Recap: Dan Girardi talks contract extension

Dan Girardi“I love it in New York, my family loves it here. It’s an original-six team, they treat you the best in the league for sure. So I want to hopefully finish my career here. I am excited for the next six-years after this one and hopefully have a good year this year.” (Dan Girardi with John Giannone on MSG)

Girardi signed a six-year extension yesterday worth $5.5 million per season.

6:09PM: Girardi says that he wishes this could have been done sooner but that he is excited to be a Ranger for more of his career. (ESPN NY)

Ryan Callahan said that he is very excited for Girardi and no one deserves this extension more. (Ranger Rants)

3/2/14: 7:44AM: The Rangers and Bruins had talks about Girardi before he signed. (Ottawa Sun)

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News: Dan Girardi signs SIX-YEAR extension

5:03PM: “Dan has been a Ranger for his entire career, signing with us as an undrafted free agent and working his way to become a top defenseman in the NHL. “His dedication to this club, as a leader both on the ice and in the locker room, is invaluable to this team. We are happy to have been able to ensure that he will continue to wear the Blueshirt.” (Glen Sather in the Rangers press release)

4:45PM: Girardi’s deal includes a full no-move clause in the first three-years and a modified no-trade clause in the final three-years. (Pierre LeBrun)

  • 5:46PM: Girardi’s no-move clause kicks in now even though the extension doesn’t start until July 1. That is a new part of the CBA if both sides want to do that. (LeBrun)

4:40PM: Girardi has agreed to terms on a contract extension. (Larry Brooks)

The deal is six-years at $5.5 million. (Darren Dreger)

Adam Rotter: I had a feeling that today would be the day that the Rangers and Girardi finally hammered, or as Girardi put it last night “bang” out the extension. They seemed too close not to make a deal and he is too important to the Rangers to trade him or let him walk away. When the money is close, as it has been for a few days, it’s secondary details like how long no-move/no-trade clauses are in effect, salary structure by year and others that delay the process.

This was a move they had to make, going at least one-year and probably a few hundred thousand more than they seemed to want to, because replacing Girardi was going to be nearly impossible. It took the Rangers nearly two seasons to find a right shot replacement for Michael Sauer so who knows how long it would take to find someone who could replace Girardi. In the end it’s a fair deal for the Rangers and Girardi and allows their top defense pair to be together for the foreseeable future.

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Buzz: Dan Girardi is hoping something gets done in the next few days

Against Chicago last night, pending UFA Dan Girardi played 22:59 in the Rangers win over Chicago.

On MSG after the game, Girardi said “we will see what happens here, we will be working here the next few days hopefully and try to bang something out here but in the meantime it’s all business and just do my job.”

When asked about distractions and how he deals with them, Girardi said “I think it’s pretty easy actually, away from the rink you deal with it and figure things out, when you get here it doesn’t even come into my head. Morning skate or coming to the game it’s the last thing in my head. I’m just going to work hard and let everything else figure itself out.” (MSG)

“They say 99% chance that they trade Callahan and will trade Girardi if they don’t get him signed, I have kind of come to believe Callahan but I don’t believe Girardi. I really don’t. I still think that Sather is playing a game and trying to grind this one down to the limit to get them signed by scaring them into thinking that they will be dealt. I just can’t fathom them trading Girardi. Callahan I believe can happen but I think they need to find a way to get Girardi signed.  (James Duthie with TSN’s Gareth Wheeler)


Buzz: The Rangers and Dan Girardi continue to talk (Updates)

10PM: Girardi said after the game that he will be working the next few days to work out a new contract. (Steve Zipay)

5:46PM: “The Girardi talks seem to have progressed and it seems like there is a deal to be done. the Rangers have more or less given Girardi what he asked for, maybe six-years worth $5.5 or a little higher. To this point he hasn’t taken it and as long as that is the case his name could come into play.” (Bob McKenzie on TSN1200)

3:27PM: The Rangers and Girardi have hit a roadblock over the past couple of days though it isn’t known what that is. If Girardi isn’t signed in the next day or two it is expected that he will be shopped heavily for a trade. (NY Post)

2:31PM: “I think there is a better chance that Girardi gets signed in the days ahead and I think it comes in at around his asking price which was six-years and $5.5 million and what I know is that Sather is not going to let either player go past March 5 unsigned. If Dan Girardi truly wants to stay with the Rangers, and I believe that he does, then he is going to have to get this deal done because otherwise he will absolutely be in play on March 5 if not before. (Darren Dreger on TSN1260)

2:04PM: The Rangers continue to work towards an extension with Girardi but his agents says that there is still some negotiating left to do. (Larry Brooks)

1:23PM: “If Girardi’s deal doesn’t get done in the next 4-5 days maybe he becomes a player for Boston and that could be a game changer.” (Ray Ferraro on Leafs Lunch)

1:04PM: The Rangers and the agents for Dan Girardi have been in consistent communication over the last week and a half as they work toward a contract extension. (ESPN NY)

Girardi’s agent Don Meehan said that it was “too early to tell” if the two sides will be able to bridge the gap. He is reportedly asking for six-years and a cap hit of $5.5 million per season and the two sides are reportedly not that far apart. (ESPN NY)

There continues to be belief that Girardi will end up signing with the Rangers but if he isn’t signed he is going to be traded.

