Note: Henrik Lundqvist Likes The Frest Start/Doesn’t Want Contract To Distract Him

Henrik LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist said today that he hopes the fresh start and clean slate that Alain Vigneault is bringing to the Rangers will help the team.

Vigneualt is Lundqvist’s third head coach with the Rangers and he remember what it was like when John Tortorella replaced Tom Renney, “when Torts first came in here it was like the whole room changed. It was a cool feeling. Having Tom was great and then Torts changed the whole atmosphere. It was a new challenge, I enjoyed it. I am sure that will be the case now, he comes in and it’s a different approach, the way they talk. It’s just different. I hope it helps us.”

Lundqvist added he enjoyed playing under John Tortorella and their relationship was good, but that these decisions come down to winning and what is best for the team. He added that while he will have to adjust, change can be a good thing sometimes and that playing under Alain Vigneault will bring new challenges that he is looking forward to.

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist Is Hoping For Good Talks (Update)

Henrik Lundqvist8:36PM: In the NY Post, Larry Brooks says that the Rangers and Lundqvist’s agent have been in steady talks but that there is still a gap between the two sides when it comes to both term and money.

5:26PM: In a chat with Mr. Porter, Lundqvist said that playing goalie is much more mental than physical and that he is a pretty intense and focused guy.

He adds that he hopes to play until he is 40. He has said before that he hopes to play seven or eight more seasons.

12:22PM: Elliotte Friedman, at CBC, spoke with Henrik Lundqvist last week at the NHL Media tour and Lundqvist said that he isn’t thinking about his contract situation, he is only thinking about the coming season which he called “important” for himself and the organization. Lundqvist said that “it’s time for us to take a good step in the right direction.”

Friedman says that talks between Lundqvist’s agent and the Rangers are expected this week, talks that Lundqvist says will hopefully be “good talks” and that if a deal isn’t done they will discuss how to move forward.

He adds that the Rangers biggest concern is that Lundqvist is going to turn 32, however he cites that there have been 23 instances where a goalie between the age of 32 and 37 had a save percentage of at least .920.

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Buzz: The Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist are trying to get a Contract Extension done before the season

Wild Rangers Hockey5:04PM: Lundqvist spoke with Pierre LeBrun and said that he would like to have the deal done and that his agent Don Meehan is likely to re-connect with the Rangers next week.

He says that they are working on the contract extension and that he is very excited about training camp starting. He said that he doesn’t want any distractions during the season and that he has an agent to deal with this stuff. He added that both sides are “hopeful of figuring something out.”

2:31PM: According to a tweet from Nick Cotsonika, at the NHL Media tour, Henrik Lundqvist says that the Rangers and his representatives are engaged in contract negotiations and that they hope to get a deal done before the season starts on 10/3.

Lundqvist told Cotosnika that he wants to focus on hockey during the season but that he may allow talks to during that time.

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Read: How The Rangers Handled Henrik Lundqvist The Last Time He Was Due A New Contract

LundqvistIn February 2008, Henrik Lundqvist signed a six-year contract worth $41.25 million with the Rangers that is due to expire on July 1, 2014.

At the time, Lundqvist was on a one-year bridge contract worth $4.5 million and Larry Brooks wrote in the NY Post that the Rangers will have no choice but to “accede to their 25-year old franchise goaltender’s demands” when it comes to an extension.

Brooks notes that the Rangers filed arbitration against Lundqvist during the previous summer to prevent a team from sending him an offer sheet before coming to terms on a deal and avoiding that situation. Lundqvist was scheduled to be an RFA again in the summer of 2008 and would have been susceptible to an offer sheet.

He speculates that Lundqvist might ask for a seven or eight year deal worth between $56 million and $68 million.

Lundqvist said at the time that the plan was always to sign a one-year deal in the summer and then focus on a long-term contract during the season.

Part of the reason the Rangers used a bridge contract on Lundqvist was to save salary cap space to sign both Chris Drury and Scott Gomez.

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Read: Henrik Lundqvist Isn’t Feeling Pressured To Get A Deal Done

RICHARDS LUNDQVISTn the NY Times, Jeff Klein spoke with Henrik Lundqvist who once again reiterated that he doesn’t feel any pressure and doesn’t want to put any pressure on the Rangers to get a contract extension done.

Lundqvist told Klein that the talks are “volatile” and that once the season starts, if he isn’t signed, he won’t be speaking about his contract.

In February 2008, while on a one-year contract signed after his entry-level deal expired, Lundqvist signed a six-year extension.

At the time, Lundqvist said “We talked about this during the summer, that we would sign for one year and then start talking at the start of ’08. Nobody really wanted to wait until the summer. We wanted to get it done.”

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Read: How Henrik Lundqvist Feels About Staying With The Rangers

Rangers Islanders Hockey7:05AM: At an event last night across the street from Madison Square Garden, WNBC’s Bruce Beck asked Henrik Lundqvist about his contract situation.

Lundqvist said, “it’s been a great ride for me to be in New York to play in this organization for these fans. Right now we are talking about my future, it would mean a lot to me to stay here. Hopefully we can work something out that makes sense for both sides.”

Beck asked Lundqvist about the idea of staying with the Rangers for his entire career and Lundqvist said, “the thought of that excites me.”

On Geico SportsNite last night, Lundqvist said “we are talking but the good thing is that we have another year so there is no pressure to get it done. We are talking and we will see where it leads. So far it’s been a great time in New York and I don’t see any reason to leave.

Lundqvist told Newsday that there is more than just money involved in these negotiations.

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More from Lundqvist below, including his thoughts on the Mets Matt Harvey.

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Buzz: Henrik Lundqvist Wants To Stay A Ranger/Isn’t Thinking About Free Agency

Henrik Lundqvist Broadway HatIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist about his contract situation and what the future may hold for Lundqvist.

Lundqvist said that he isn’t thinking about free agency and that New York is where he wants to be, “The way the organization has treated me, the way that our team has played over the last few years, the way I feel about New York City, this is definitely the place I want to be .”

He did say that talks are in the early stages and that there are things that need to be discussed. Lundqvist said that having a contract done before training camp isn’t a must and that he won’t be involved at all in the talks until the end.

Brooks says that there hasn’t been much negotiating between the Rangers and Lundqvist’s camp and Lundqvist noted that he won’t speak publicly about his contract during the season.

THIS SECTION is about Lundqvist’s future with the Rangers.