Read: Everything with Ryan Callahan last year came down to a no-trade clause

Ryan Callahan, Travis Hamonic, Evgeni NabokovRyan Callahan told Larry Brooks that his insistence on a no-trade clause is what ultimately led to him being trade to Tampa Bay last season.  (NY Post)

Callahan said that he wanted security for his young family that they wouldn’t be bouncing around.

Brooks says that Callahan at first was asking for $6.4 million a year over 7 years, the Rangers were at five-years and $6 million per year and then the Rangers “hemmed, hawed and agreed” to six-years at $6 million per year, but would not agree to the no-trade clause.

Callahan said that he really wanted to stay with the Ranger sand had so much pride about being the captain and growing up a Ranger.

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News: Ryan Callahan signs a SIX-YEAR deal with Tampa Bay

Ryan Callahan10:30AM: The no-trade clause was apparently a big sticking point for Callahan to get the deal done. (Joe Smith)

10:25AM: Callahan has a full no-trade clause the first four years of the deal and will submit a list of teams in the final two years. (Katie Strang)

9:27AM: The official trade between the Rangers and Tampa Bay is:

  • New York acquires: Marty St. Louis and a 2015 second round pick
  • Tampa Bay acquires: Ryan Callahan, 2014 and 2015 first round picks, 2015 seventh round pick.

9:25AM: Ryan Callahan returns to MSG on Monday November 17th.

9:23AM: The salary breakdown for Callahan’s contract is $6 million, $6.4million, $6.5 million, $6.5 million, $4.7 million, $4.7 million. (Pierre LeBrun)

9:21AM: Callahan said in a Tampa Bay press release, “I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Tampa Bay Lightning organization for the next six years and I am excited for this new chapter of my career. Tampa Bay has been a great place to live and play from the day I got there. As soon as the season ended I knew it was a place I wanted to be.”

9:19AM: Callahan and Tampa Bay have officially come to terms on a deal. (Erlendsson)

9:15AM: The deal, when it’s finalized, will be SIX-YEARS and a cap hit of $5.8 million with a partial no-trade clause. (Pierre LeBrun)

9AM: There is no deal yet between Cally and the Lightning but it’s expected to get done this morning. (Erlendsson)

8:46AM: Callahan’s deal includes a partial no-trade clause. Some teams did call Callahan when the window to talk with free agents opened at 12:01AM: (Pierre LeBrun)

Buzz: Ryan Callahan is still talking with Tampa Bay but may go to July 1

Callahan5:53PM: Dreger said on TSN Drive, “I think it will be fascinating to see what happens with Ryan Callahan. I know that when Tampa Bay was eliminated in the playoffs I had a quick chat with Callahan and he didn’t spend a great deal of time in Tampa Bay but he did spend enough time there to want to give them a crack at re-signing him but that will be a challenge because if the numbers are even close to what he wanted to stay as captain of the Rangers, up around that $5+, $6+ range, I can’t imagine Tampa would invest that kind of money, not that they wouldn’t want to. There is lots of interest in Cally around the league but I think he has to come down and I think that he will. He is a useful player and a character guy and he won’t have too much trouble finding a job.”

5:26PM: Darren Dreger said on TSN Drive that Callahan will need to come down in his demands but there is a lot of interest in him around the league.

5:14PM: Former Rangers captain Ryan Callahan is still talking with the Tampa Bay Lightning about a new contract but “no one” will be surprised if he goes to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. (Bob McKenzie)

If Callahan stays in Tampa Bay the Rangers get the Lightning’s 2015 second round pick. Tampa Bay would then receive the Rangers seventh round pick in 2015.

The Rangers traded Callahan and two first round picks to acquire Marty St. Louis.

The Rangers and Callahan were reportedly only $200,000 apart in contract talks before the Rangers made the trade.

It’s long been rumored that Callahan could return to his native Buffalo.

Read: The players didn’t know how to feel yesterday

RangersDuring a pre game chat with John Giannone, Brad Richards described the day by saying “it’s different because Cally has been unbelievable to me here and has become a good friend and teammate…everyone knows my relationship with Marty so…I just hope it works out for both of them. I know Cally is going to a great spot and he will love it down there.”

After the game, Richards said on MSG “It was the first time I had a good friend coming and a good friend leaving which is very bizarre. It’s a weird feeling. You aren’t happy or sad and just sitting there wondering how to react and what to say to Cally. It’s a tough day for him and as an organization we got a great human being, a great leader and a great player so we move on and he will add to this group nicely.

Henrik Lundqvist said after the game, “It was a little bit shocking though there was a lot of talk about Cally. It’s tough to see him leave. He has been a great teammate, friend and player for this team for so many years. In the end this is the way we decided to go as a team. I am really excited about having Marty here, such a skilled player and a great guy too. It’s such a mixed feeling right now, to get to play with a player like that and then see a good friend and teammate leave so…I’m not really sure how to feel right now.”

