Read: The way Rick Nash works on the ice

Rick NashAsked about Rick Nash, after the Rangers beat the Hurricanes, Joe Micheletti said that Nash has been the hardest working player on the team so far this season. He adds that Nash’s strong play goes beyond his goal scoring and that when he doesn’t have the puck he is working harder than anyone else to get the puck back. (MSG)

Joe adds that Nash hasn’t taken a shift off and has to be an inspiration to his teammates with how he is working. (MSG)

Nash is seeing 1:16 per game on the PK and has 12 takeaways this season which ranks tied for seconds amongst forwards with takeaways.

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Read: The Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard, Rick Nash line dominated the third period last night

BrassardAlain Vigneault put Rick Nash with Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello to start the third period last night and the trio combined for 3 goals on 8 shots.

In the third period:

  • Nash had 1 goal and 1 assist and 2 shots on goal
  • Brassard had 1 goal and 2 assists and 3 shots on goal
  • Zuccarello had 1 goal, 2 assists and 3 shots on goal

After the game, Alain Vigneault said that this line “took the game over and it was one of the best periods I have seen three guys play in a long time.”

He added that the “Brass line really took over that period and gave us momentum” and that Brass’s line “just went to work” when the third period started.

Read: Pierre McGuire on Rick Nash and how he has gotten his game back

Rick Nash

10/24/14 | 12:53PM: Nash aid that he tried to get faster and stronger this summer so he could keep up with the younger players. He said that he did a lot of running and stuff to increase his foot speed. He said that he did more track work than bike work. (

10/23/14 | 6:38PM: Through seven games, Rick Nash is tied with Corey Perry for the league lead with 8 goals.

After scoring his seventh goal of the season on Sunday, Rick Nash told Stan Fischler on MSG that things are “going right now” for him and while it’s fun, “I think true character comes out when you struggle.”

Asked what has changed in Nash this season, Pierre McGuire was on TSN1050 on Monday and said, “he is healthy, he is not dealing with concussion related syndrome. Last year there were times on the ice, I swear, where he didn’t have any equilibrium, he would skate over the blue line and fall. I am convinced, and I don’t have any medial proof, that he was not 100% right last year even though he says that he was. You see him this year and he is strong on the puck, driving through people, driving around people, driving to the net, fearless in his approach to the game. The biggest thing with Rick is keeping it between the rails with his health. He was fantastic again yesterday.”

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Recap: Rick Nash on ESPN Radio (On Anthony Duclair and Kevin Hayes, his start, playoffs)

Rick NashRick Nash was on ESPN Radio on Wednesday at 4:30PM:

  •  On having a newborn, “It has been tough to sleep and we have been at home so it’s been tough. I’m lucky and my wife has been taking care of a lot of it the night before games.”
  • On his start, “It’s been a lot of puck luck, a lot of pucks have been going in that haven’t in the past. It’s just finding some chemistry with Marty early on and now Kreider and Kevin Hayes, we all complement each others games.”

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Read: The performance of the Chris Kreider, Kevin Hayes, Rick Nash line

Rick Nash1On Sunday against the Sharks, Alain Vigneault put Kevin Hayes between Chris Kreider and Rick Nash and Nash and Hayes both scored goals.

Dave Maloney said that it was impressive how well Hayes fit in with Kreider and Nash.

Asked about the line, Joe Micheletti said that they have size, can skate, pass the puck and score. He said that the line showed a bit of everything

Rick Nash said that the trio spent a lot of time talking because they hadn’t played much together. He praised Hayes’ work at both ends of the ice.  (Daily News)

Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 on Monday morning “yesterday was a great example of chemistry with players, Nash, Chris Kreider and Kevin Hayes were phenomenal as a line. They had it all going on, those are three huge men by the way, that can be a very dangerous line if Kevin Hayes can hold up his end of the bargain.”

Hayes is 6-5, 225, Kreider is 6-3, 226 and Nash is 6-4, 220.

Read: Rick Nash had the playoffs/Stanley Cup Final in the back of his mind all summer

Rick NashRick Nash admitted on Monday that while he didn’t spend the summer “dwelling” on his struggles in the playoffs and Stanley Cup Final, memories and flashbacks of those games would enter his mind from time to time. (NY Post)

Nash said that he was bothered by his struggles but he had to move on from them. He added that he, as well as the team, have stressed that last year is behind them. (NY Post)

Asked about his performance in the playoffs, Nash said that he felt he was on top of his game in all areas except scoring. He added that he is relied on to score and that one goal could have changed the complexion of the series. (NY Post)

On his scoring streak this season, Nash said that he isn’t doing anything different than he did in the playoffs except that the puck is going in the net. (NY Post)

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Read: Rick Nash is healthy, scoring and means business

Rick NashRick Nash leads the NHL in goals with 6 and while he had his four game goal streak snapped against Carolina, Nash scored the winner in the shootout.

Asked what has gone well for Nash so far, Joe Micheletti said “I think he is healthy. When you miss 6 weeks with a concussion and can’t partake in any physical activity and then it’s the Olympics and it’ game after game after game and no time for rest, he couldn’t get back into shape. This year he came to camp in shape and he has been working hard to get to the net. His alertness on the ice and Nash is doing things on the ice that are making peoples eyes open.”

Nash was in the top three of the Rangers conditioning tests at the start of training camp.

Alain Vigneault said that scorers get into grooves and that Nash’s attitude and work over the summer has carried over into the season. (MSG, 10/14)

Joe added that Nash has been confident in shooting the puck and getting to the right areas to score goals. (MSG, 10/14)

Dave Maloney said that Nash’s great conditioning has allowed him to be effective on long shifts.

Derick Brassard said last night, “he’s hot right now. I’ve known him for a long time and as soon as I saw him in the first practice, I knew he meant business. He’s been really good for us and we are going to need him to be good for the rest of the season.” (via the Rangers)