Read: Ulf Samuelsson’s comments after 40 minutes

Ulf SamuelssonJohn Giannone spoke with Ulf Samuelsson between the second and third period and quoted him as saying:

  • “the one thing we stressed was to not get out worked and I don’t think that has happened but we have not created nearly enough scoring chances.”
  • “our D needs to do a better job of getting shots through and being mobile on the blue line. Up front we need more skill on the rush and to create more, we need more rebounds.”
  • “It will be more of the same from their team, our D is going to get involved in the rush more so it’s probably going to be a dirty goal or lucky bounce that ties it.”

Derick Brassard told Giannone that he felt the Rangers were playing a good game but could maybe get in front of Ward a little bit more.

Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG

Ulf SamuelssonUlf Samuelsson spoke with Sam Rosen on MSG prior to the Rangers and Flames:

  • On Ryan McDonagh, “he is very close, skating is quicker, reaction time, timing, his passing has gotten better, he is close.”
  • On McDonagh’s impact, “assures us 25-30 minutes of high level defense, puck moving and all aspects of the game, tremendous asset.”

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Read: Ulf Samuelsson’s thoughts after 40 minutes

Ulf Samuelsson Rangersspoke with John Giannone between the second and third period and said:

  • “Edmonton is focusing on D to not give up odd-man breaks or they are protecting the slot really well. We need to spread the puck around, go D to D and get shots through.”
  • On what they told the team, “This is not a great game but we need these two. We played last night and they didn’t, we need to dig down and give 100% and focus on winning the period because we really need these two points.”

Tanner Glass said between periods that the Rangers need to create their own energy in the third. He added that it was important for them to be smart and get through the neutral zone with speed while making it tough for Edmonton going the other way in the neutral zone.


Recap: Sam Rosen with Ulf Samuelsson *UPDATED*

Ulf Samuelsson7:57PM: John Giannone, on MSG, quoted Samuelsson, before the third period, as saying “collectively, that could be the worst two periods I have seen since I got here and that is a lot of games. Hopefully that is a low point for us. We are leaving it to the leadership to rally the troops, we are not competing at a level that we need to, it is not about xs and os. We are getting crushed by EDM in our building and that is embarrassing.”

5:46PM: Sam Rosen spoke with Ulf Samuelsson before the Rangers/Oilers game on MSG:

  • What happened last night, “I think the last few games it has been creeping into our games. Our structure hasn’t been as sound as we would like it to be. We addressed that today and looked at a lot of video and hopefully we can play on the right side.”

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Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG

Ulf SamuelssonUlf Samuelsson spoke with Sam Rosen on MSG:

  • On the defense, “we have good depth this year in our organization. We have a lot of good players who have come here, now they can show off their skill set.”
  • On Conor Allen and Dylan McIlrath, “Dylan has become a very good defender at the AHL level, he has simplified his game and is better with his reads and physical attributes of passing and skating have gotten a lot better. Allen is a skilled player, he you have to dial it down a little to make some safe plays and elevate them from there.”

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Recap: Sam Rosen with Ulf Samuelsson

Ulf SamuelssonSam Rosen met with Ulf Samuelsson on MSG before the Rangers/Devils game:

  • On the defense, “I think we are looking pretty good on the blue line. We will see with Girardi but it was looking pretty good this morning so we hope he will play.”
  • On the improvements, “as units of 5 we are working together hard to backcheck and making it easier for the defense to stand up with their gap control. We will be tested tonight against a good team who puts a lot of pressure on our breakouts. That will be a key tonight, to beat their pressure.”

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Recap: Ulf Samuelsson on MSG

Ulf Samuelsson1Assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson spoke with John Giannone on MSG:

  • On replacing Dan Boyle, “it’s a big blow and I guess we would rather take it early than late. He will be missed for the time he is out for sure.”
  • On the PP without Boyle, “we are looking at trying some forwards out on the blueline to see if we can get something done because we don’t want to overload our top guys with too much ice time at the start.”
  • On Matt Hunwick and John Moore, “I think they are both capable players, comfortable playing at this level and not necessarily will be out at the same time all the time. We will get a feel for the matchups and see where it’s going.”
  • On playing against Columbus, “two man forecheck always gets the puck out quick. You don’t want to get too engaged with small plays but it’s also good not to go D to D too much, you want to keep it on the same side as much as possible and getting it too the center quickly.

Read: Ulf Samuelsson on analytics

Ulf SamuelssonRangers assistant coach Ulf Samuelsson says that the ability to use “analytics” has been around for a few years and they allows you to look at how effective different plays (such as dumping in the puck vs carrying it in) are. (Expressen)

He says that this information can be used as tool but it’s “very time consuming” and hard to examine it all. (Expressen)

Samuelsson said that when he was in Phoenix (2006 to 2011) they looked at this type of information to see how they could take advantage of it. (Expressen)

On how the Rangers use analytics, Samuelsson says that the team, like many others, is looking over the best model for how to use and implement this information. (Expressen)

  • Jim Sullivan is listed on the Rangers website as having the title of “Director, Player Care & Development / Analytics & Hockey Technology”

Third party companies that teams can hire to track and interpret this information can cost over half a million dollars per season. (Expressen)

Buzz: Ulf Samuelsson seems unlikely for the Penguins head coaching job

Ulf SamuelssonUlf Samuelsson is now being considered an  “unlikely contender” for the vacant Penguins head coaching position. (Trib)

Samuelsson interviewed for the job with Penguins GM Jim Rutherford but Rutherford said that he is focused now on a candidate who he hadn’t spoken with before. (Trib)

That candidate is reportedly Mike Johnston of the Portland Winterhawks who was considered a contender for the Vancouver Canucks job. (Trib)

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Buzz: The Penguins are restarting their coaching search after Willie Desjardins picks Vancouver

Ulf SamuelssonTexas Stars coach Willie Desjardins is going to be in Vancouver this weekend and if all goes well he is expected to be named the next coach of the Canucks. (Bob McKenzie)

Dejsardins reportedly chose the Canucks over the Penguins. (Kevin Weekes)

Jim Rutherford said today that the Penguins top coaching candidate chose to go in another direction and that candidate was believed to be Desjardins. Desjardins spent part of the last day with the Penguins but couldn’t come together on a deal. (Trib)

Rutherford said that he will restart his search for a coach next week. (Trib)

Ulf Samuelsson has been interviewed for the Penguins job and has been thought to be a good fit.

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