Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on TSN Radio

Ulf Samuelsson was a guest on TSN Radio yesterday:

  • On coming back to the NHL and to the Rangers, “I took the job in Sweden to get a head coaching gig on my resume and I was always intrigued about coming back to the NHL and working with the top athletes in the world again and this opportunity came about. It was a very easy decision to come aboard and join an organization where I knew a lot of people, not necessarily the coaching staff, not the coaching staff which is all new but I know people in manage and the team for sure.”
  • On MODO and the caliber of hockey, “I worked with Markus Naslund and he was the GM and set up a great set up. We ran an NHL team on a lower budget and we had all the means we needed. The hockey side is the same but the biggest difference is that it’s hard to produce scoring chances on the bigger ice. They are both fun to play on, but with the bigger ice surface you have more space away from the net so you get a lot of choices for a forward coming down the wing, should I make a skill play or just glide wide and end up in the corner. A lot of times in the NHL the players try to make those high risk plays and it results in turnovers.” To read more of this story, click here

News: Rangers Announce Scott Arniel as Associate Coach and Ulf Samuelsson/Daniel Lacroix As Assistant Coaches

The Rangers have announced the members of Alain Vigneault’s coaching staff:

  • Scott Arniel (more) is “Associate Coach”
  • Ulf Samuelsson (more) and Daniel Lacroix (more) are “Assistant Coaches
  • Benoit Allaire remains as “Assistant and Goalie coach”

Arniel will handle the power play and forwards, Samuelsson will handle the defense and PK and Lacroix will fill the role of “eye in the sky,” pre-scouting, skill work and player development.

Announcement from the team is below:

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Read: Ulf Samuelsson Was Meant To Coach

Ulf SamuelssonWhen Ulf Samuelsson was hired in Phoenix, then head coach Wayne Gretzky said, “as a former teammate, I know firsthand how he played the game with intelligence and passion. We look forward to him working with our young defensemen and helping them develop into better players.”

Samuelsson and Gretzky were teammates throughout Gretzky’s entire time with the Rangers.

The LA Times writes that Samuelsson had a big part of keeping the spirits and morale of Phoenix players high during their ongoing ownership saga.

The Arizona Republic noted that Samuelsson was pretty much the head coach of the Coyotes during the time where Wayne Gretzky was distancing himself from the time and before Dave Tippett came aboard.

Keith Yandle told USA Today that the job Samuelsson did prior to Tippett coming in played a big role in that season, “It was like he was meant for the job. He did a great job getting us ready for the season, and we made the playoffs that year. That was a big turnaround for our team. and I think he had a lot to do with that.”

Yandle expected Samuelsson to return to the NHL as a head coach.

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Read: Marc Staal Is Excited To Have Ulf Samuelsson Around

Ulf SamuelssonThis season the Rangers will welcome Ulf Samuelsson back to the organization as an assistant coach to Alain Vigneault.

Marc Staal told the Rangers Website that he is looking forward to reconnecting with Samuelsson after they spent time together when Staal was starting his professional career in Hartford.

Samuelsson was an assistant in Hartford during the 2005-06 season and Staal played 12 playoff games for the Wolf Pack after his season in Sudbury ended.

Staal said that even during their short time together, Ulf gave him some important tips and is a guy that knows what he is talking about.

He added that he thinks having Ulf around will pay “big dividends” for all the defensemen on the Rangers roster and will be able to relate to the players since he understands the day in and day out grind of being an NHL defenseman.


Buzz: Rangers Hire Ulf Samuelsson To Be An Assistant Coach

Ulf Samuelsson

7:26AM: In Expressen, via nyrs_rangers, Samuelsson will also run the Rangers PK

7:21AM: Brooks notes in the NY Post that Samuelsson will run the Rangers defense and that Vigneault is planning to add at least one more coach.

5PM: 6/30/13: According to Larry Brooks, the Rangers have hired Ulf Samuelsson as one of Alain Vigneault’s assistant coaches.

Samuelsson was an assistant coach in Phoenix with Wayne Gretzky ad spent the last two seasons coaching MODO in the SEL.

He spent one season with the Wolf Pack as an assistant to Jim Schoenfeld.

Brooks says that Samuelsson met with Vigneault the past two days and will attend Rangers prospect camp which starts tomorrow.

THIS SECTION is about Samuelsson.

Buzz: Ulf Samuelsson Is Highly Regarded By The Rangers

AP9605030643According to Katie Strang, former Rangers defenseman Ulf Samuelsson filled out the questionnaire that was sent out to head coaching candidates.

Samuelsson, she writes, is highly regarded within the organization and could warrant a spot on the bench with Alain Vigneault.

It was reported yesterday that Samuelsson is a possibility to become an assistant/associate coach with the Rangers.

On the MODO website, as Pat Leonard notes, Samuelsson is no longer listed as the head coach. The head coach is now listed as Anders Forsberg.

In some posts to twitter, it has been noted that Forsberg has been the head coach for at least the last few days, maybe a week,, prior to the report being released.

Samuelsson has previously been an assistant coach with the Wolf Pack under assistant GM Jim Schoenfeld.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Samuelsson left MODO, moved to Phoenix and is seeking a job in the NHL.

Buzz: Ulf Samuelsson Could Become An Assistant Coach

According to Larry Brooks, in the NY Post, the Rangers have interest in bringing in former defenseman Ulf Samuelsson to join Alain Vigneault’s staff.


  • played four seasons for the Rangers, 1995-1999
  • was an assistant coach with the Wolf Pack, under Jim Schoenfeld, in 2005-06
  • was an associate head coach for four seasons with Wayne Gretzky in Phoenix and one season with Dave Tippett in Phoenix.
  • has been the head coach of MODO in the SEL for the past two seasons.

In 2011-12, MODO had 27 wins, 22 losses, 2 OT losses and 4 shootout losses.

In 2012-13, MODO was 26-19-5-5 and lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Brooks writes that it is unknown if Samuelsson, who reportedly inquired about the head coaching position, would be willing to leave the SEL and return to the NHL as an assistant/associate coach.