Read: Brad Richards Hopes For More Charity Games

RichardsAs soon as the charity game in Atlantic City ended last week, rumors and hope of another one started to pop up.

Todd Fedoruk, who organized the game in AC, said that he liked the idea of trying to put on a game in Central Park.

Following the game in AC, Brad Richards told Ranger Rants “It’s fun for us to do this stuff. It’s a great feeling to get out there…(But) you need a lot of people behind the scenes. We’re always looking for ideas and opportunities but you need people behind the scenes. You’ve got to find these people to volunteer. Hopefully, we can do more. I’d love to.”

Dan Siegel was at the game and spoke with Richards in the post game. Richards told him that he is open to more charity games like this but emphasized how difficult it is to put on a game like this and how much help is needed from people behind the scenes.

THIS SECTION is devoted to the charity game in AC.

Read: Andrew’s Story From AC

I drove down from North Jersey with my family and arrived in Atlantic City around 5:15.  We waited until around 5:30 and walked onto the boardwalk standing in the cold for a half hour with many other anxious fans until the doors finally opened.  I was amazed at how many different teams’ jerseys I saw, most of which were Flyers.  Walking in I could feel a buzz in the crowd, some people started “Let’s Go Rangers” chants and much louder chants for the Flyers.  After getting our tickets scanned, I went and bought a t-shirt for the event, to be sure I could get one before they were sold out.  Everyone throughout the arena was friendly and excited, looking forward to finally seeing some hockey.

The arena was very neat, being that there was a stage at one end, and every seat felt close to the ice.  For warm-ups I walked down to the glass and along with many other Rangers fans (I was on the team NY side) were pounding on the glass cheering on our favorite players (many of which acknowledged us as opposed to a regular game).  After warm-ups were over, we headed back to the seats and waited for the game to begin.

They began by announcing the starting line ups, and it was clear that team Hartnell was preferred among the fans.  The loudest boos were for James Neal and Coach Vinny from the Jersey Shore.  After the National Anthem Hartnell and Richards addressed the crowd from center ice, thanking us for our support and saying how impressed they were with the response they got from sponsors, players, and fans in such a short time period.

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Read/Watch: The Rangers Should Be Pushing For The End Of the Lockout To Get Henrik Lundqvist Back on the Ice

Following his 56 save performance in a charity game on Saturday night, Henrik Lundqvist was the main topic of conversation as his game looked to be in top shop even as Hank hadn’t played in a game since May.

Simon Gagne, who was stopped many times by Lundqvist told the Daily News that the Rangers may want to think about trying to put an end to the lockout.

“The Rangers should call the league and tell them we should start playing pretty soon, because he’s (throwing) away a lot of talent right now. Even in a game for fun, we’re taking real shots, (making) real plays, and he was very tough to beat.”

Scott Hartnell made similar comments after the game about how the Rangers would want to get back on the ice and take advantage of Lundqvist.

Pictures: High Quality Action Shots From Saturday Night in AC

Images are via Andrew W. His story from Saturday night will appear tomorrow.

Pictures: Richard’s Pictures From AC

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Read: Richard’s AC Charity Game Story

Sent by Richard Baktis

I was lucky enough to attend the game last night and I have to say it was one of the best hockey experiences I have been a part of. I came down from Wantagh NY to AC to watch and it was worth every Penny Spent and Mile Driven (the money won at the tables was a nice side bonus too!)

The game was All-Star game tempo with some actual defense played. Dan Girardi was in mid season Defensive form as well in the 1st Period I think he forgot it was a charity game and not a Regular Season Game. Tons of WE WANT HOCKEY!!! chants all night. The FIRE BETTMAN!! chants started before we even got inside the arena.

Flyer Fans out numbered the Ranger Fans 3-1 but it was a very peaceful atmosphere. We were lucky enough to be 7 rows off the ice, inside the blue line on Henrik’s side of the ice for that 1st period and holy crap what saves he made. I had 7 Flyer fans around me that even had to give him a standing ovation.

There was one point before the 2nd period started that I noticed a ceiling tile hanging by a wire and we joked that Gary Bettman was trying to get this game canceled as well. Asham and Carcillo had a few set up play fights that lead to Duel Penalty Shots which was neat and both were stopped, one by Hank and one by Marty.

Boyle looked like he was having the most fun out there always a smile on his face on the ice and joking around. I was also lucky enough to meet him on the boardwalk going into the game and get a picture with him. He was joking around with me outside too and playfully made me follow him before we took the picture. Just a really nice guy. The head ref was Kerry fraser. He seemed to be having more fun then all of the players.

Lastly I have to say we all knew what a class act Daniel Alfredsson is but It was on display 1st hand last night. He was signing autographs and talking with fans & was the 1st player after the game to go pick out a little kid and toss him his stick. Henrik, Brad Richards, Hartnell, and Martin all did as well. Martin and Hartnell came out after the game as fans were leaving and tossing pucks and Flyer Hats out to the fans. Hartnell and Brad Richards addressed the crowd before the game and thanked them for being there. Also in warm ups Richards Team brought what looked to be a fan out for pregame skates he was a goalie and they took shots on him and let him play some goal. He wasn’t very good but looked to be just and amazing experience for him. At one point the entire team shot on him and once in a playful way.