Ryan McDonagh said on MSG, “I think our group was pretty good about moving past the deadline and being focused. It was kind of the same routine for us. Went about our meetings and just prepared, these are important games for us. We gotta, we can’t make mistakes defensively and with breakdown. We need to work harder to get inside and get those rebounds offensively.

Derek Stepan said “you try to understand that this is the way the business works. It takes some time to grasp a hold of it and it will be a different room for sure. I will miss him. I wish him all the best and we get a player in return and hopefully find a way to win hockey games down the stretch here. We need to focus on that.”

Stepan added that the Rangers leaders rallied the group to focus on the game at hand and trying to get two points.

Watch: Ryan Callahan steps on the ice in Tampa Bay gear


Michelle Gingras interviews new Bolt Ryan Callahan pre-game.

A photo posted by Tampa Bay Lightning (@tblightning) on


Callahan is skating with Valtteri Filppula and Nikita Kucherov. (Erlendsson)

Below is a clip that the Tampa Bay Lightning have sent out showing Ryan Callahan step on the ice for his first practice as a member of the Lightning.

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Read: The Rangers players on losing Ryan Callahan (Updates)

Rangers-Chrome-Stadium-Series-8:56PM:  Carl Hagelin spoke with Al Trautwig in the second period and said:

  • What are you talking about with MSL and Richards, “just small things, give and gos. They are two smart player who have played the game for a long time so they are giving me advice but they are also telling each other where to go and what to do as well.

    What do you feel playing with MSL, “he is so easy to play with, he is quick, makes a lot of plays and gets pucks as well.

7:53PM: Ryan McDonagh spoke with Al Trautwig and said:

  • On MSL, You can see his playmaking ability, skating ability and quick release. Him and Richie seem to be clicking and Hags is doing well on that line.
  • On being distracted the last two games, “I don’t think so. Those were two tough and physical games and we gave ourselves a chance to win and it just got away from us.”
  • Did you talk to Cally, “you wish you good look and thank him for what he taught me individually as the captain, how he prepared every game and then played on the ice. It was tough to see him go but it’s part of the game.

6:41PM: Ryan McDonagh said on MSG, “we are getting a big time leader in St. Louis back and our group has to roll with it here and we are still trying to accomplish something as a group and we have to trust the coaching staff and management to get the best for us to be successful.”

6:30PM: On MSG, Brad Richards said:

  • What has today been like, “it’s different because Cally has been unbelievable to me here and has become a good friend and teammate…everyone knows my relationship with Marty so…I just hope it works out for both of them. I know Cally is going to a great spot and he will love it down there.”
  • On Marty St. Louis, “he is one of the top 5 players in the world and when you bring that talent level it makes your team more dangerous. It adds more experience, he has won a Stanley Cup and a Gold Medal and he knows what it takes to win in this league so it can only help our locker room on and off the ice.”
  • How do you make sure this doesn’t become a distraction, “we have to make sure that we do our job and keep playing the way we play. Marty can help, he just wants to fit into the system. It’s not a 1 man show or watching one game, we need to get back to work and get winning again here.”

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Recap: Ryan Callahan on TSN and Sportsnet

Callahan4:02PM: San Jose and the Rangers were “pretty far down the road” on a trade for Ryan Callahan. (Pierre LeBrun)

The Sharks and Blue Jackets were both considered plan B options for the Rangers if the deal with Tampa Bay couldn’t get done. (Darren Dreger)

2:19PM: Ryan Callahan joined James Duthie on TSN to talk about the trade:

  • How surprised, “It’s still tough. It was an option if I didn’t sign with New York and no matter how prepared you think you are, you hear that you have been traded and its a shock.”
  • On TB, “I’m extremely excited. Going to a great organization, great owner, great GM. I have heard nothing of good things from players who played there. and they are in the playoff hunt so I am looking forward to getting down there.”
  • On being open to a contract in TB, “I think right now you get down there and get settled and once that happens I am open for anything. If it’s contract talks it is otherwise we see what happens in July.”
  • Did you think it would be done, “I did, I truly thought we would work something that works for both sides. I said all along that I wanted to stay here and get a deal done and it was the truth. It’s part of the business and we couldn’t find a deal that works for both sides. I part ways with NY I have nothing but great things to say about the organization. Everyone has been great to me. I have lifelong friends from teammates in the organization. I have nothing but great things to say about the Rangers.”
  • Was there regret, “I wouldn’t call it regret. Just initial shock. A lot going through my head. I have a family here and worried about them and getting situated. After letting it all sink in I am excited to go to Tampa.”
  • On walking into the TB room, “It’s tough. I have never experienced a trade before. I have seen it in NY. I will be myself and that is what has gotten me to this place, acting like I do on and off the ice.”

Callahan also joined Sportsnet:

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