Buzz: Derek Stepan Is Open To A Bridge Contract/Glen Sather Says That Stepan’s Agent Isn’t Being Realistic/Wants To Be A Ranger

StepanIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Stepan’s agent and confirmed what Glen Sather said, that Stepan is open to a bridge contract.

Stepan’s agent said that his client is seeking the “fair market value he has earned” and that he is in the same category as the players who signed long-term deals coming out of entry level.

His agent said that he thinks it would benefit the Rangers to sign Stepan long term but if that isn’t possible they are willing to talk about a short term deal so that he can get back on the ice as soon as possible.

Glen Sather told Brooks that he spoke with Stepan and told him that his agent was being “unrealistic” in his demands and that the two sides aren’t close right now.

Sather added that with the way the CBA is and without having arbitration rights, Stepan is going to get a bridge contract. He added “that’s the way it is. It’s silly for him to miss camp at his age.”

Stepan’s agent Matt Oates said that he isn’t being unreasonable or unrealistic and that at no time has the thought of an offer sheet come into their mind. He tells Brooks that Stepan wants to be a Ranger and the objective is to get a deal done with the Rangers.

He adds that Stepan isn’t asking for anything that he hasn’t earned and that all he wants is a fair deal.

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2:36PM: At ESPN NY, Strang spoke with Sather and said that Stepan is willing to take a bridge contract but that the sides aren’t close on money.

Sather said that he hopes this can be resolved quickly and that Stepan has to be careful not to miss too much time in camp.

10:47AM: McDonagh’s comments on Stepan:

  • “Of course. I message with him back and forth. He has called me, asking how guys are doing. It’s a tough situation for him, he is so competitive and loves the game of hockey. I am just telling him stay positive, that everyone’s situation is different and you gotta go with what your agent, yourself and family feel. When he gets here, which we are confident he will, we will welcome him and use him and utilize his talents.

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Note: Cody Hodgson Signs A Six-Year Deal

Cody Hodgson has signed a six-year deal with the Buffalo Sabres that Nick Kypreos says has a cap hit of $4.25 million per season.

It is similar to the contract Adam Henrique signed that is also for six-years and has a cap hit of $4 million.

Hodgson has 77 points in 139 games and had 34 points in 48 games last season.

Henrique has 67 points in 117 games.

Nazem Kadri signed a two-year deal worth $2.9 million per season last night.

Adam Rotter: Derek Stepan is the most accomplished player of the three having scored more points (140) than any of two of the three have scored combined. Kadri is most similar in terms of points per game and his is the route the Rangers want to take. Henrique and Hodgson got their deals from teams that aren’t up against the cap while the Rangers and Leafs have fewer dollars to play with.


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Derek Stepan5:40PM: Vigneault’s comments on Stepan were:

  • They aren’t on the ice yet. I have talked to Derek a couple of times over the summer. He knows that contracts aren’t part of my responsibility, I will take him with open arms when he gets here. We want him here, he wants to be here. If it doesn’t it’s opportunities for other people. It would be better if he was here, there is no doubt. We have a new staff and we want everyone to start together and work together to build that foundation. This is a situation that is not within my control. Like I told him over the phone, I look forward to being his coach and working with him when he gets here. It will be fine.

5:33PM: In his chat with the media today, Alain Vigneault said it would be better if Derek Stepan was under contract and in camp but that he has spoken to Stepan multiple times this summer and looks forward to being his coach when he gets the chance.

Vigneault said, via, that he doesn’t have any control over the situation and that the preference is for him to be in camp and working with the new coaches and new teammates.

He added, via the NY Post, that everything will be fine and that when the time comes, Vigneault will welcome Stepan with open arms.

Adam Rotter: If Stepan is out for a while, which I still think is unlikely, it gives Derick Brassard and Brad Richards a real opportunity to snap up the top two center spots. Brassard is in a contract year and seems poised to be the player he was supposed to be after being picked sixth overall. Richards is planning to bounce back from last season and Stepan can open the door for both of them if he stays away for more than a day or two.

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Derek Stepan Broadway Hat10:18AM: Larry Brooks tweets that there has been no progress in the Rangers talks with Stepan and that he will miss the opening day of trainign camp.

7:39AM: In the Daily News, Pat Leonard writes that it wouldn’t be shocking to see the Rangers and Derek Stepan come to terms on a new deal today and avoid having the Rangers top center miss any time in training camp.

The Rangers report to training camp today but do not get on the ice until tomorrow.

Leonard points to the situation coming out of the lockout with Michael Del Zotto and how Del Zotto signed on the day training camp was starting and didn’t miss any time.

He says that the Rangers are offering Stepan a deal close to $2.5 million while Stepan is seeking more than $3 million and also looking for more than two years.

Del Zotto told the Daily News that Stepan is a quality player who is a big part of the team. He also said that his situation is part of the business of hockey and something that has happened before.

THIS SECTION is about Stepan’s contract talks.

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StepanAt Islanders Point Blank, Kevin writes that with the Rangers in the cap position they are in, the Islanders should take advantage and send an offer sheet of between $4 million and $5 million to Derek Stepan.

Tyler Dellow, a writer in Canada, has suggested this as has Larry Brooks in yesterday’s NY Post.

Matching an offer sheet for Stepan at $4.5 million would put the Rangers $2.3 million over the salary cap. The compensation for an offer sheet like this would be a first and third round pick.

The Rangers are allowed to go 10% over the salary cap until the end of September.

It’s been said that teams won’t offer sheet the Rangers because they know the Rangers will match and then have the resources to retaliate at a later time.

THIS SECTION is about Stepan’s contract talks.

Adam Rotter: If this were to happen the first domino to fall would likely be the Rangers trading Brian Boyle and getting prospects or a draft pick in return. Arron Asham and Darroll Powe would also be traded, likely for nothing of substance, or sent to the minors, which would still count a little against the cap. A guy like Aaron Johnson would likely be sent to the minors to create a bit more space as well. It would put the Rangers in a tough but not impossible spot. They would need to rely on cheap minor leaguers like Stu Bickel, Brandon Mashinter, Marek Hrivik, as call ups and Ryan Callahan or Carl Hagelin would probably need to go on LTIR so that a guy like Danny Kristo or JT Miller could start the season with the team.


Buzz: A Deal For Derek Stepan is NOT Imminent (Update)


9:34PM: Nick Kypreos tweets that Nazem Kadri has signed a two-year deal worth just under $6 million.

Bob McKenzie says that the deal is for $2.9 million per

7:15PM: On TSN Drive, Darren Dreger said “If you don’t take advantage of the system then you are going to turn the system upside down.”

Dreger says that he doesn’t think that the Rangers will cave and that he will eventually have to succumb to a shorter contract.

4:27PM: Strang writes at ESPN NY that it is believed that the two sides are still far apart while the Rangers continue to offer a bridge contract and Stepan’s camp looks for a bigger contract.

3:03PM: Katie Strang confirms that Stepan will not report to training camp without a contract

10:02AM: Derek Stepan’s agent Matt Oates tells Larry Brooks that a new contract for Derek Stepan is not imminent and that Stepan will not report to training camp without a deal.

THIS SECTION is about Stepan’s contract talks.

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have all of today to work out a deal before Stepan is a holdout and they have until Thursday before Stepan begins to miss on-ice work. We don’t know the status of the negotiations and whether there is a fundamental disagreement, bridge vs long-term deal, or if there is an agreement on term and differences with money. No matter the issue, it needs to be resolved quickly because it does no one any good to have the number one center miss time while the new coach is going over his system.