Read: The discount the Rangers are getting on Lee Stempniak

StempLee Stempaniak signed a one-year deal with the Rangers for $900,000 which is a 64% drop (THN) in salary from his cap hit last season of $2.5 million and a drop of 67.27% from his actual salary of $2.75 million. (Cap Geek)

Over the last three seasons, Stmepniak has 94 points in 181 games.

  • Brad Boyes has 94 points in 191 games (Two-Year deal worth $2.6 million per)
  • Saku Koivu had 94 points in 186 games ($2.5 million last season)
  • Kris Versteeg has 94 points in 162 games ($4.4 million split between two teams)
  • Artem Anisimov has 93 points in 195 games ($3.28 million per year for two-more years)
  • Benoit Pouliot has 88 points in 188 games ($4 million per year for FIVE-Years)

(Numbers via Cap Geek and Hockey Reference.)

Stempniak is projected to score 12 goals and add in 22 assists this season.

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Read: Lee Stempniak anticipates being a good fit with the Rangers

Lee Stempniak says that his style of play is well suited for how Alain Vigneault wants his team to play. (Rangers)

Stempniak says that he thinks he will be a good fit with the Rangers because of his skating, speed and getting in on the forecheck. (Rangers)

He says that “speed” is the key to his game and that he also tries to bring a “strong work ethic” and play at both sides of the rink. (Rangers)

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Stats: Lee Stempniak’s PP, PK, ice time and stats

 Year/Stats Ice Time PP Time PK Time Hits
2005-06 (14g, 13a) 14:22 3:25  (5g,2a) :2 45  Corsi
2006-07 (27g, 25a) 14:43 3:11 (8g,11a) :10 64
2007-08 (13g, 25a) 15:53 2:41 (3g,7a) :37 103 49.2
2008-09 (14g, 30a) 16:32 2:49 (3g,10a) :16  (1a) 107 49.0
2009-10 (28g, 20a) 17:19 2:41 (9g,7a) 1:21 (1g) 87 55.6
2010-11 (19g, 19a) 15:15 1:49 (2g,4a) :1 124 49.2
2011-12 (14g, 14a) 16:14 1:51 (2g,3a) 1:24 55 52.3
2012-13 (9g, 23a) 17:54 1:41 (4g,2a) 1:55 (4a) 47 49.8
2013-14 (12g, 22a) 18:28 :22 :56 19 47.8

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Read: When Lee Stempniak has been at his best

John Davidson, the former President of the Blues, said that when he signed Lee Stempniak to a three-year deal following a 27 goal, 25 assist season, he was locking up a good young player with upside.  (CP)

Stempniak played 4 years for St. Louis and had 130 points in 223 games. He was traded to Toronto where he played 123 games and only had 61 points.

From Toronto he was sent to Phoenix where he played in 100 games and had 56 points, including 14 goals in the 18 games right after he was traded.

He adds that his success in Phoenix was due in part to joining a winning team and “it’s always easier to play well and have individual success on a good team.” Stempniak said that when he got to Phoenix he played wanted to play his game which is skating, shooting, playing at both ends and being a two-way player. (Globe and Mail)

Don Maloney said that Stempniak is a player with good hockey sense .(Globe and Mail)

When Stempniak was signed to a two-year extension with Calgary in 2012, former Flames GM Jay Feaster said that Stempniak has offensive upside, has shown he can play at both ends of the rink and his ability to skate and forecheck will fit in with Bob Hartley’s coaching style. (National Post)

At one point this part season, Stempniak was a candidate to be a healthy scratch and Flames coach Bob Hartley said that everyone needs to work hard and no one is entitled to anything. (Wes Gilbertson)

He had 11 points in 21 games after being sent from Calgary to Pittsburgh this season.

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Read: What people in hockey say about Lee Stempniak

The first time that Lee Stempniak was traded was in 2008-09 when he was sent from St. Louis to Toronto.

At the time, Toronto GM Cliff Fletcher said that they were acquring a top-six forward who can add offense and play on the power play. He added that Stempniak was the kind of player that Toronto was trying to add to their roster for the future. (

Stempniak said that in Pittsburgh his role was to to hold onto the puck in the offensive zone and use his skating. (PG)

Flames President Brian Burke, who traded Stempniak from Toronto to Phoenix in 2009-10, said after sending him to Pittsburgh that Stempniak is a “really good hockey player” and if he was “10 pounds heavier, I think he’d be a dynamite hockey player.” Burke said that he thought Stempniak could help Pittsburgh. ” (Flames)

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Read: The important thing about the Lee Stempniak and Matthew Lombardi contracts

moneyFor the 2014-15 season, any player with a cap hit under $925,000 that is in the AHL will not count against the NHL salary cap.

The formula that determines this number is the NHL minimum salary plus $375,000. (Cap Geek)

Neither Lee Stempniak, a cap hit of $900,000, or Matthew Lombard, $800,000, would count against the salary cap if sent to the AHL. (NY Post)

Tanner Glass, with a cap hit of $1.45 million, would still hold a cap hit of $525,000 if he were to be put in the AHL.

News: Rangers sign Lee Stempniak to a ONE-YEAR deal

1:12PM: The Rangers have confirmed the signing.

7/19/14 | 9:06AM: Stempniak’s deal is for ONE-YEAR and $900,000. (Larry Brooks)

7/18/14 | 10:50PM: The Rangers are closing in on a one-year deal with Lee Stempniak. (Darren Dreger)

Stempniak, 31, had a cap hit of $2.5 million last season split between Calgary and Pittsburgh. He had 12 goals and 22 assists last season, 11 in 21 games for the Penguins. At times with the Penguins he skated on the top line with Sidney Crosby and Chris Kunitz.

Stempniak brings speed and skill to the Rangers. (Brad May)

He is 5-11, 196 and has 341 points in 637 games. Stempniak has averaged 16:15 per game during his career. He had 104 hits last season. He has averaged .54 points per game.

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