Read: Jamie McLennan and Rick Nash on Henrik Lundqvist’s game

Henrik LundqvistOn TSN Drive last night, Jamie McLennan discussed Henrik Lundqvist and where his game is at in advance of the Gold Medal game against Canada tomorrow.

He said, “In today’s modern day it’s Henrik Lundqvist who is the number one guy. Lundqvist still has to get the nod in net head to head based on experience. Lundqvist is so good playing at Olympic ice because he plays a deep game. He is at home on a lot of side to side plays but where that translates and where maybe Team Canada can get to him, just like in the NHL is there is no margin for error so if one sneaks through the body it will go in”

McKennan adds, “he has played a game like Finland where he made a great backdoor save on Selanne today where he plays that deep style, that east/west. If Canada plays that North/South and gets in his grill and creates a lot of traffic they can get to him. He does get frustrated. He is the type of guy that I have noticed can get a little more frustrated as guys get bodies in front. I think that is where Canada will try to push him.”

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FINAL: USA loses to Finland/finishes fourth in Olympics

Team USA lost to Finland 5-0 in the Bronze medal game and will finish fourth in the tournament.

Ryan McDonagh played 19:26, had one shot and was a minus two . He played 7:01 in the first, 5:08 in the second and 7:17 in the third.

Ryan Callahan played 13:20 and was a minus two . He played 4:38 in the first, 2:56 in the second and 5:46 in the third period.


FINAL: Canada beats USA 1-0

Canad defeated Team USA 1-0 to advance to the Gold Medal game against Sweden.

USA will play Finland tomorrow.

  • Rick Nash: 9:32, 0 shots on goal, 4:15 in the first, 2:18 in the second, 2:59 in the third
  • Ryan McDonagh: 1 shot. 23:23. 6:43 in the first, 8:03 in the second, 8:37 in the third. Was on for almost the entire final sequence
  • Ryan Callahan: minus one, 12:34, 4:08 in the first, 4:16 in the second, 4:10 in the third

Ryan Callahan spoke with Pierre McGuire and said that Canada was the best team that they have played and that they couldn’t sustain enough offense.

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist on his game today

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist stopped 25 of 26 shots today and said that he was happy with how his game came together after letting in Olli Jokinen’s goal. (Expressen)

Jokinen’s goal squeezed through Lundqvist on the short side and Lundqvist said that he relaxed for a second because he thought that it was icing and it was a careless decision by him. (Expressen)

He said that he was happy that he didn’t allow that goal to ruin his focus or put any more pressure on him. (Expressen)

In the tournament, Lundqvist has stopped 117 of 123 shots to have a .951 save percentage and 1.20 GAA. Two of Lundqvist’s five wins have been shutouts.