Picture: Henrik Lundqvist’s New Mask Is For The Heritage Jerseys

via Dave Art on Facebook,

“Today we have the pleasure to present #NHL star Henrik Lundqvist´s latest mask creation in his unique mask art saga. This mask is created for the 3rd jersey of #NewYork #Rangers, a design in dark blue and cream color, and a lot of bling bling…”

Me and Henrik always talk a lot for each and every mask art design we evolve and create together, it is a very creative process. It was such a joy to create this piece for you Henrik, love to be your painter!

This NHL design is a direct continuation of Henrik´s last mask. Just as usual this #Lundqvist design is pimped with extreme detail work all over the mask, as well as all the #DAVEART NHL trademarks effects, such as 3D PaintTech, Holographic FX, Metallic FX, GhostSmoke and so much more.

Thank you for your visit here on the site. Much more NHL masks to come!

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