Read: Glen Sather On His Health

Glen SatherWhile at the Edmonton Oil Kings Alumni Golf Tournament, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Memorial Cup win, Rangers President and GM Glen Sather had the following exchange with a reporter about his health:

Reporter: How are you feeling now?

Sather: How do I look?

Reporter: You look great.

Sather: “I feel great too. When you get to this age in life you are really on the downhill curve so you need to be careful and take care of yourself. I get myself checked all the time and everything is fine. I would advise anyone who is in their 50s or 60s or 70s to get themselves checked and go to the doctor to get checked over and make sure your prostate is fine. I get checked every six months…they found it and yanked it out and maybe I’ll be here next year.”

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Watch/Read: Glen Sather At A Golf Tournament, Upates His Health

Glen SatherRangers President and GM Glen Sather is in Edmonton today playing in a golf tournament honoring the 1963 Edmonton Oil King’s Memorial Cup win.

When asked about his health, Sather responded “How do I look? … I feel great too. … Luckily I was one of those guys who got checked every 6 months”

Sather underwent surgery for prostate cancer this past spring.

He said that he enjoys returning to Edmonton and that he still keeps in touch with Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish.

Sather, according to had 31 goals and 34 assists in 40 games for Edmonton in 1963.

He had eight goals and 17 assists in 25 playoff games that year.


Below is a clip of Sather teeing off as well as pictures and tweets from the event.

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Read: Glen Sather Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery After Surgery

Glen SatherAccording to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Rangers President and GM Glen Sather is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer yesterday.

Brooks says that it is Sather’s wish to keep the matter private and not have the team comment.

He adds that Sather is expected to be able to resume his normal day to day operations with the team in a relatively short time.

Jeff Gorton has been handling the Rangers day to day operations while Sather has been out.

Buzz: Glen Sather To Undergo Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Glen SatherAccording to Newsday, Rangers President and GM Glen Sather is expected to undergo surgery for prostate cancer tomorrow at a hospital in New York.

The report says that Sather has to be hospitalized for a few days but will be able to resume his normal duties soon.

Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton is representing the team at the GM meetings in Toronto.

Gorton handles “day-to-day business in hockey operations, including salary cap and collective bargaining issues and administration of player contracts.”

He has been suggested as a future GM in the NHL.

Sather has been President and GM of the Rangers since June 1, 2000

Newsday is owned by Cablevision which also owns the Rangers.