Read: Brad Richards on NY Media and not having the pressure on him (Updates)

Brad Richards10/2/14 | 7:05AM: Richards said that it will be nice to get some “weight” off his shoulders and that he put a lot of pressure on himself in NY and now it’s “nice to get away from that.” (Trib)

He adds that it’s nice to come into a locker room that is already established. (Trib)

Richards also jokingly asked for the Chicago media to not be like the NY media and that he probably needed more than three-years to get used to them. Richards said that sometimes  (Trib)

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Recap: Brad Richards on MSG

Brad RichardsBrad Richards was on MSG during the Rangers/Blackhawks games:

  • Do you feel you belong yet, “not yet, each day gets better and better. I feel more comfortable with the guys. It was a quick transition to go from the heartache of losing the Finals to moving to a new team and new city, but a great team and great organization.
  • On Patrick Kane, “It’s very important. I haven’t played with anybody here in my career. Just with tendencies and feeling comfortable and having a good relationship with guys.”
  • On becoming a dad,  “It will probably change me quite a bit. I am so excited. We are both thrilled and can’t wait to meet the little guy.”

Richards said earlier today that the writing was on the wall for his buyout with the Rangers having no cap room and the new rules for long-term deals. (Trib)

He added that it was a tough situation, in the playoffs, to be a big part of the team while also knowing he was likely going to be off the team in a week.(Trib)

Mats Zuccarello, Taylor Pyatt, John Moore, Brad Richards

Read: Mats Zuccarello on the loss of Brad Richards

8/9/14 | 12:23PM: Mats Zuccarello was asked about the Rangers losing Brad Richards and said that he was a “vital cog” in the team, “especially off the ice.” (Nettavisen)

He says that Richards was a big help because of his experience and was a big leader in the locker room. (Nettavisen)

Zuccarello added, “It’s clear he’s going to be a loss.” (Nettavisen)

He said on the day of the buyout that losing Richards is “a shame.”

Carl Hagelin said that Richards was an “amazing” teammate who helped him a lot.

Henrik Lundqvist said, “Brad Richards has been outstanding this season on and off the ice and accepted the role of more responsibility and a lot of credit to Brad.” (Fox Sports)

Chris Kreider said that Richards has helped him through every single low point in his career. (ESPN NY)

Read: Brad Richards on his relationship with Glen Sather and the attention hockey gets in NY

Brad RichardsBrad Richards says that he and Glen Sather had a good relationship when Richards was in New York and that Sather was “great” to him. (Blackhawks)

He said that he suspected that the Rangers would buy him out and called it a business decision. (Blackhawks)

Richards said that he has been very impressed with the attention the Blackhawks have in Chicago. Comparing it to New York, Richards said that when the Rangers are winning they get a lot of attention but “when it’s over, it’s over.” (Blackhawks)

Sather and Richards both spoke after the buyout was finalized.

Read: Brad Richards and Marty St. Louis are going to Scotland to golf

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of their 2004 Stanley Cup Win, Brad Richards, Marty St. Louis, Freddy Modin and Tim Taylor are going to Scotland to golf. (Blackhawks)

Richards said that they will play 36 holes per day. (Blackhawks)

Modin, Richards and St. Louis were a line for the Lightning when they won the Cup. 

Taylor played a season and a half for the Rangers from 1999 to 2001.

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Read: Brad Richards on knowing the buyout was coming, the pressure and getting back to having fun

Brad RichardsBrad Richards was a guest on 670 The Score in Chicago yesterday and was asked about this past season with the Rangers.

Richards said, “this year we were in the Final, the writing was on the wall probably as soon as the lockout happened, just the way the contract was structured, the risk of me retiring early and the cap hit that they would have, I kind of knew it was happening but it didn’t matter and it was still a good team that I wanted to play on this year and we made a run and almost won it.”

He added, “It’s nice to have big contracts and I am very thankful for that but it’s also nice to get out of this one and kind of regroup and get a little bit of that pressure off you and I can go into Chicago with guys who are used to winning and, kind of, not under the radar but kind of come in with a different look and hopefully I can just get back to, you know, having fun out there.”

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Recap: Brad Richards on Chicago Radio (Updated)


12PM: Richards was on The Game 87.7FM in Chicago:

  • How did you think of Chicago as a possibility, “Stan reached out on Saturday to my agent, we had a great talk Sunday night with Stan and Joel. I knew the cap space would be low but it got the juices flowing. To talk to them, to get a good feel, waking up yesterday was hard to not give yourself a look and a chance to win and I informed my agent that I would like to go down that path if we can make it work and I got picky and we were close and got something done and I couldn’t pass up going to the Hawks.” To read more of this story, click here