News: Mats Zuccarello has a small fracture in his hand

Mats Zuccarello Stay Positive11:40AM:  Zuccarello will arrive in NY tomorrow and be evaluated then. (Rangers)

11:31AM: The Rangers have confirmed that Zuccarello has a non-displaced fracture in his left hand and will return to NY on Friday for further tests.

10:54AM: Zuccarello has a non-displaced fracture in his hand. (Andrew Gross)

9:09AM: Zuccarello is returning to NY today for further testing on his injured hand. (Pat Leonard)

7:34AM: Mats Zuccarello had X-Rays done today on his left hand, that kept him out of the lineup against Russia yesterday, and they revealed a small fracture. (TV2)

The doctor says that the injury doesn’t take long to heal and that he may be ready to play when the Rangers schedule resumes next Thursday. (TV2)

Carl Hagelin said that he has spoken with Zuccarello who seemed to indicate that he was okay. (TV2)


News: Mats Zuccarello will not play today because of hand injury (Updates)

Zuccarello8:10AM: Zuccarello was hit with a puck in the game against Austria on Sunday and his hand has not yet healed. (Nettavisen)

The Norway doctor says that the pain is too great for Zuccarello to play. (Nettavisen)

It was originally thought that Zuccarello could play but swelling has not reduced in his hand. (TV2)

7:41AM Zuccarello was shown on the jumbotron with a bandage on his hand. (Dmitry Chesnokov)

7:05AMMats Zuccarello will not play for Norway today due to a hand injury. (IIHF)

Norway is playing Russia this morning.

Stats: Mats Zuccarello and Norway lose 3-1

Mats Zuccarello and Norway lost their third game of the tournament early this morning by a score of 3-1 to Austira.

Zuccarello played 22:28 and had four shots on goal in the first and one in the third. Zuccarello was also called for hooking in the second period.

His ice time broke down as 7:43 in the first period, 5:19 in the second and 9:26 in the third.

Stats: Mats Zuccarello in Norway’s loss

Mats Zuccarello Stay PositiveNorway lost 6-1 to Finland today in their second game of the Olympics.

Zuccarello played 20:51 and had 4 shots on goal, 1 in the first, 2 in the second and 1 in the third.

Zuccarello’s ice time breaks down as 7:31 in the first period, 6:14 in the second period, 7:06 in the third period.

Read: Mats Zuccarello misses Michael Del Zotto

Michael Del ZottoWhen the Rangers traded Michael Del Zotto, Mats Zuccarello lost his closest/best friend on the team but said that he understands that trades are part of being a pro hockey player. (Nettavisen)

Zuccarello said that he is happy that Del Zotto gets a change of scenery but it’s “sour” to lose a good friend. (Nettavisen)

Del Zotto is spending his Olympic Break with Tyler Seguin and pet lion.

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Read: Mats Zuccarello is a lost cause…..when it comes to playing outside

Mats ZuccarelloBefore the Rangers/Islanders game at Yankee Stadium, Sam Rosen spoke with Rangers equipment manager Acacio Marques.

During the chat, Sam noted that Mats Zuccarello had been the biggest complainer about being cold during the previous outdoor game.

In response, Cass said that Zuccarello is a “lost cause…I don’t know if you see him out there, he is all bundled up I’m surprised he doesn’t have a blanket on. (NHL Network)

Marques started working with the Rangers in 1993, became an assistant equipment manager in 1997 and has been the Rangers head equipment manager for the last 14 years.

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Buzz: Rangers talking extension with Mats Zuccarello

Mats Zuccarello8:27PM: Zuccarello is in line for a “massive arbitration” pay hike and he would become eligible for UFA status in 2015 if he goes through arbitration. (NY Post)

4:37PM: Mats Zuccarello tells Norway Newspaper Nettavisen that his agents and Glen Sather have started talks on a contract extension. (Nettavisen)

Zuccarello says that he is not involved in the talks and Nettavisen points to Brad Marchand as a comparable player based on stats. (Nettavisen)

Marchand is in the first-year of a four-year deal worth $4.5 million per season. He signed his contract prior to the start of his third full season, the lockout, when he had played in 173 games, plus 32 playoff games, and had 48 goals and 97 assists with 12 goals and 9 assists in the playoffs.

His agent Craig Oster confirmed that preliminary talks have taken place about an extension for Zuccarello. (Daily News)

Zuccarello is an RFA at the end of the season and is currently on a one-year deal worth $1.150 million.

Adam Rotter: Zuccarello has been great this year and certainly deserves a multi-year deal that will probably clock in around $3.5 million to $4 million. He will get paid on one strong season, if it continues, but also on him reaching a lot of the potential he showed in his earlier times with the Rangers. Until Rick Nash started scoring in nearly every game, Zuccarello was the Rangers top offensive player and offensive catalyst for most of the season. He knew this was really his last chance at the NHL and he has taken advantage of it and put himself into the mix as a guy the Rangers want to have around for a while.

Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Benoit Pouliot

Read: The Mats Zuccarello/Derek Brassard Connection and their PP

The Rangers have scored 34 PP goals this season and Benoit Pouliot, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello have combined to score 14 of them.

Dave Maloney said that the power play unit with Zuccarello, Pouliot and Brassard is “brilliant” and praised how they move the puck, how quick they do it and how creative they are.

  • Zuccarello has had a hand in 10 of Brassard’s 25 points this season including the primary assist on Brassard’s last two goals. He has also been part of 7 of Brassard’s 14 PP points.
  • Benoit Pouliot has had a hand in nine of Brassard’s points this season and 4 of Brassard’s 14 PP points.
  • Brassard has been part of 9 of Pouliot’s 17 points and Zuccarello has been part of 3 of Pouliot’s points.

Brassard, on 98.7 ESPN, said on Sunday that he has fun playing with Zuccarello and that Zucc is one of the elite players in the league and a key player for the Rangers.

Brassard added that Zuccarello always has a way of finding him on the ice. (NY Times)