Buzz: Mats Zuccarello’s agent on Zuccarello’s next contract

6/17/14 | 7:27AM: Zuccarello said that switching teams is not something that he wants to do and he hopes a deal with the Rangers can be found. (TV2)

6/16/14 | 4:50PM: Alain Vigneault said today, “I definitely want Mats to be a training camp next year so I want his contract issues taken care of. He was a big part of our team and got off to a slow start but once he found some chemistry with his teammates he became a big part of our offensive forwards. He is a good young man with good instincts and if he continues to progress he should be a good player for us.” (Rangers)

2:15PM: Mats Zuccarello’s agent Erik Ryman spoke with VG about Zuccarello’s new contract and said that Zuccarello will receive a salary based on his market value. (VG)

He said that he expects discussions on Zuccarello’s new contract to begin soon and Zuccarello would love it to be done as soon as possible. (VG)

It’s been expected that Zuccarello’s contract would be discussed as soon as the Rangers season ended.

Zuccarello is an RFA this summer and coming off a one-year contract worth $1.15 million.

The Rangers qualifying offer for Zuccarello will be $1.15 million.

He can take the Rangers to arbitration.

Zuccarello, 26, had 5 goals and 8 assists in 25 playoff games.

In the regular season he finished 52nd in the league, and led the Rangers, with 59 points.

In his career, he has played 144 games and has 30 goals and 63 assists.

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rangers-si-coverLarry Brooks writes that the Rangers deep playoff run may have changed how they approach re-signing their free agents this summer since the values of some players may be too much for them to bring back. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the Rangers players have paid a price to get to the Stanley Cup Final and the management team will have to pay higher prices to keep this group together. (NY Post)

He says that Brian Boyle has shown his value to the team but will be sought after if he goes to UFA on July one. Anton Stralman will need to be paid to avoid free agency, Dominic Moore will need a “tidy” increase to keep, Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello will need multi-year deals to avoid arbitration and make them eligible for UFA in 2015. (NY Post)

Brooks says that Marc Staal needs a new contract this summer to prevent the same kind of situation that Ryan Callahan was in last year and to do the same with Chris Kreider so the Rangers don’t go through the same thing they did with Derek Stepan last summer. (NY Post)

On Benoit Pouliot, Brooks says “good question.”  (NY Post)

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Read: Mats Zuccarello didn’t think he took a penalty/things he told the Norway media

Zuccarello on the Ice.jpgIn the third period last night, Jake Muzzin stuck out his leg as Mats Zuccarello was exiting the zone.

Muzzin fell forward and Zuccarello was called for tripping.

On MSG, Zuccarello was asked if it was a fair call and said, “it doesn’t really matter now, you can’t go back and change it. I want to skate by him….”

Al Trautwig said on MSG, “it was a bad call.”

NBC Analysts Keith Jones and Eddie Olczyk both indicated that the tripping call could have gone against Muzzin instead of Zuccarello.

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Read: What Mats Zuccarello told papers in Norway about game four and the series

Zucc1Mats Zuccarello spoke with the Norwegian media following the Rangers game four win over the Kings.

Zuccarello said:

  • The Rangers did not play up to their standards but still found a way to win. (Nettavisen)
  • Hard work and effort are what matter in the Stanley Cup Final. The team had hard work, strong effort and good physical play in game four. (Nettavisen)
  • The Rangers are a tough team to play against when Henrik Lundqvist is on top of his game even if they are playing s*** hockey in front of him.  (Nettavisen)
  • The team doesn’t care what is written or said about them and that the players in the locker room believe that they can do this. (Nettavisen)
  • The difference between game four and the previous three is that the Rangers found a way to win. (VG)

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Mats Zuccarello Stay Positive

Read: What Mats Zuccarello told a Norway Paper about game three

Mats Zuccarello spoke with Norewgian paper VG following the Rangers game three loss.

The paper asked Zuccarello if he felt the Rangers “collapsed” in this game and the paper wrote “Mats Zuccarello rolls his eyes out of sheer despair at how stupid he thinks the question is.”

Zuccarello adds:

  • The Rangers have been better in two of the three games (VG)
  • Zuccarello is frustrated by having the need to win four straight as the team is playing well, “so….frustrating.” (VG)
  • The Kings are good but Zuccarello feels that they are not better than the Rangers. He says that LA has gotten some “lucky shots” and the Rangers did not. (TV2)

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Read: What Mats Zuccarello told papers in Norway about game two

Mats Zuccarello spoke with papers from Norway after game two about the Rangers loss.

Zuccarello said:

  • the loss was “acidic” and “damn miserable.” (VG)
  • The Rangers should have won the game and tied up the series, “it’s miserable”   (VG)
  • Losing game two was worse than losing game one because the Rangers had good chances and played well. “It’s incredibly sour” and there is nothing worse than two losses in OT. The focus needs to be on winning two game at MSG and coming back to LA tied. It’s best not to dwell too long on the loss. (VG)
  • They need to defend better and won’t win allowing 4 or 5 goals. (VG)
  • He doesn’t care, right now, about being the first player from Norway to score in the Stanley Cup. (VG) 

He added, in the Daily News, that he felt the Rangers were the better team in game two and deserved to win.


Read: What Mats Zuccarello told a Norway paper about game one

Mats ZuccarelloMats Zuccarello spoke with VG, a Norway newspaper, following game one about how the Rangers performed.

Zuccarello said:

  • It’s disappointing to lose game one but the Rangers played well and had an “incredible” number of chances.
  • LA had more shots but many were from the outside and don’t equal the chances that the Rangers had.
  • LA is a good team and that can’t be forgotten but the Rangers need to be ready for the next game.
  • If the Rangers continue to work hard they will get bounces and they should have “clearly” gotten one or two more goals and overall this wasn’t good enough.

Zuccarello played 16:57, had one shot on goal, one shot that was blocked, 3 that missed the net and blocked one shot.

Zuccarello has previously talked about the Rangers with Norway papers.

Zucc Marty

Read: What happened when Mats Zuccarello met Marty St. Louis’ wife

Steve Serby told Mats Zuccarello that compared to Marty St. Louis he is a “giant.” (NY Post)

Zuccarello agreed and then told a story about when he met St. Louis’ wife for the first time after game six against Montreal. (NY Post)

Zuccarello said that he was talking with Marty’s wife when Marty came over and jokingly asked if he was hitting on her. (NY Post)

Zuccarello replied, “no, I’m too tall for her.”  (NY Post)

St. Louis is listed on the Rangers website as being 5-8, 180lbs and Zuccarello is listed at 5-7, 179.

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Zuccarello1Following a performance in game five where Mats Zuccarello said “we were ass,” Zuccarello told VG after game six that the Rangers dominated from start to finish and were very deserving of the win. (VG)

Zuccarello said that it’s close to the greatest day of his life but the biggest would be if they could win the Stanley Cup. (VG)

Zucc said that winning the Stanley Cup would be a greater achievement than winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics or World Championships. (VG)

Asked if he would celebrate with champagne, Zuccarello said that he doesn’t like champagne and when asked if they would be celebrating with any alcoholic beverages, Zuccarello said “No, we are elite athletes, my God!” (VG)

Zuccarello said that this is a dream come true for him and something that most people don’t get to experience. (Nettavisen)

Zuccarello’s mother was interview as well by VG.

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