Read: John Moore called Erik Haula to apologize

Steve Ott,  John MooreJohn Moore called Erik Haula on Tuesday to apologize for the hit he put on him on Monday night. (Chad Graff)

Haula said that the hit was “pretty dirty” but that Moore apologizing was “classy.” (Chad Graff)

Moore was given the number by former Ranger teammate Justin Falk. (Star Trib)

He said that hearing from Moore caught him off guard but was a “class act.” He said that he isn’t the type of person to hold a grudge and that he is sure Moore didn’t try to intentionally hurt him. (Star Trib)


NEWS: John Moore suspended FIVE Games (Updated)

John Moore5:02PM: John Moore has been suspended 5 games by the NHL Department of Player Safety for his hit on Erik Haula on Monday. (Bob McKenzie)

Moore can return on 11/11 against Pittsburgh. Because Moore had an in-person hearing the NHL had the option to suspend Moore for 6 or more games. Had Moore been suspended for 6 or Moore games, the CBA states (18.13) that he could have appealed to an independent arbitrator.

In describing the suspension, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety video said, “Monday night in New York Rangers defenseman John Moore was assessed a match penalty for a hit to the head that injured Minnesota Wild Erik Haula. Off a turnover in the neutral zone, Haula is supporting a rush from Nino Niederritor as Moore races to get back into the play. After taking a drop pass, left shooting Haula snaps a shot at the net as Moore closes in from his right.”

They add, “Just after Haula releases the puck, Moore drives into him forcefully with his left shoulder. While initial contact is made with Haula’s shoulder, the main point of contact on this hit is Haula’s head. This is an illegal check to the head. It is important to note that Haula is eligible to be checked on the play and Moore’s hit is not late. Nor did Moore deliver the hit with his elbow which flairs up during contact, however, if Moore is to attempt this extremely difficult hit, his timing and angle of approach must ensure that he hits squarely through the body and that Haula’s head is not the main point of contact. Moore does neither. Haula’s head absorbs the brunt of Moore’s shoulder and how Haula spins to the ice is a clear indication that this hit was not square through the body.”

“To summarize, this was an illegal check to the head. Haula was injured as a result of the hit. Moore was recently suspended for a similar infraction during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs and is considered a repeat offender under the CBA.”

Moore was suspended two games, and considered to be a repeat offender, last year for a hit on Dale Weise.

He will forfeit $51,859.75 in salary. That money will go to the Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

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Read: John Moore could be in line for a long suspension

John MooreJohn Moore has his hearing with the NHL at the NHL office this afternoon to discuss his hit on Erik Haula Monday night.

Because Moore was offered an in-person hearing the league has the option to suspend him for 6 or more games.

Asked about John Moore and being a repeat offender, Pierre LeBrun on TSN 690 last night, “that is precisely why I think he is  in trouble. Because of the recent history and the dangerous hit, one of the things that player safety, at least under Shanny, is trying to curb your behavior and if you keep ending up in our offices you aren’t understanding out message so maybe we need to make the message stronger. Aside from the fact that John Moore’s hit last night was pretty dangerous, I think the fact that he just had a dangerous hit in the playoffs and he is already back in the hot chair, I think that is why I think he is facing between 4 and 7 games.”

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Buzz: John Moore WILL have an in-person hearing

John Moore
6PM The NHL has announced that Moore WILL have an in-person hearing.

4:41PM: John Moore has declined the option for an in-person hearing and will have a phone hearing tomorrow at 1PM. (Renaud Lavoie)

The NHL can still suspend Moore more than 6 games even though the hearing will be over the phone. Once the NHL offers the option of an in-person hearing they can suspend a player 6 or more games.

1:05PM: The NHL’s department of player safety has announced that John Moore has been offered an in-person hearing for an “illegal check to the head.” (NHL)

  • 1:23PM: The Rangers initially believed that Moore would have a phone hearing tomorrow, now the Department of Player Safety says that the date/time are TBA. (McKenzie)

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News: John Moore ejected from the game (Update)

2014-10-27 20.17.1911:36AM: Moore’s hearing is believed to be by phone which will mean it is five games or less. (McKenzie)

10:13AM: The league is trying to arrange a time for a hearing with Moore. (Shannon)

10:12AM: Moore will have a hearing with the NHL but the date and time are not yet known. (Leonard)

The hearing has to take place before the Rangers next game which is on Saturday.

9:18AM: Moore will have his hearing today but it is not yet known if it will be in person or over the phone. If it is in person the NHL can suspend Moore for five or more games. (Renaud Lavoie)

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News: Rangers sign John Moore to a ONE-YEAR DEAL

John Moore9/11/14 | 10:01AM: The Rangers have confirmed the signing.

9/10/14 | 4:21PM: John Moore has signed a ONE-YEAR deal for his qualifying offer of $850,500. (Larry Brooks)

  • Moore had 4 goals and 11 assists this season while averaging 15:19 per game and 1:05 on the PP in 76 games.
  • In the playoffs, Moore played in 21 games, had two assists and averaged 14:32 per game and 1:50 on the PP.

5:53PM: The Rangers only offered Moore his qualifying offer and Moore finally accepted that deal today. (NY Post)

Moore was seeking between $1.2 and $.4 million. (NY Post)

Moore will be an RFA next summer and have arbitration rights.

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Buzz: Updates on the John Moore situation

John Moore9/5/14 | 2:21PM: Moore says that unless something “goes wrong,” he would be surprised if the deal wasn’t done by the start of camp. (Newsday)

Moore says that he just wants a fair deal and understood that his contract situation was going to take a while. (Newsday)

12:18PM: Moore thinks he will have a deal by the start of training camp. (Steve Zipay)

12:16PM: Moore is “very optimistic” that his deal will get done and that both sides have moved in a positive direction in the past week. (Andrew Gr0ss)

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