Read: Cam Talbot doesn’t love Ghostbusters as much as you might think

Cam Talbot1Cam Talbot says that he is a fan of the Ghostbusters movies but not to the “extent that everybody thinks.” (The Hockey News)

He said that the idea for his mask came from his painter DaveArt, who also paints Henrik Lundqvist’s masks, and that Dave always wanted to do a Ghostbusters mask for a New York goalie since that is where the move is set. (The Hockey News)

Talbot just showed off his newest Ghostbusters themed mask.

Click to see Talbot’s FIRST Ghostbusters mask his SECOND and the YANKEE STADIUM version.


Picture: The Mask the Rangers gave Henrik Lundqvist for win 302

DaveArt, who paints all of Lundqvist’s masks, made this one for the Rangers and said the mask is intended to tell the story of Lundqvist and his career.

To see Lundqvist’s mask for this year, CLICK HERE.

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Picture: Henrik Lundqvist’s Mask for next season

7/25/14 | 11:28AM:

Lundqvist’s masks from the last few years:


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