Read/Watch: What Brandon Prust said right after Chris Kreider ran into Carey Price

The NHL has released a video of the best “mic’d up” moments from the Rangers Canadiens series.

In the clip, Chris Kreider is shown running into Carey Price and then Brandon Prust is shown as Price is talking with the trainer and said “i’m gonna blow a wheel into Hank.”

Prust is then shown going after Kreider and eggs him on by saying “more.”

Prust did attempt to skate into Henrik Lundqvist during a break in play.

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Recap: What Brandon Prust said today

Prust StepanBrandon Prust met with the media today (via the NHL) following the announcement of his two game suspension:

Q. Brandon, which analysis or interpretation did you plead to the league for your hit and how did you defend yourself?
BRANDON PRUST: The hit itself wasn’t really a topic in the hearing. It was all about the timing of it. For me, it’s my first shift of the game. I’m trying to create some energy. I want to get out there and get some body checks in. I see Step with the puck, and I’m kind of backtracking, and I do a good job of getting in front of him, other than coming from the side. I try to skate in front of him, and stop, and come back into him. Kept my skate is on the ice, my shoulder into his chest. I didn’t leave my feet. It’s all about the timing. It’s a fraction of a second. The NHL deems a hit late around .6 seconds, and I’m at .8 seconds, so you know, that’s on me. It’s late, but for me my focus was on trying to make a good, clean body check and not leave my feet, my elbows tucked, and everything about the actual contact is clean, it’s just late.

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Prust Stepan

NEWS: Brandon Prust suspended two games

9:04PM: Brad Richards tells Larry Brooks that he was told the ref saw it as a clean hit. (NY Post)

Richards said on MSG last night that the refs didn’t see the hit.

8:55PM: Prust was going to be suspended one game for the hit but was given two games after the injury was announced. (JSB)

5:16PM: The NHL’s department of player safety has suspended Brandon Prust two games for interference.

From the NHL explanation, “Thursday night in NY, Montreal forward Brandon Prust delivered a late and violent hit to Rangers forward Derek Stepan causing an injury. After chipping the puck up the boards and past Montreal forward Thomas Vanek, Stepan veers to his right to join the rush. “

“Approaching laterally from the middle of the ice Prust drives his left shoulder up into Stepan’s chest and jaw well after Stepan releases the puck and well after the time for where he is able to be checked. This is interference. What elevates this hit to merit supplemental discipline is it’s extreme lateness and the amount of head contact that results from the way it was delivered. After releasing the puck Stepan both changes direction and takes two strides to elude Vanek. Nearly a full second elapses between when he releases the puck and the moment of impact. That is well past the point for when a player should have to remain on guard for an opponent finishing a check.”

“In fact, Prust doesn’t even commit to this hit until after Stepan has released the puck. Prust is in complete control of the play since Stepan does not see him coming and can’t expect to be hit this late, the onus is on Prust to avoid contact completely.”

Prust Stepan

News: Brandon Prust has a hearing with the department of player safety

12:55PM: The broken jaw to Derek Stepan will have an impact on the length of Prust’s suspension. (Dreger)

10:43AM: The NHL Department of Player Safety has announced that Brandon Prust will have a hearing today for his hit on Derek Stepan.

The hearing is at 4PM and on the telephone (Renaud Lavoie)

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Derek Stepan was not happy with the hit.

The hit is considered to be very late by the standards of the NHL.

On TSN1050 this morning, Pierre McGuire said, “I gotta think they are going to review it and I wouldn’t be surprised if something came down in terms of a fine or suspension…..I can’t see exactly on the tape if it touches his face initially but Derek Stepan has said that there was contact with his head and face. He is the guy who got hit and is down and out….how that is not a penalty is beyond anybodies comprehension.”

Prust was not penalized for the hit

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Read: The Fourth Line and How Much The Rangers Miss Brandon Prust

Brandon Prust, Marc Staal.jpgIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers have been lacking in energy and toughness since Brandon Prust left for Montreal (on a 4-year deal worth $10 millio) in the summer of 2012.

Brooks says that the Rangers haven’t had anyone to spark the team or someone who can “infuse his teammates with hockey courage” the way that Prust did.

Derek Dorsett, Brooks says, has tried, “with every fiber of his being” to bring the kind of game that Prust did.

On the players used on the Rangers fourth line, Brooks says that Brian Boyle’s is struggling to the point where it is tough to watch, Benoit Pouliot is a “mistake machine,” Taylor Pyatt struggles to keep up with the pace and Dominic Moore has tried to spark something but hasn’t been able to.

Adam Rotter: No one thought it would be this hard for the Rangers to replace Prust. When Prust came to the Rangers he wasn’t much more than a 4th line guy and with the Rangers and John Tortorella he developed into a more complete player, a penalty killer and someone who had an important role with the team. I think there was a feeling that they could find a player who plays a similar tough style, has some of the same attributes and maybe develop him to get the same kind of result. Michael Haley, an energy/tough guy who was an occasional NHLer with the Isles seemed to fit the model of that kind of player. Derek Dorsett brings a lot of what Prust did, but it’s just not having the same impact.

Note: Brandon Prust Wants To Return To The MTL Lineup On Saturday Against The Rangers

According to John Lu of TSN, Brandon Prust is targeting a return to the Montreal lineup on Saturday against the Rangers.

Prust has a shoulder injury, suffered after crashing into the boards in mid-October and had a time table of four weeks.

Prust missed the Habs visit to New York because of his shoulder injury.

Montreal wrote this on their website, “-Brandon Prust took to the ice wearing a regular red practice jersey, as opposed to the blue non-contact sweater he had been donning in previous days. He is not yet at 100% but is looking to make a return to the lineup during the weekend.”

Read: Brandon Prust Is Playing Against “Friends For Life” Tonight/Thanks John Tortorella For Teaching Him How To Be A Pro

5:13PM: Prust added

  • “I don’t know if I have many bad memories. I made a lot of friends. I love the city. It’s a great organization and it was a kick start to my NHL career.”
  • “I think everyone respects what I did here. I worked my butt off. I gave honest and hard work.”
  • “Some of these guys are my best friends, my friends for life”
  • “Torts likes guys that work hard. I think we both respected each other. He taught me a lot and set the bar high for everybody. He brought out the best in me and I am very thankful.”
  • “I would like to put a couple past Henrik Lundqvist.”

5:09PM: Prust met with the media before the game and Katie Strang says that when the topic of John Tortorella saying he was “just a guy in a Montreal uniform,” Prust jokingly responded that Tortorella is just another coach of the Rangers.

She adds that Prust wanted to set a precedent with his contract for player that have his role.

2:32PM: As Brandon Prust returns to Madison Square Garden tonight, he told RDS that he will be playing against players like Brian Boyle, Henrik Lundqvist and Marion Gaborik that he called “friends for life.”

Prust went on to say that he has “immense” respect for John Tortorella and that Tortorella showed Prust how to be a “real pro.” Prust also called Tortorella “a very good coach.”

When asked about Prust yesterday, Tortorella said that Prust is “just a guy in a Montreal uniform.”

Lavoie says that the Rangers offer for Prust was believed to be three years and for a total of $5.4 million.

He adds that while the contract he signed with Montreal, four years and $10 million, was seen as expensive, Prust provides a value that goes beyond statistics.