Buzz: Ulf Samuelsson could be a head coach next season (Updates)

Ulf Samuelsson, Alain Vigneault 6/18/14:

5:15PM: Darren Dreger said on TSN Drive, “he is a good guy and not that it should be enough for an NHL job but he is smart hockey man and respected as a player and has stayed in the game. From a resume perspective he pales in comparison to others. We believe that Francis is close with Samuelsson but you do have the flavor of the month which applies on an annual basis. That applied to Dallas Eakins. Managers go with who they believe in and want to find the next great coach and usually that comes at a cheaper price tag than a Dan Blysma.”

2:51PM Ulf Samuelsson is one of ten people who have interviewed for the Penguins head coaching job. (Darren Dreger)

6/17/14 8:31PM: Pittsburgh has also asked permission to speak with Samuelsson. (John Shannon) To read more of this story, click here

Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG last night (Update: Pre game comments)

Ulf Samuelsson17:47PM: Ulf spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the game:

  • How much more confident is the team, “We are excited to be here and to get another crack at it. We did a lot of good things in game four but there are still things that we could have done better and we are excited to get the chance.”
  • What do you want to do better, “We want to play to our strength which is defend hard and counter punch. We have been trading chances too much in the last few games and we fell off our pace and we are looking to get back to our strengths.”
  • On Henrik Lundqvist in elimination games, “He is a terrific goalie and we are excited that he is behind us and that should give us more confidence to play our game and give the shots up that we want to give up and not the really hard ones and working on rebounds and getting them out of the way and freeing the zone.”
  • On rebounds, “I think there are always rebounds, it’s impossible to get every puck to stick and it’s when we try and get on the right side to eliminate sticks in front of the net.

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Recap: Ulf Samuelsson’s pre game comments

Ulf SamuelssonUlf Samuelsson spoke with Sam Rosen on MSG before game four against LA:

  • How do you get the players to buy in to feel that they can do this, “They are ready. Yesterday was a tough day and today you can feel the energy and everyone recognizes that we are in the Stanley Cup Final and we are happy to be here but we gotta come out swinging tonight for sure and the feeling is good in the room.”
  • What was missing in game three, “A few things we looked at are trying to get more on the inside and had some scoring chances and some borderline scoring chances but we for sure want to fight our way to the inside. LA is a good team defending and we want our defense more involved in the offense and the cycle.”

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Recap: Ulf Samuelsson’s pre game comments

Ulf Samuelsson7:20PM: John Moore is in for the Rangers and Robyn Regehr is still scratched. It was thought yesterday that Regehr would play.

6:55PM: Ulf Samuelsson spoke with John Giannone on MSG before game two:

  • Where are the players at, “I think they are very hungry and got a first taste of the Stanley Cup Final and realized that it’s very hard to win and we started off with a bang but then we sat around and watched. We are ready for a 60 minute game tonight.”
  • On how the defense can improve, “we can be better with our first pass, be more active on the rush, be more active with offensive zone plays. LA is a lot of man on man and you need a defenseman to make the reads harder for them.”
  • What needs to be better, “I think for us it’s when we manage the puck well from our zone to the neutral zone and getting our forecheck and skilled players through the neutral zone. Getting through the neutral zone and putting the puck in plays where we can create some scoring off the rush.”
  • More nerves as a player of coach, “I think as a player, now you get a little distant and have done it before and know how hard and fun it is.”

Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG

Ulf Samuelsson1Ulf Samuelsson was on Rangers Insider on MSG and said:

  • On game one and what needs to change, “I think we are going to need our best game. We are playing a good team with a lot of experience in big games so they are going to do what they can do without being bothered by nerves and things like that so it will require our best game but that isn’t surprising. We know what we are up against and we had some players who played good and some players who need to play better.”

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Recap: John Giannone with Ulf Samuelsson

Ulf SamuelssonUlf Samuelsson spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the Rangers and Habs:

  • On the team being ready, “we gotta take it to them early because in game two they took it to us pretty hard and we made some small technical adjustments to be able to get the puck quicker in to their zone and to get forechecking which has been great so far.”
  • On the defense and goals against this series, “I think Henrik is Henrik, best goalie in the league in my opinion. The group in front has worked really hard, pushing the pace from behind and eliminate a lot of the delay plays that MTL has. Our D has done a terrific job in defending and battling in front of Henrik and it’s a combined effort.”
  • On his family success, “hockey has been great to us overall but this year there has been a lot winning so lets push the pace and hope that I am not the guy who is falling off.”

Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on TSN Radio

Ulf Samuelsson1Rangers assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson joined Macko and Cauz on TSN Drive on Tuesday morning:

  •  Congrats on going back to NY 2-0, “it’s very exciting to be up 2-0 but we know we are a little lucky to get the W with how Montreal came out last night in the first period.”
  • On coaching experience, “I think AV does a terrific job staying focused and calm and weathering the storm. We push from the bench but it’s more about getting back to our game and taking some punches and keep going. Playoffs can be such an emotional roller coaster ride that you need to find a nice level to stay at.”

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