Read: The time is now to get a Marc Staal extension done

Marc Staal12/17/14 | 4:12PM: Larry Brooks writes that Marc Staal has demonstrated “night after night” why it has become “essential” for the Rangers to sign him to a long-term contract extension “as soon as possible.” (NY Post)

Brooks says that “every other team” finds a way to get contracts done and it’s enough “front office procrastination” and “enough of the nonsense.” (NY Post)

He said that the longer the team goes without signing Staal the more it’s going to cost them and if Staal doesn’t re-sign the cost to the franchise would be “exponentially higher” to the team. (NY Post)

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Staal is averaging 22:32 this season with 36 shots on goal, 32 hits, 47 blocked shots and a Corsi of 48.1%. He is starting his shifts 38.84% of the time in the neutral zone, 36.06% in the defensive zone and 25.10% in the offensive zone. (Puckalytics)

Buzz: Dallas could be a team to watch if the Rangers decide to move Marc Staal

Marc StaalElliotte Friedman spoke about the Dallas Stars this morning and mentioned Marc Staal as the type of defenseman they may be looking to acquire.

Friedman said, “I think that if the Rangers ever decide they are going to trade Marc Staal if they can’t sign him, and I am saying that is an IF, or maybe if we get to where Chicago says in the summer that they have to move Brent Seabrook, I think the Dallas Stars are going to be All-In if another defensemen, a guy who can really play, an “A” level defensemen becomes available, I think that is what Jim Nill is saving his final bullet for. I think he knows his team needs it and it will be tough for his team to win until they find another guy like that.” (Sportsnet via Nichols on Hockey)

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The Rangers are believed to have offered Staal six-years and $5.5 million while some believe he can get more than $6 million as a free agent.

Dallas is projected to have around $5.7 million in cap space at the trade deadline. (Cap Geek)

Buzz: The latest on Marc Staal’s contract extension (Update)

Marc Staal Visor12/3/14 | 5:34PM: The Rangers will investigate trading Staal if they feel they won’t be able to sign him by the trade deadline. Trading Staal would leave a top-four hole in the Rangers defense in the short and long term and likely end their chances as a contender this season. (Larry Brooks, NY Post)

11/25/14 | 12:23PM: There will be a big market for Staal if he becomes a free agent. (ESPN Insider)

11/19/14 | 9:07PM: Pierre and Eddie on NBCSN both agreed that Staal was worth $6 million plus a year.

11/5/14 | 7:50PM: On NHL Live, Bob McKenzie was asked about Marc Staal’s contract and said “right now there is no news whatsoever. They started talking earlier in the year but right now it’s all quiet on the Marc Staal contract negotiation front.”

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Buzz: Nothing new happening with the Marc Staal contract extension

Marc StaalMarc Staal’s agent says that there is nothing new to report on the status of a contract extension for the defenseman. (NY Post)

Staal’s agent tells Larry Brooks that talks are open ended and that as of now no deadline for a deal has been set. Staal’s agent notes that a deadline could be put into place, for a deal to happen or talks to stop, as they move further into the season. (NY Post)

If Staal imposes a deadline the Rangers could start trade talks with Staal to put their own pressure on/send him out of town. (NY Post)

It’s believed that Staal is looking for $6 million per year for six-years while the Rangers are offering six-years and $5.5 million per year. The Rangers have not changed their offer in “months.” (NY Post)

The price for Staal could increase if the Islanders are able to sign Johnny Boychuk long-term for a deal that is “top dollar.” (NY Post)

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Buzz: There has been no progress between the Rangers and Marc Staal on a new contract (Updates)

Staal10/2/14 | 8:20PM: Staal was asked about not letting the contract impact his play and said, “you have to wait and see but as far as my mindset and where I am to start camp, it hasn’t changed from any other year. I am excited to start playing games and doing what I can do to help us win games. That stuff will take care of itself. (Rangers training camp show)

Sam Rosen says that he doesn’t think the two sides are far apart, there is no animosity and that a deal should get done. He says that Staal wants to stay and is a quiet leader in the room. (Rangers training camp show)

10/1/14 | 7:26PM: On Insider Trading, Pierre LeBrun said “There is a good chance that they will be able to but they are not there yet. There were productive talks before camp started and those will resume very soon. I think the Rangers would love to get Staal signed to a deal around Dan Girardi but I think Staal is looking for a bit more so they will need to find a place in the middle. (TSN)

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Recap: Marc Staal’s comments today on Dan Boyle and his contract situation

StaalMarc Staal met with the media today at Rangers practice (via LoHud on SoundCloud)

  •  “good couple of practices, good pace and we are excited to get it started.”
  • On a new contract, “I don’t think it changes anything for me. I will approach camp the same way that I always have. Come in and work hard and that won’t change. I am excited and optimistic for the start of the season here.”
  • Is it important to avoid the Callahan/Girardi situation, “obviously you want to avoid that type of situation. I don’t think it’s helpful to anyone when it goes that far like that so hopefully that won’t happen and we will find some common ground and move on.”

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Marc Staal

Buzz: What Marc Staal is reportedly seeking

7:48PM: Marc Staal is reportedly seeking a 6 or 7 year deal worth $6 million, or a bit more, per season. (NY Post)

The Rangers are believed to be offering the same deal they gave Dan Girardi, 6 years at $5.5 million, or a bit less. (NY Post)

Staal’s agent says that there has been progress made but Larry Brooks says that there is still a big gap between the two sides.(NY Post)

His agent says that the talks have have a good “tenor” to them, they will keep working on it and there is no deadline to get a deal done. He adds that everything has been positive to this point. (NY Post)

Staal would be the best UFA defenseman in years and would easily get his asking price on July 1 but his preference is to remain with the Rangers. (NY Post)

To stay with the Rangers Staal may have to leave money on the table and would likely require a no-move/no-trade clause. (NY Post)

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