Stats: John Moore’s return to the lineup

John MooreIn his return to the lineup last night, John Moore played 15:12, had 3 shots on goal, 1 blocked, 2 that missed the net, 2 hits and 1 takeaway to go along with his first period goal.

Moore played:

  • 5:09 in the first period
  • 3:53 in the second period
  • 4:03 in the third period
  • 2:07 in OT
  • 2:24 on the PP

He played mostly with Dan Girardi in the first and until the middle of the second, then he saw a few shifts with Raphael Diaz, Marc Staal and Anton Stralman in the second period. Moore skated with his regular defense partner Kevin Klein for a few shifts in the third period before alternating shifts with Girardi and Stralman through the rest of the game and OT.

Moore started 35.7% of their shifts in the offensive zone, 21.4% in the neutral zone, and 42.9% in the defensive zone. (ES)

At 5 on 5, Moore was on the ice for 10 shot attempts for, 5 against and 6 shots on goal for, 3 against. (ES)

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John Moore9:56PM: In the first period, Moore spoke with John Giannone and said:

  • On his confidence after scoring, “It’s huge. Going into this game, six games without playing, to score on my first shift, it’s big.”
  • On the goal “Zucc found me cross ice and when I first got this puck my first thought was to come down the wall and then I saw the guy in the lane try to get back and Brass had a great screen and it found it’s way in.
  • On the higher altitude, “for sure. You are feeling it early in the shifts and as a group I think we got in trouble when we were extending our shifts. “it’s a factor and something to keep an eye on

5PM: With the injury to Ryan McDonagh, John Moore will return to the Rangers lineup for the first time since suffering concussion symptoms on 3/18 against Columbus.

Earlier in the week it was noted that Moore needed one more practice and then it would be up to Alain Vigneault when he returned.

Moore said today in Colorado that he is 100%, feels great and has been skating hard with Danny Lacroix to get ready for a return. (Ranger Rants)

He said that he can’t worry about replacing Ryan McDonagh and can only play his game but did say that he is looking forward to playing with Dan Girardi. He said that with Girardi he needs to make sure that the two are on the same page and that if he gets the chance to join the rush he will take it. (Ranger Rants)

Moore has played in 69 games this season, has 3 goals, 10 assists, 102 shots on goal, 46 that have missed the net, 77 shots that were blocked, 50 hits and is averaging 15:02 per game.

When Moore is on the ice, the Rangers control 51.3% of the shot attempts. (ES)

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Moore9:17PM: Moore said today that he feels good enough to play but that whether he gets into the lineup or not his focus will remain on working hard. (Ranger Rants)

Moore said that he has gotten in some good skating the past few days and the only thing he needs to do is get his feet under him. (Ranger Rants)

5:52PM: Alain Vigneault said today in Vancouver that defenseman John Moore needs one more practice before potentially returning to the lineup.  (Andrew Gross)

Moore is feeling better after suffering concussion symptoms in the game against Columbus.

This season, Moore has played in 69 games, has 3 goals, 10 assists, 102 shots on goal and 15:02 per game.

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Steve Ott,  John MooreJohn Moore said yesterday that he had a good day yesterday in Calgary and is happy with his progress as he has returned to normal activities after suffering a concussion last week. (Rangers)

Alain Vigneault said that Moore still needs a few more practices before he can think about returning but that Tuesday in Vancouver could be a possible return date. (Rangers)

Andrew Gross believes that Alain Vigneault will insert Moore back into the lineup when he is ready. (Ranger Rants)

Note: John Moore is skating this morning (Updates)

John Moore2:46PM: Moore said that he didn’t push too hard on the ice and at this point couldn’t provide a timeline for a return. (Newsday)

1:23PM: Moore spoke with reporters this morning about his status (Rangers) :

  • “I think they take it day by day with how I feel. Rammer, I can’t say enough great things about him or the doctors here. They are on top of it and they have mapped out what they want me to do and for now it’s just day by day.”
  • Will you skate tomorrow, “I hope so. It sucks when you are on the ice and you want to be on the ice with your teammates. In that regard it was awesome being out there today.”
  • On Friday against CBJ, “It’s such a big game and I got hit and didn’t necessarily feel right but I wanted to power through and Rammer recognized that something didn’t seem right and he, some of my teammates kind of teammates I wasn’t right and let Rammer know and they kind of stepped in and I pleaded with Rammer after the first period to go back in but when I got back there it didn’t feel right and we both decided that it would be best if I got off the ice.”


