Read: Scott Arniel on the game after 40 minutes

RANGERS11Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone between the second and third period and Giannone quoted Arniel as saying:

  • “we are getting all sorts of chances tonight because they are just blowing up the ice. Both defensemen are joining the rush almost every single time and that is creating an opportunity for us but for every chance that we can they are getting chances too, it’s a different type of game, you want to take advantage of the opportunities but also take care of your own end.”
  • Do you hunker down in the third, “they will take every possible chance in the third, we need to keep not only one guy high but two. We have to match their numbers in our end, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5.”

Recap: Scott Arniel’s comments on MSG (Alain Vigneault’s pre game comments)

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with Sam Rosen on MSG before the Ran and Habs:

  • On time off and the key thing they worked on, “it was an unexpected break. We were looking at 15 in 29. We practiced the one day we were supposed to travel, maybe a bit more of an extended practice and then we gave them off Friday which was nice for some of the guys who have been going pretty good. It’s all detail stuff for a team that is on a roll and one of the top in the East. We gotta make sure we are good.”
  • What do you want to bring from the Philly game, “the one word we have been looking for is consistency. Just, we played hard in all areas, good without the puck, even against Philly our forecheck was strong. Against a mobile team like Montreal, it has to be an area that is good. We need to be consistent for 60 minutes, not just a period here and there.”
  • On Montreal, “nothing changes for us. We know what worked in the playoffs and we made them work and put a lot of pressure on their defense. They are a transition speed and have speed if you let them open up the game. We need to have them play from the red line back.”

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Recap: Scott Arniel on MSG

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with Sam Rosen on MSG before the Rangers/Wild game:

  • Is the team not far off, “the San Jose game was probably our most complete game, maybe STL. We have had games with bits and pieces and it’s the little details stuff that we have to do shift in and shift out. We have lulls and that is when we get into trouble. We have to get consistency for 60 minutes.”

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Buzz: The Canucks have asked to speak with Scott Arniel

Scott Arniel6/20/14 | 3:26PM: The Canucks are still expected to interview Scott Arniel for their vacant head coaching position even though Willie Desjardins is the front runner. (Dan Murphy)

Doug MacLean said on Hockey Central at Noon today that Arniel was interviewing on Monday.

6/17/14 | 9:56PM: The Canucks have asked for permission to speak with Rangers associate coach Scott Arniel. (John Shannon)

Arniel joined the Rangers last summer and spending the previous season as the head coach in Chicago for the Canucks AHL team.

Arniel was previously a head coach in Columbus from 2010 to 2012 before being fired mid-season.

Arniel was also the head coach in Manitoba of the AHL from 2006-2010 which is where he developed his relationship with Alain Vigneault who was the coach of the Canucks.

Willie Desjardins of the Texas Stars (AHL) is believed to be a leading candidate for the Canucks job. (Bob McKenzie)

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Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before game one against the Kings:

  • On the last 6 days, “It took a couple of days to figure out who we would play. We thought it would be Chicago and then it was LA but once we knew we all focused on what we had to cover and we went to work and all presented it to the team and hopefully it’s the game plan for success.”

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Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments

Scott Arniel, Alain Vigneault Scott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG prior to the Rangers/Canadiens game six:

  • Is it fun, “there is some fun to it, once the game starts you are in the moment and watching the other team what they are doing or a play we have set up, you get into it so you don’t think about it too much but leading up to the game there are some nervous moments but at the end of the day as a group you need to enjoy the moment. It’s an important game but you gotta live in the moment and have fun with it.”
  • On forgetting game five, “as a group we have always done our post game sort of look at video and shown guys clips of the right and wrong way to play and we will move onto this next one and there will be new challenges and a good gameplan that we feel that can win tonight and we will focus on that. You can’t get caught up on yesterday, you need to just think about tonight.”
  • On the game plan, “one of our strengths is that when we get through the neutral zone and not turning pucks over it allows us to play offense and we did that against Philly, we did that against Pitt and against MTL and we need to get more pucks to the net. Maybe we are making one extra play, we need to get 10-15 shots per period on this goalie and make him work.

Recap: Scott Arniel’s pre game comments

Scott ArnielScott Arniel spoke with John Giannone on MSG before the game:

  • On any of the talk filtering into the dressing room, “As the series goes on emotions start to come into it and things happen. Emotions are running high and it always happens and we just need to focus on our job. There is a lot happening behind the scenes, we can’t control that and will just go out and play the game.”
  • On what you want to focus on tonight, “offensively there are things that we can be better. We got a bit away from our drive game and speed. We cut into the middle a lot and we are more of a push the defense back team using our outside speed. Get pucks on net, we had some good looks and put them wide. We need to make them make the first save and the rebounds will be there. Our forecheck and getting on the defense is key.”
  • On Dominic Moore stepping up tonight, “The thing with Dom in this playoffs is that he has had different roles and has been tremendous. He is using his experience every night and tonight he will see a lot of Deharnais, Gallagher and Pacrioretty that has given us trouble. Dom is a smart guy and knows how to play and knows to throw the pucks wide in the neutral zone and let them to use their speed. He is a smart player and adjusts well and we need him to be real good in our end against those three.