Stats/Read: John Moore’s return to the Rangers lineup on Tuesday

John MooreIn his return to the Rangers lineup after a five game suspension, John Moore played a season high 21:49.

Moore played 18:09 at even strength, 3:08 on the PP, 32 seconds on the PK and by period played:

  • First: 7:22
  • Second: 6:06
  • Third: 8:21

Moore was a plus one, had two shots on goal, 1 shot that was blocked, 1 hit, 1 giveaway and 2 blocked shots.

At even strength, when Moore was on the ice the Rangers had 16 shot attempts for and 19 against, 10 shots on goal for and 8 against. (Natural Stat Trick)

He started 46.15% of his 5 on 5 shifts in the offensive zone. (Natural Stat Trick)

He played the most against Blake Comeau, Pascal Dupuis and Evgeni Malkin. (Natural Stat Trick)

On how Moore played, Alain Vigneault said on Wednesday, “I thought he played well, I didn’t’ sense any hesitation at all in his game whether it be with his play without the puck, 1 on 1s and when he had the puck he was real confident and for the most made the high percentage plays that we need him to make.”

Sam Rosen said halfway through the game that he felt Moore had made an impact

Moore played his best game of the season last night against the Penguins. (NY Post)


Recap: John Moore on MSG before the game

John MooreJohn Moore chatted with John Giannone on MSG prior to the Rangers/Pens game:

  • Will your game change, “I need to be physical, I made a mistake and crossed the line and am excited to be back and can’t wait to get going.”
  • What did you notice watching, “I think you have more time than you think, finding the middle of the ice and get your feet going.
  • On his uncle and grandpa serving in the marines, “As selfless as it gets to serve your country and I have a lot of respect for all the service men and women around the world.”

Read: The kind of company that John Moore now finds himself in

John MooreJohn Moore said after his suspension was announced that he never goes on the ice trying to hurt another player but admits that he crossed a line with his hit on Erik Haula. Moore said that he has to continue to be physical but stay on the right side of the line.

Alain Vigneault said that Moore has to continue being a physical player and that Moore’s hit on Haula was “an inch away from being a great hit.”

With his second suspension in 14 games, John Moore finds himself in the company of some of the NHL’s most “notorious miscreants” including Chris Simon and Chris Pronger. (Larry Brooks, NY Post)

He is someone who now qualifies as a “serial headhunter” and could have been suspended for longer than the five games the NHL’s department of player safety gave him.  (Larry Brooks, NY Post)

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Read: John Moore can return on Tuesday

John MooreJohn Moore is eligible to return to the Rangers lineup tomorrow after serving the fifth and final game of his suspension for his hit on Erik Haula.

Moore says that he isn’t sure if he will automatically regain a spot in the lineup on Tuesday when he is eligible to return. (Ranger Rants)

He says that it’s out of his control and if he plays he plays and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. (Ranger Rants)

He said that he and strength coach Reg Grant worked out a training camp like plan for him to stay in shape while he was suspended and that his skating legs are better than they were before.  (Ranger Rants)

This season Moore is averaging 14:19 per game, has 1 assist,  an even rating, 15 shots on goal, 16 hits, 4 blocked shots and 3 giveaways.

Adam Rotter:  Moore will likely come in for Conor Allen tomorrow after Allen has played the least amount, of the defensemen, in the last two games. Moore certainly isn’t going to fix the Rangers defensive shortcomings but he is a regular and should have energy after missing the past five games.

Recap: John Moore on his suspension and his hit

John Moore10/31/14 | 2PM: John Moore met with the media on Friday to discuss his suspension as well as his hit on Erik Haula (NYR)

  • I respect the leagues decision. The only thing for me to do is move forward. I am never trying to intentionally hurt someone. I am trying to go through the body, it’s a tough hit to make, it’s a fast play. I need to be physical but there is that line and right there I crossed it. I never intentionally mean to hurt anyone, I respect my opponents. It’s a privilege to play in this league, I just gotta be smarter, I crossed the line there.”
  • On his call with Haula, “I called him to let him know where I was coming from and that I wasn’t trying to intentionally injure him and he was very receptive and very classy.”

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Read: John Moore called Erik Haula to apologize

Steve Ott,  John MooreJohn Moore called Erik Haula on Tuesday to apologize for the hit he put on him on Monday night. (Chad Graff)

Haula said that the hit was “pretty dirty” but that Moore apologizing was “classy.” (Chad Graff)

Moore was given the number by former Ranger teammate Justin Falk. (Star Trib)

He said that hearing from Moore caught him off guard but was a “class act.” He said that he isn’t the type of person to hold a grudge and that he is sure Moore didn’t try to intentionally hurt him. (Star Trib)


NEWS: John Moore suspended FIVE Games (Updated)

John Moore5:02PM: John Moore has been suspended 5 games by the NHL Department of Player Safety for his hit on Erik Haula on Monday. (Bob McKenzie)

Moore can return on 11/11 against Pittsburgh. Because Moore had an in-person hearing the NHL had the option to suspend Moore for 6 or more games. Had Moore been suspended for 6 or Moore games, the CBA states (18.13) that he could have appealed to an independent arbitrator.

In describing the suspension, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety video said, “Monday night in New York Rangers defenseman John Moore was assessed a match penalty for a hit to the head that injured Minnesota Wild Erik Haula. Off a turnover in the neutral zone, Haula is supporting a rush from Nino Niederritor as Moore races to get back into the play. After taking a drop pass, left shooting Haula snaps a shot at the net as Moore closes in from his right.”

They add, “Just after Haula releases the puck, Moore drives into him forcefully with his left shoulder. While initial contact is made with Haula’s shoulder, the main point of contact on this hit is Haula’s head. This is an illegal check to the head. It is important to note that Haula is eligible to be checked on the play and Moore’s hit is not late. Nor did Moore deliver the hit with his elbow which flairs up during contact, however, if Moore is to attempt this extremely difficult hit, his timing and angle of approach must ensure that he hits squarely through the body and that Haula’s head is not the main point of contact. Moore does neither. Haula’s head absorbs the brunt of Moore’s shoulder and how Haula spins to the ice is a clear indication that this hit was not square through the body.”

“To summarize, this was an illegal check to the head. Haula was injured as a result of the hit. Moore was recently suspended for a similar infraction during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs and is considered a repeat offender under the CBA.”

Moore was suspended two games, and considered to be a repeat offender, last year for a hit on Dale Weise.

He will forfeit $51,859.75 in salary. That money will go to the Players Emergency Assistance Fund.

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