Read: What Glen Sather Said About Derek Stepan Last Night

In an interview with John Giannone that aired Glen Satherduring the second intermission of the Rangers loss to Calgary, Glen Sather made some remarks about Derek Stepan needing to “smell the roses” and understand what the Rangers are offering him in terms of a new contract.

Sather said that he doesn’t think Stepan is a big enough fool to let this thing linger and the fact that Stepan will get a big contract…..just not right now.

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Adam Rotter: Glen Sather has been a GM for far longer than Derek Stepan has been alive, so one would think that this is a calculated tactic that he has probably used in the past. Trying to intimidate through the media isn’t always the smoothest way to go about things, but it’s the way that Sather thinks will get Stepan to sign sooner.

The context of what Sather has said isn’t new, that Stepan needs to wait for a big deal and what with no arbitration the Rangers hold the cards, but the way he went about delivering the message was new. I don’t think anyone, Sather included, expected Stepan to withhold services and especially not to do so for this long.


Read: It’s Time To Get A Deal For Derek Stepan Done (What The Rangers Will Go To/Olympic Factor)

Stepan(9/21/13) 6:12PM:In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that it’s time for the Rangers and Derek Stepan to put aside their differences and work towards a compromise that will bring the Rangers first-line center back to the team.

Brooks says that the Rangers are offering just under $6 million over two years but that they are open to as much as $6.4 million over two years.

Stepan is looking for $7 million over two years, a number that Brooks notes is below market value.

He says that an other sheet doesn’t appear forthcoming for Stepan and that the idea of losing his spot on the Olympic team could be a big factor in Stepan coming down in his demands and signing a contract.

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Buzz: Derek Stepan Could Miss The Season Opener (Updates)


11:17AM: (9/20/13) Pierre LeBrun says in a chat that the Rangers aren’t going over $3 million per year for Stepan and that Stepan is looking for $3.5 million per season.

1:46PM: (9/19/13) At TSN, Darren Dreger writes that Derek Stepan is still locked in hardball negotiations with the Rangers over the amount of money he will get paid on his two-year deal.

Dreger writes that Stepan is looking for $7 million over two seasons while the Rangers “would happily” sign Stepan to a deal for $6 million over two seasons.

He says that the difference may not seem like much but the Rangers are “crunching” every dollar they can to comply with the salary cap.

Dreger says that at this point it seems unlikely that Stepan will be with the Rangers when they start the season in Phoenix on October 3rd.

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Buzz: There Is Still Distance Between The Rangers and Derek Stepan

Derek StepanLast night on TSN’s Insider Trading, Bob McKenzie said that Derek Stepan is not only looking for a contract similar to the bridge deal that Matt Duchene signed, two-years and $3.5 million per season, but that he may be looking for more money per season than that the $3.5 Duchene got.

McKenzie notes that the Rangers seem comfortable giving Stepan $3 million per season, or a number a little higher, but there continues to be “significant distance” in the talks.

Jeff Gorton said recently that the Rangers are offering Stepan bridge contract because of the lower salary cap this season.

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The NY Post reports that there is no new progress.

Read: The Bridge Contract Has Nothing To Do With Derek Stepan and Has Everything To Do With The Lower Cap

StepanAt ESPN Insider, Craig Custance writes about the RFA situations for Derek Stepan and how the negotiations are going.

Custance spoke with Rangers assistant GM Jeff Gorton, who handles contract negotiations, and Gorton said that the Rangers are pursuing a bridge contract with Derek Stepan because that is what they can afford with a lower salary cap.

Gorton tells Custance that the Rangers desire to go with a bridge contract “has nothing to do with the player, especially in this case” and that a bridge contract will make things easier for the team as they try to navigate through this season before the cap rises.

He added that there is only so much money to go around in the salary cap era and that some guys have to wait to sign a big contract.

The Rangers and Stepan are believed to be about $1 million apart in their talks.

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Buzz: What Derek Stepan wants and what the Rangers are offering

According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, the Rangers and Derek Stepan are believed to be about $1 million apart in their negotiations for a new contract.

Brooks says that Stepan is looking for $7 million over two years and that the Rangers have offered just under $6 million over two years.

Buzz: Still A Gap In Dollars With Derek Stepan

John Shannon of Sportsnet tweets that Derek Stepan is willing to take a two-year deal from the Rangers but there is still a big gap in money.

Alex Pietrangelo, another RFA, signed a seven-year contract worth $6.5 million per season.

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