Buzz: Realignment Will Look A Lot Like It Did Last Year

According to Pierre LeBrun of, the NHL and NHLPA have been working very closely on putting together a new plan for realignment.

While specific details aren’t known, LeBrun says that it is believed that the new plan will be similar to the plan that the NHLPA rejected.

In the rejected plan the NHL ditched divisions and broke the league out into four conferences.

The Rangers conference included the Islanders, Devils, Flyers, Penguins, Capitals and Hurricanes.

The top four teams in each conference would make the playoffs.

The Rangers reportedly voted against realignment last season.

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According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the NHL and NHLPA are planning to meet soon to discuss realignment for the 2013-14 season.

Realignment was voted on last year by the Board of Governors but voted down by the NHLPA because, as Don Fehr notes in the Post, there were concerns about travel and the disadvantage that teams playing in the eight team conferences would have in making the playoffs.

Fehr says that the NHLPA is willing to work with the NHL on realignment as long as the NHL provides the necessary information to go along with their proposal.

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At ESPN Insider, Craig Custance writes that the NHL and the players still need to agree on a new plan for divisional realignment after the players voted down the proposal that the owners agreed to.

That proposal saw the Rangers in a division in with the Islanders, Devils, Flyers, Penguins, Hurricanes and Capitals.

Custance spoke with a player who said “Those New York teams, geez, they’d never have to leave their time zone pretty much ever. I like the idea of everybody playing each other twice. That part is cool; you want to see every team and go to every team’s building. But we’re the ones who have to do it. We should have a little input.”

The Rangers reportedly voted against realignment when it was proposed during the season.

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It was announced on Friday that the proposed realignment for next season would not happen because the NHLPA had not given it’s consent to the league by their deadline.

Brandon Dubinsky told the Daily News why the players didn’t support the realignment proposal:

“Teams in the West were unhappy because they felt they had the poorest chance of making the playoffs, and absolutely mathematically there was, versus us out here in the East. There’s teams in our (proposed) conference that were upset … We felt like our conference was stronger than another team’s conference, and it shouldn’t be fair that Washington, us, Jersey, Pittsburgh and Philly are all in the same division. Only one of us has the opportunity to get to the conference finals?”

The divisions will stay the same for next season.

This seems like something that will be worked out in the CBA and I think that the players just wanted more time to study the whole thing. There were some nice things to realignment, and some not so nice things like fewer division games and seeing the Maple Leafs the same amount as seeing the Coyotes.

Tweets: The CBA Impact On All The Realignment Stuff

Should be a fun summer!

NEWS: Realignment Isn’t Happening

Larry Brooks tweets:

  • PA had informed NHL it opposed this realignment plan before Board voted to approve…PA concern re added travel…League imposed deadline.
  • Realignment on way to becoming part of CBA negotiation….Though only two teams voted against Bettman plan, many clubs pleased with PA
  • Told that union had expected to continue talks at least through all star weekend.

Pierre LeBrun tweets:

  • NHLPA says extra travel was major concern as well as playoff structure…. Union says it consulted with players on conf calls …
  • League needed deadline because schedule maker has to get going next year’s sked

Update: 10:01PM: The NHL PA has also released a statement.

The NHL released this statement about realignment:

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