NEWS: Realignment Isn’t Happening

Larry Brooks tweets:

  • PA had informed NHL it opposed this realignment plan before Board voted to approve…PA concern re added travel…League imposed deadline.
  • Realignment on way to becoming part of CBA negotiation….Though only two teams voted against Bettman plan, many clubs pleased with PA
  • Told that union had expected to continue talks at least through all star weekend.

Pierre LeBrun tweets:

  • NHLPA says extra travel was major concern as well as playoff structure…. Union says it consulted with players on conf calls …
  • League needed deadline because schedule maker has to get going next year’s sked

Update: 10:01PM: The NHL PA has also released a statement.

The NHL released this statement about realignment:

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Buzz: Did The Rangers Vote NO on Realignment?

The vote passed in favor of realignment 26-4.

It is believed that the four teams that voted NO were from the Eastern Conference, so that would make sense that the Rangers were one of them. It is more travel out west for the Rangers and fewer games against the Bruins, Canadiens and Maple Leafs who are all such a big part of the Rangers history.

NEWS: Realignment Passes

Bob McKenzie tweets that the four division realignment has passed.

The Rangers will have the Isles, Devils, Flyers, Pens, Capitals and Hurricanes in their division

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NOTE: The NEW Proposed Realignment For Divisions

From Hockey Night In Canada last night.

The first two rounds of the playoffs are in the division and then they would be reseeded for the third round.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that players don’t like the idea of the four division set up.

Top four teams in each division will make the playoffs and it will be a tough road for the Rangers with the addition of the Capitals into the division.

Buzz: The Realignment Plans That Are Gonna Be Presented

At Sportsnet, John Shannon writes that there are two proposals that are going to be brought up at the Board of Governers meetings early this week about realignment.

One of them is just swapping out Winnipeg for Detroit.

The other is to go with the four division plan that would see every team play a home and home and the first two rounds of the playoffs be divisional.

The four division plan has been discussed before.

I think that each team playing a home and home is a good idea even if it means one or two fewer games against the Islanders, Flyers and Devils. Those lost regular season games would be more than made up for in a playoff series, in my opinion. I just wonder if 2/3 of the league feel the same way.

Read: The Three Conference Solution

At The Sporting News, Jesse Spector suggests the NHL move to a three-conference system when the GM’s vote on realignment in Decemeber:

He says that two playoff spots would be available for the top teams in each conference and that the final ten spots would be open to the rest of the league.

It just seems like the NHL is gonna swap Detroit and Winnipeg and call it a day, but I do like these creative ideas for realignment.

Quote: Getting Rid Of Divisions

Going to conference-only standings wouldn’t hurt divisional rivalries in the least. There’s nothing that says the teams that play each other six times a season right now couldn’t continue to do so. In fact, in an 82-game schedule, the league could continue traditional divisional team play at the present rate, have each team play a home-and-home series against all 15 teams in the opposite conference, and still have 28 games to address rivalries that pop up organically from time to time.

Adam Proteau at The Hockey News

Buzz: It Could Be A Detroit and Winnipeg Division Swap

On TSN‘s Insider Trading Show last night, Bob McKenzie says that the NHL could do an easy swap of Winnipeg for Detroit and solve the realignment problem that way.

More on this and other solutions at Puck Daddy.

Why would Detroit play in the South East conference? This seems like taking the easy way out and avoiding what would help other teams as well. I really hope that we get the dramatic realignment that has been mentioned before. That seemed cool.

Update: 4:58PM: Bob McKenzie has a ton of realingment stuff at TSN