Read: Mats Zuccarello on the Stanley Cup Hangover

Stanley CupMats Zuccarello said that it has taken the Rangers some time to get back to playing regular season games after playing in the Stanley Cup Final. He said, “you come from the big circus and then it’s back to regular matches.” (Nettavisen)

He said that it has taken some time to get into a groove but he feels the Rangers are starting to find their way. He said that he has spoken with some teammates who agree and think that the team will start playing better. (Nettavisen)

On returning to LA next month, Zuccarello said that it will be “business as usual.” (Nettavisen)

Zucc Marty

Read: Marty St. Louis inspires Mats Zuccarello

Mats Zuccarello says that Marty St. Louis is an inspiration to him and the two are becoming “really good friends.” (LoHud via Nettavisen)

Zuccarello said he has learned a lot from Marty and just watching how he practices and how professional he is is “unbelievable.”  (LoHud via Nettavisen)

Zuccarello said that it’s really important to him to have St. Louis with the team. (LoHud via Nettavisen)

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Read: What Mats Zuccarello told the Norwegian papers about his game

Zuccarello12/2/14 | 4:04PM: Larry Brooks says that Zuccarello has been unable to build off of last season and seems to be taking more bad penalties than anything else. (NY Post)

11/30/14 | 8:21PM: Zuccarello says that, when like last year, the Rangers get contributions from throughout the lineup they are a tough team to beat. He says that he thinks/hopes things will turn around for the better consistently like they did last year. (Nettavisen)

3:36PM: Mats Zuccarello said that he doesn’t think about not scoring goals and that over the course of the season he will get his. (VG)

He said that if he were to end up with 19 again, like last year, he would be very happy. (VG)

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Recap: Another great exchange between Al Trautwig and Mats Zuccarello

Mats Zuccarello2:39PM: Al confirmed with Jesper Fast that there is no Thanksgiving in Sweden either.

1:55PM: Mats Zuccarello was Al Trautwig’s first period guest today and had the following exchange:

  • Al: Did the team do anything special for Thanksgiving
  • Zucc: “We had a team dinner…”
  • Al: “Turkey, the usual stuff?”
  • Zucc: “The usual stuff”
  • Al: “Is there a Thanksgiving-like holiday in Norway?”
  • Zucc: “No, not really, I don’t…..”
  • Al: “You can start one”
  • Zucc: “….yea………okay.”
  • (Laughs and then question about what the team needs to do to be better as the game goes on.”)

Al and Zuccarello have had great between period conversations before, HERE and HERE.

Read: Mats Zuccarello on his game and playing with Rick Nash

Zuccarello 112:19PM: Talks with Zuccarello are quiet now but things should pick up after Jan 1, which could be after the Rangers know about the salary cap and the future of Marty St. Louis and Marc Staal. (ESPN Insider)

Craig Custance says that negotiations last year between the Rangers and Zuccarello were positive. (ESPN Insider)

10:07AM: Mats Zuccarello has three goals and six assists this season in 18 games.

He has 40 shots on goal and 8 in the past two games.

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Read: Mats Zuccarello on his contract/slow starts

Zuccarello 1Mats Zuccarello says that it’s hard for him not to think about his future as an impending UFA. He said that it enters his mind sometimes at night but it’s not something that he brings to the rink with him. (NY Post)

He says that he barely talks to his agent and the talks are not something that he can control. He said that all he can do is play hard and that is where his focus is. (NY Post)

Talks between the Rangers and Zuccarello have been “limited” according to Larry Brooks. (NY Post)

Zuccarello did say that the contract talks are not the reason for his slow start and that he just happens to be a slow starter. He said it takes some time for him to get comfortable and he may put too much pressure on himself/try to do too much. (NY Post)

He has 8 points in 15 games.


Read: Mats Zuccarello and Sidney Crosby have been trash talking

Mats Zuccarello7:29PM: Giannone described his trash talking with Crosby as “epic” on Tuesday night and the two got together early tonight and exchanged slashes. Steve Downie then took a big run at Zuccarello which caught the attention of the Rangers bench.

6:38PM: John Giannone said that on Tuesday night Mats Zuccarello and Sidney Crosby were engaged in a lot of trash talk. (MSG)

Giannone said that at one point Zuccarello told Sidney Crosby that “he likes Evgeni Malkin better.” (MSG)

  • Zuccarello and Malkin played together with Magnitogorsk during the lockout in 2012

Asked by Giannone before tonight’s game against Pittsburgh about the trash talk, Zuccarello aid “It’s just funny. A lot of energy between the teams, stuff happens, adrenaline is out there. I don’t think it’s anything more than that.” (MSG)

Crosby had multiple run-ins with the Rangers during the playoffs last year.

Brandon Dubinsky has also called Sidney Crosby a “baby” and a dirty player.