Buzz: The Derek Stepan Stalemate and Where The Talks Are

Stepan In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that unless there is a big change, Derek Stepan isn’t expected to be in New York on Wednesday to report for training camp.

Brooks says that Stepan, as noted before, is seeking a deal similar to the one that Ryan McDonagh signed while the Rangers are offering a bridge contract.

Brooks notes that Stepan is believed to be looking for a five or six year deal worth around $5 million per season while the Rangers are offering a two-year contract between $2.75 million and $3 million.

He says that Stepan’s only leverage in talks would be if he signs an offer sheet but that there isn’t any buzz around the league that someone will send Stepan an offer sheet.

Brooks says that a deal similar to the one that Matt Duchene signed, two years and $7 million, could likely get a deal.

Stepan said that he expected to be at training camp and Glen Sather has said that Stepan is going to get a bridge contract.

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Stepan11:07AM: Craig Custance of ESPN Insider just sent out at tweet saying “One GM said he prefers bridge contracts for RFAs because it keeps player motivated. Said even best intentioned players can get complacent.”

10:49AM: At Puck Daddy, Ryan Lambert writes that the Rangers deserve the same kind of scrutiny and criticism that the Maple Leafs are facing over the Nazem Kadri situation.

Kadri, like Stepan, is an RFA and his contract situation has been the biggest story surrounding the Maple Leafs as they head into training camp.

Lambert writes that Stepan has a proven enough track record to get a contract that matches his production but that the Rangers are unable, due to cap space, offer him that much.

He says that Glen Sather messed up this off-season by bringing in players like Benoit Pouliot over signing Stepan and taking care of a “future centerpiece” of the organization.

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Adam Rotter: We are two days from players reporting for training camp and Stepan remains unsigned. That will likely change shortly and Stepan will likely be with the team when they report for physicals on Wednesday. When it comes to priorities, Ryan McDonagh was number one and Stepan was number two. The difference is that Stepan has no leverage and no rights and the Rangers could take their time getting the best deal for themselves.

Stepan has proven enough to warrant a deal of more than two years and of more than $3.5 million but the Rangers don’t have the space to give him that and they know that they can get him for under market value for at least two seasons. Knowing that they hold the rights to Stepan and that offer sheets are few and far between, the Rangers knew they can fill out some parts of the roster, sign a few other RFAs and still get Stepan signed later on.

Buzz: Derek Stepan Is Looking For a Ryan McDonagh Contract/The Rangers Are Looking For A PK Subban Contract

StepanAccording to at tweet from Bob McKenzie, Derek Stepan is seeking a contract similar to the one that Ryan McDonagh signed, six-years and $4.7 million per year, while the Rangers are holding firm on offering him a bridge contract.

McKenzie says that the situation is like that of PK Subban last year where Subban wanted a long-term deal and ended up signing a two-year deal worth $2.875 million per season.

Subban won the Norris Trophy last season and Montreal has started extension talks with Subban.

Glen Sather confirmed that the Rangers are looking to sign Stepan to a bridge contract and look to extend him before the bridge contract runs out.

Stepan has said that he expects to be in training camp.

THIS SECTION is all about Stepan’s contract situation.

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StepanAt, Corey Masisak looks at some comparable players and situations for Derek Stepan as he looks for his new contract.

He notes that Stepan’s numbers through three seasons are almost identical to Mike Richards’ first three seasons and that Stepan’s career average of .66 points per game before his 23rd birthday puts him behind Logan Couture, .71, and Jaime Benn, .72, among player that have completed “exactly” three seasons before turning 23.

Masiask notes that Richards and Benn signed long-term deals for second contracts while Couture was given a bridge deal and just signed a five-year extension worth $30 million.

Matt Duchene also signed a two-year bridge deal and just signed the same five-year extension worth $30 million.

Claude Giroux signed a three-year bridge contract before signing an eight-year extension this summer.

Glen Sather has said that Stepan will sign a bridge deal.

THIS SECTION is all about Stepan’s contract situation.

Adam Rotter: Stepan’s situation is more like Couture than Richards or Benn. Richards and Benn were giving longer-term deals to establish themselves as the go-to guys for their team. Benn, prior to the Tyler Seguin trade, was the core piece that Dallas was building around and Richards was being looked at as the next Bobby Clarke for the Flyers. The Sharks have indicated that Couture is their future go-to guy but they still have Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau playing big roles. Stepan, with another big year, will ascend to that role when he signs his extension ,next y

Mailbag: Why Does Derek Stepan Have To Wait?

Derek Stepan Broadway HatJames: What is Sather talking about when he says that Stepan has to wait for a big money deal? He just gave McDonagh six years and Mac has played 169 games to Stepan’s 212. This doesn’t make sense.

Adam: It really comes down to the positions that they play. Stepan is a valuable forward for the Rangers but the league trend seems to be rewarding defensemen with long-term deals coming off of entry-level contracts. Roman Josi, Travis Hamonic and Zach Bogosian all got similar deals to McDonagh this summer as did Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Erik Karlsson who got them last summer.

Quality defensemen are so hard to find and when teams do find them they tend to lock them up long-term. The Rangers did it with Marc Staal a few years ago and did again this summer. It doesn’t mean that Stepan is any less valuable, but the trend in the league seems to be for most forwards to get longer-term deals for their third contract. Ryan Kesler, Max Pacioretty, James Neal all had that happen and are much more on the level with Stepan than players like Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall and John Tavares.

In a salary cap world you need to use all the leverage you have in every situation and the Rangers are doing just that with Stepan. He will get a bridge contract and if he continues to perform and get better, which everyone expects, the Rangers will reward him with his own five or six year deal.

Note: Derek Stepan Expects To Be At Training Camp (Updates)

Derek Stepan

4:58PM: Stepan told Ranger Rants that he is focusing on what he does and letting his agents handle the negotiations.

Stepan said that this is part of the business and part of being a pro hockey player.

He added that he isn’t sure what he will do after the USA camp ends and that he will probably return home to Minnesota for a little while before training camp.

4:43PM: “There is a lot of excited energy. We are a team that is pysched to have a little change of scenery. We have a good balance between young guys and older guys. There are a lot of guys who can’t wait for September.”

3:41PM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the stalemate with Stepan’s new contract has continued but that talks are expected to intensify as training camp starts in early September.

1:43PM: At the USA Hockey Camp in Washington, Derek Stepan told Steve Zipay he doesn’t anticipate NOT being at Rangers training camp when it opens in September.

Stepan is an RFA.

He told Zipay that these type of contract situations take time and both sides are working toward finding a number that works for both sides.

Ryan McDonagh told Zipay that Stepan will be at camp.

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Read: Glen Sather On Derek Stepan’s Contract Situation and What The Plan Is

Stepan 9:52AM: On Edmonton radio yesterday, Glen Sather spoke with Jason Gregor and Ryan Rishaug about the current contract situation of Derek Stepan.

Stepan is unsigned and Sather was asked if he felt Stepan would have a contract when training camp starts.

Sather said that the Rangers are looking to give Stepan a two-year “bridge” or “gap” contract like the organization has done with players in the past.

He added that the plan will be for Stepan and the Rangers to work on an extension after he plays the first year of his contract.

Sather said, “I am not going to give a long-term contract at this stage and he is a good player, a smart player, a good team guy. There is certainly nothing wrong with him  but you need to wait a little while before you get the big bucks.”

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