Buzz: Wade Redden Will Consider Voiding His Contract

In the NY Daily News, Jesse Spector spoke to exiled defenseman Wade Redden who said that money isn’t the most important thing and that refusing an assignment back to Hartford, which would give the Rangers a choice to void his contract, is an option.

Redden also spoke of his other options which include returning to Hartford or being loaded to Europe.

…I think this will happen but as Redden says in the article, it is a lot of money to walk away from. He has made half the money on his contract and that is more than enough for him to live on and if he were to do this, I think he could sign for $1-2 million somewhere else. The biggest reason I think this will happen is because of Redden’s newborn daughter. Going to Europe doesn’t seem ideal with that situation.

This was first written about back in October. Click HERE and HERE to see pictures of Redden in Hartford. Click HERE for all mentions of Redden, including his role as a mentor in Hartford.

Quote: The Summer Cap Issues

The Blueshirts have about $41.1 million on the summer cap, including $6.5 million for Wade Redden but not including a nickel for Group II free agents Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle, Artem Anisimov and Sauer, who likely will combine for $13-15 million.

That $41.1 million number also does not include Chris Drury, who will be in at $7.05 million if he remains on the roster, or $3.717 million if there’s a June buyout.

NY Post

…The summer cap, something that didn’t seem to exist until last summer but is something the Rangers need to keep in mind.

I wonder if they would come to terms with a player or two but not actually sign the contract until Wade Redden gets shipped down, to Europe or doesn’t report and voids the contract.

Quote: Wade Redden Is A Mentor To Ryan McDonagh


“He’s a great guy, a great player for that team down there,” McDonagh said. “He’s toward the end of his career and to go through what he did, he could have a different attitude. But he has an incredible attitude, staying out late on the ice. I ask him a lot of questions. He’s probably sick of me. He’s helped me a lot. A lot of mental things, too.”

McDonagh to Andrew Gross of Ranger Rants

…Hopefully he can help Michael Del Zotto out as well. But this is great to hear on Redden. It will be interesting to see what happens with him for next season. I think it’s close between working out a deal to play in Europe or not reporting to the Rangers, leaving the money on the table and taking a shot at returning to the NHL for less money. He has a young child now and that could play into the decision

Quote: It’s Wade Redden’s Own Fault

“Most of it is my doing,” he said, digging into a grilled chicken breast over a salad. “The way I played wasn’t what I needed it to be, I guess. I try not to pout about it. It’s not ideal to come down here, but it can lead to something better. The challenge is to play well and get back.”

Redden To Chris Stevenson of the Toronto Sun

Redden has been labeled a “pro” and a “teacher” so far in Hartford.

If Redden refuses to report when he is sent to Hartford next season, the Rangers can terminate his contract and let him be a free agent.

…He would be saying goodbye to a lot of money, but he would get his chance at the NHL again if he does that. It isn’t ideal, because of the money loss, but does he really want to spend the next three seasons in Hartford as well? It’s something Redden needs to consider for himself and his family but if I were to bet on it, I would bet he refuses and signs with another team.