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Buzz: The latest on Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi including what is being offered (Updates)

1:32PM: The Rangers and Callahan’s agent have spoken in the past day and there is nothing new to report with it. (Pat Leonard)

2/27/14: 8:08AM: “You don’t think Ryan Callahan is sick and tired of talking about being a primary trade target and the fact he has been vilified for asking for nearly $7 million per year. Dan Girardi hasn’t agreed to a contract yet though most still believe that he will to stay with the Rangers.” (Darren Dreger on Leafs Breakfast)

2/26/14: 9:24PM: Boomer Esiason just tweeted “Sami Vatanen.” Vatanen has been a player linked to the Rangers for Girardi. 

8:02PM: The Rangers are committed to sending Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi out of town if they are not signed by the March 5 deadline. (NY Post)

On Dan Girardi, the Rangers are closing in on what he has asked for, six-years and $5.5 million per season, but Girardi has indicated that he isn’t ready or willing to sign at those terms. Girardi would be considered the “prize rental” of the season. (NY Post)

On Ryan Callahan, the Rangers captain is searching for a seven-year deal worth between $45 million and $50 million. There is “widespread belief” that the Sabres will pay Callahan what he wants if he becomes a free agent. (NY Post)

The Rangers have offered him five-years and $30 million and are concerned about contract length. The Rangers are looking for one NHL player and one prospect or high draft pick in exchange for Callahan. (NY Post)

Larry Brooks wonders if Callahan and Girardi will go to UFA together and sign with the same time. He says that their wives are close friends, they are close friends, and they first played together in the OHL. (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: I think that the Rangers will end up waiting until the last possible second before trading Girardi. I think that Callahan ends up being moved before the deadline while Girardi’s situation may not be resolved until the day of. The two are very close and Girardi may be waiting to see what happens with Callahan or the two of them may pull a Parise and Suter and go to market together and sign with new teams. Everyone talks about Callahan and the Sabres but Girardi’s home town in Ontario is just as close to Buffalo

Buzz: 99.9% chance Ryan Callahan is dealt/latest on Dan Girardi (Updates)

Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, Yankee Stadium2/26/14: 8:02AM: (Darren Dreger on NHL Live)

On Ryan Callahan, “Ryan Callahan seems unlikely even though he is the captain to agree to a contract to stay with the Blueshirts. 99% chance that he is gone. There are many teams in play. Glen Sather is asking a lot for Ryan Callahan.:

On Dan Girardi, “Dan Girardi, the Rangers are still pushing to get him re-signed to keep him away from UFA. My sense is that the Rangers love him and want to keep him. Dan Girardi very much wants to stay with the Rangers so they are just haggling over term and a little bit of money that represents the gap in this negotiation. That being said, Glen Sather is still considering the interest and their remains considerable interest in Dan Girardi. If Girardi isn’t signed by the deadline I am told that there is no chance that the Rangers let him go beyond that without a deal.”

2/25/14: 6:55PM: “I’m told that it’s 99.9% guaranteed that Ryan Callahan will get traded by the New York Rangers. There are many teams involved in this process. We know that the St. Louis Blues have been the most consistent in showing interest. There is some connection to the Tampa Bay Lightning and some other teams as well.” (Darren Dreger on Insider Trading)

On Dan Girardi, “there is an on-going back and forth on Dan Girardi as well. Many predicted that this deal would be done by now to keep Girardi with the Rangers. If he isn’t signed by March 5th, the trading deadline there is also a 99.9% chance that he gets traded. (Darren Dreger on Insider Trading)

“You are right Darren. There were no talks over the Olympic break between the Rangers and Ryan Callahan. There is on-going dialogue with Girardi. It seems to be a little bit of a difference in term, maybe a  little less than $500,000 a year in money but they are working and trying to get that done.  (Bob McKenzie on Insider Trading)

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Read: Potential returns for Ryan Callahan and/or Dan Girardi

Rangers Capitals Hockey12:51PM: “I didn’t believe that Callahan would be traded with a team that thinks it can contend in the East, but I would say right now that with his current contract demands there is no chance that the Rangers will keep him. With Callahan, and I am hearing that the number is up near towards $6.75 million over seven years, that the Rangers can not and will not go there.” (Nick Kypreos on HC @ Noon)

Doug MacLean says that everyone likes Callahan but he isn’t a $7 million dollar player, “that is ludicrous money for him.” (HC @ Noon)

Then the following exchange occurred:

  • MacLean: “Here is where it makes sense for Tampa Bay… Callahan could be traded 1 for 1…Tampa would have a reasonable chance to sign him to a long-term deal if he comes to his sense which I expect he would come to. I think Stevie would be able to get him on a deal at the right number, not the crazy numbers they are talking about.”
  • Kypreos: “when you factor in the cost of living and the state tax the number has to come down.
  • MacLean: “It’s 10%…..but I don’t get the numbers, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around those numbers.”
  • Kypreos: “But all you need is one team…just ask David Clarkson and he had two teams. I think Edmonton would have gone $5.5 for him.”

12:34PM: Craig Custane and Frank Provenzano looked at the top 25 trade targets and what it may cost to get them. (ESPN Insider)

Third on the list is Dan Girardi who Custance says would add a big boost to a team like the Capitals or the Bruins if Glen Sather is willing to trade within the division and conference.

  • Provenzano lists the price tag for Girardi as being a first round pick and a mid-level roster player.

Ryan Callahan is fifth on the list and Custance says Callahan showed what he can do during the Olympics.

  • Provenzano lists the price tag for Callahan as a fort round pick plus a NHL roster player

Provenzano is a former assistant GM for Washington (97-2004) and Dallas (2006-13).