Read: Why Wade Redden Wasn’t Invited To Training Camp

According to Bruce Berlet at Howlings, the reason why Wade Redden wasn’t invited to training camp was because if he got injured his salary would count against the salary cap.

He also says that John Tortorella told him early in the summer that he didn’t fit into the Rangers plans.

Redden says that he is more comfortable being in Hartford this season and just wants to be a leader:

“I’m more settled, and I want to help these guys. I remember guys who helped me. I obviously want to take care of myself first, but I want to be there to help my teammates.

He said that he didn’t think he could opt out of his contract and play for less money under the current CBA.

It is nice for him to embrace that role and he could have a big impact on Tim Erixon, if he is sent down, just like he did with Ryan McDonagh.

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Read: How Wade Redden Can Get Back To The NHL

At CBC, Elliotte Friedman writes that the best chance for Wade Redden to return to the NHL will be with a possible amnesty buyout clause that may come with the new CBA.

The Rangers used the buy out clause to buy out the final two years of Bobby Holik’s five-year deal worth $45 million.

After the 24% roll back Holik would have had a cap hit of $6.726 million.

The absolute best part of this article from the New York Times on the Rangers buying out Holik is that on the same day they did they also signed Henrik Lundqvist.

I will never forget the day that the Rangers signed Holik and never forget how little I cared when they bought him out. I hope that the Rangers do this if they have the chance. It would save them actual money and it would give Wade the chance to play again. I like that he is accepting his move to Hartford so well for this season, and that he can be a leader down there again, but I hope that he gets another shot at the NHL with another team.

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Buzz: Wade Redden Won’t Be On The Training Camp Roster

Update: 5:12PM: Bruce Berlet spoke with Redden who said that he wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t invited to training camp:

“I only talked to (Rangers coach John) Tortorella, and I didn’t seem to fit into their plans,” Redden said. “But I hope to get another job in the NHL, so I’m going to work and play as hard as I can and hope for the best.”

He also said that Redden preferred to report to Hartford rather than try to play in Europe.

Update: 1:08PM: Andrew Gross says that the Rangers not expected to have any veteran tryout players at training camp.

Original Post: 12:19PM Steve Zipay reports at Newsday that defenseman Wade Redden will not be on the Rangers training camp roster when it is released later today.

Redden spent last season with the Whale after he was waived at the start of training camp.

He can refuse his assignment to Hartford and give up the rest of his contract and become a free agent.

Redden had planned on attending training camp.

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I hope that he voids his contract because I would like to see him get another chance to play in the NHL. Either that or he can stay in Hartford, collect his money, and be a mentor to the players down there. Ryan McDonagh and Michael Del Zotto raved about him.

BUZZ: Wade Redden Plans To Go To Training Camp

According to Arthur Staple in Newsday, Wade Redden plans to attend the Rangers training camp in September.

He spent all last season in Hartford with the Wolfpack/Whale after being sent down in September. He had a tremendous mustache there. More on Redden after he was sent down, here.

Redden still has three more seasons left on his contract worth $6.5 million per season.

While in Hartford, all reports were that Redden was a great pro and leader.

Redden has said repeatedly that money isn’t an issue to him.

This isn’t a big deal. Redden will go to training camp with the Rangers, but the issue will be what happens after they place him on waivers to send him down to Hartford. If he refuses the move and voids his contract, he loses the money but gets a chance to be a free agent and play again in the NHL. Otherwise he can go back to Hartford and be a leader for the young players down there.

READ: The Rangers Won’t Find A Taker For Wade Redden

In the Daily News, Jesse Spector writes that even with the trend of teams taking on long-term contracts of high salaried players, the Rangers won’t find someone to take the final three years of Wade Redden’s contract.

I said a similar thing in a mailbag recently.

There is a difference between Wade Redden and Brian Campbell. Campbell can play over 22 minutes a night and run your powerplay, while Redden is a third pair defenseman who spent a year in Hartford because of his salary. Redden may have been a good influence on young players in Hartford, but he still won’t bring any sort of value to his contract in the NHL. The Blackhawks were lucky that the GM who signed Campbell to his contract is now somewhere else and was in need of adding salary.