Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today

Alain Vigneault spoke with the media today following the funeral of Marty St. Louis’ mother (via the NHL)

Q. In your own words, what can you tell us about what the day was like and being there to support Marty?
COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, what I can say is that the New York Rangers family has been touched by a little Quebec family in a deep, profound way. Today was very emotional, very moving time for our team to have the opportunity to be there and share that with Marty and his family.
Marty took the stand or the podium or whatever you want to call it, and shared some incredible moments. It was a very deep message. It was a challenging day for us.

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Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments on Friday

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media on Friday before the Rangers traveled to Montreal (Rangers):

  •  Have you spoken with Nash about focusing more on defense, “it’s something that is a message we have sent to the entire team. In the playoffs it’s more physical and the demands to finish your checks and wear down the opposition are high. Players look for ways to contribute and everyone knows that he is here to help on the offensive side but if you are getting looks and it’s not going in you need to find other ways to contribute and he has. He has been playing really hard, very good on our PK and finding ways with his big size to be very effective.”

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Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media today after the Rangers optional skate (Rangers):

  • On Montreal, “either team presents it’s challenges. the fact that I started in Montreal. I have nothing but positive memories. It was my first chance to coach at the NHL level. I worked with some great people and if I am here today it’s because I started there.”
  • On Michel Therrien, “I am very close with Michel. One of the guys that through the years we have shared our experiences. I coached against him in Junior, when I was named to the Habs I recommended that he coach our farm team so I have a lot of respect for him.”

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Recap: Alain Vigneault on Mike Francesa

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault joined Mike Francesa at 5:25PM last night:

  •  Congrats, “thank you.”
  • Was it calculated to go after the schedule, “At that point I was just pointing out the fact that it had been real challenging and I didn’t want to use it as an excuse. What happened was the players had a closed door meeting where a few things were said, I don’t know what was said..Marty just lost his mother and our guys were focused going into game five and him deciding to come back and play game five, it got our group to a good emotional level and.
  • Did you sense a change right away in game five, “we played our best game of the playoffs in game five. Honestly, I didn’t know how we would react in that game. It was as emotional as I had ever been part of. Marty was in Montreal and I told him there are more important things than hockey and to take care of his dad and sister and it was very emotional and the next morning he texted me and said that he and his father talked and that his mom would have wanted him to play. He came to meet us in Pitt and we played our best game of the playoffs without a doubt.”

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Recap: Alain Vigneault on The Michael Kay Show

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault joined Michael Kay and Don La Greca at 5PM on ESPN Radio:

  • How lousy would your birthday be if you lost, “it wouldn’t have been as good as it is. It was a real exciting seventh game. We got great performances from most of the guys on our team and we are looking forward to who we are going to play.”
  • On the three days off, “for the next couple of days it’s total rest from our group. We had a very demanding schedule, considering that in the first series they made us play 4 in 6 that took us to seven and the day after we started 3 in 4 nights. Our schedule was challenging and our guys handled it well. Even if we were down 3-1 against Pitt, other than the fourth game we felt we had played pretty good hockey. In game five we played our best game so far in the playoffs, we had no choice and with Marty losing his mother the day before it sort of rallied our team. We kept playing well and kept winning games and we won and are moving on to the conference finals.”

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Recap: Alain Vigneault’s post game comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media last nigh following the Rangers win over Pittsburgh (MSG)

  • On Henrik Lundqvist, (laughing) “he is okay….I thought for the first two periods we played a real strong game even though they had more shots, the chances were even and we were able to capitalize on two of them. They went to another level in the third period and our goalie went to another level and it was just able to stop a barrage of opportunities and was the difference in the game. I gotta give credit to Pitt, they played us hard, a real tough series but I think we were able to rally around emotionally what happened to Marty and built off our best game of the series in game five and never looked back.”

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Recap: Alain Vigneault’s pre game comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media in Pittsburgh prior to game seven (Rangers):

  • On a quick start, “it seems to be a big important trend in this series that the team that scores first wins, I am not exactly sure if that trend will continue but having a good start and playing the right way is very important to us and it’s what we will try and do.”
  • On the PK, “tonight I would prefer we stay out of the box and with the skill level they have they have been getting some looks and we have been fortunate to get big saves at the right time and hopefully it will continue tonight.”

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Read: Alain Vigneault’s history with Sidney Crosby and how he got in his head

Alain Vigneault1Pierre McGuire was on Mike Francesa on Monday and talked about how Alain Vigneault has a history with Sidney Crosby.

Pierre said, “here is something that nobody has written about and I am really surprised that it hasn’t come out in the NY media. Alain Vigneault coached in the Quebec Major Junior League when Crosby was a star with Rimouski. Alain Vigneault knows Crosby as well as most coaches in the NHL because he he coached against him when he was a junior and he used to play Maxim Lapierre, Vigneault was the coach of PEI Rocket, Prince Edward Island Rockets, he would play Lapierre, who know plays for St. Louis, against Crosby all the time and he found ways to get Crosby off his game when he was a junior player. Vigneault, this was never brought up and I am surprised that no one has asked Vigneault about it, has found a way to get inside Crosby’s head as a coach and it’s pretty amazing to think about all the years that have passed now but Vigneault studied and did his work on how to get inside Crosby’s head.”

Vigneault coached in PEI in 2003-04 and 2004-05 while Crosby was in Rimouski.

In 2003-04, Crosby had 5 goals and 1 assists against PEI including one game where he was shut out.

In 2004-05, Crosby had 4 goals and 5 assists in three games.

Prior to this season, in four games against Vigneault’s Canucks, Crosby had one goal and six PIM.

Against the Rangers this season, Crosby had 1 goal and 5 assists in the regular season and 1 goal and two assists in the playoffs.


Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today after practice (On studying in school, Brad Richards acting as captain)

Alain Vigneault met with the media today after practice and before the team goes to Pittsburgh (Rangers):

  • “I think both teams tried to play a good game at both ends of the rink. For the most part I was pleased with how we played without the puck, they have such offensive power and skill and it’s a challenge for our forward and D and I think we did a good job.”
  • On the team confidence in elimination games, “I would say preparation, this is no different from when we were all going to school and if we studied we were ready for our exam and confident and not real nervous. Or we had some form of nerves that were good. Same type of scenario. We have studied, we know what to expect and then it’s on us to go on the ice and bring the right work ethic and emotion and execution and put our best foot forward and that is what we are trying to do.”

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