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Steve Ott,  John Moore

Stats: The John Moore Season So Far

In his first full season with the Rangers, John Moore is averaging 15:14 per game and has 2 goals and 10 assists.

According to Extra Skater, Moore has been on the ice for 818 shot attempts for and 779 shot attempts against at 5 on 5. Moore (51.2%) ranks 11th on the Rangers, between Ryan McDonagh (51.3%) and Dan Girardi (49.7%).

Moore has 203 shot attempts this season, with 94 on goal, 69 blocked, 40 that missed the net. He ranks 2nd on the Rangers defense in shot attempts.

By month, Moore has played:

  • October: 16:22 per game
  • November: 15:12 per game
  • December: 15:48 per game
  • January: 14:30 per game
  • Feb: 14:22 per game
  • March: 14:15 per game

When asked about his game earlier in the season, in the NY Post, Moore said the coaches have challenged him to use his skating more and get up into the offense flow.

Moore says that he has done a lot of video work with  Ulf Samuelsson and that he is growing more comfortable with his gaps. (Daily News)

He adds that it’s refreshing to play with Kevin Klein who encourages him to get up the ice and join the offense. (Ranger Rants)


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MooreA big part of the Rangers trading Michael Del Zotto was to allow John Moore to move back to his natural left side. (NY Post)

Moore volunteered to move to the right side in order to stay in the lineup but had become a liability there. (NY Post)

Putting Moore back on his natural side could allow him to regain some of the “dynamic offense” he brought o the Rangers after he was acquired last season. (NY Post)

Alain Vigneault said after the trade was made that it would likely benefit Moore by putting him in a more comfortable position.

Early in the year, Vigneault said of Moore “A great skill set, unbelievable skater. A young man with so much upside and potential. We are hoping he will be able to put it all together. He works extremely hard to do so. He has a great rapport with the coaches and I am confident that we have a gem right there. The type of player who can play in all situations. He is a young player but has so much upside and it’s so fun to see.”

Moore’s assist on Sunday was his third of 2014.

Adam Rotter: I think the Rangers are putting Moore in a good position to succeed now, giving him some more PP time and pairing him with a veteran right shot defenseman that he can learn from. Moore has a lot of upside as a player and will be cheaper to keep around and work with than Michael Del Zotto would have been. John Tortorella said in the playoffs last year that he thought Moore could end up being the steal of that trade for the Rangers and while it hasn’t developed like that so far, he is now in a better situation to where it could.

Note: John Moore Didn’t Expect To Fight Last Night

MooreJohn Moore fought Brayden Schenn late in the third period last night and Pierre McGuire said on TSN 1050 this morning that some of the Rangers were upset with Schenn because he was supposedly eye-gouging Moore during their scuffle.

Moore had some redness around his left and said that everything is fine. (Andrew Gross)

Moore said said that he wasn’t going into the scrum with the intention of fighting, something Schenn wanted to do, but, “you can only take too many punches to the face before showing some pride.” (Ranger Rants)

This was Moore’s first fight of the regular season.

He fought Curtis Glencross in the preseason and he fought Jack Skille last season.

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John MooreWhile meeting with the media in Buffalo today, Alain Vigneault said (Ranger Rants) that while none of the three of John Moore, Michael Del Zotto or Justin Falk have shown they can play in the top four, Moore is the one who is closest.

Vigneault said that Moore went through a rough patch but is a young player with a lot of upside.

In terms of Falk and Del Zotto in the lineup, Vigneault said that it depends on what he thinks the team needs more bite or puck moving.

Adam Rotter: So it seems as if Moore, even after a little rough patch and being scratched, is the number 5 defenseman and Falk and Del Zotto are battling for the 6 spot. Moore has the same kind of skill set as Ryan McDonagh but doesn’t seem to have the same level of hockey IQ or strength in his own zone yet. There is a lot of upside there, John Tortorella thought that in the future he would be the steal of that trade, and Alain Vigneault wants him to tap into it.