Note: John Tortorella Still Isn’t Worried About Brad Richards Having The Flu

For the third straight day of Rangers training camp, Brad Richards has been out with the flu.

Today, John Tortorella reiterated that the situation with Richards isn’t ideal, “We want him here. Is it ideal that he misses these days? No. But he is getting better and hopefully be on the ice quickly and jump right in with us. It is out of our control.”

Tortorella added, as he did yesterday, that Richards put in a lot of work in the offseason that should be able to help him when he returns.


Note: The Rangers Have The Fewest Back to Backs In The League/Will Travel Second Fewest Miles

Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck compiled his annual list of how many miles teams will travel this season and how many back to back situations they will be in.

The Rangers will play six back to back games which is the fewest in the league.

The Red Wings and Blackhawks each play 12 back to backs and the Flyers and Devils play 10.

The Islanders and Pittsburgh play seven.

In terms of total miles traveled during this 48 game season, the Devils will travel the least at 11,659 and the Rangers will travel 12,048 miles.

The Islanders travel 12,159, the Flyers 14,648 and the Penguins 16,894.

The Wild travel the most at 31,345 miles.

NEWS: The Rangers 2013 Schedule

11:48PM: The Rangers press release announcing the schedule is below.

11:17PM: The Rangers have announced that single game tickets go on sale on 1/16

10:57PM: The Rangers only play six series of back-to-back games  (1/19 and 1/20, 1/23 and 1/24, 3/7 and 3/8, 3/18 and 3/19, 4/5 and 4/6, 4/18 and 4/19)

10:39PM:The following is the Rangers schedule for 2013:

January: Home 5 Road 2

  • 1/19 @ Boston 7PM
  • 1/20 vs Pittsburgh 7PM
  • 1/23 vs Boston 7:30PM (NBCSN)
  • 1/24 @ Philly 7PM
  • 1/26 vs Toronto 7PM
  • 1/29 vs Philly 7PM
  • 1/31 vs Pitt 7PM

February: Home-7 Road-5

  • 2/2 @ Tampa Bay 7PM
  • 2/5 @ NJ 7PM
  • 2/7 vs Isles 7PM
  • 2/10 vs Tampa Bay 7:30PM
  • 2/12 @ Boston 7:30PM (NBCSN)
  • 2/14 vs Isles 7PM
  • 2/17 vs Washington 6PM (NBCSN)
  • 2/19 vs Montreal 7PM
  • 2/21 @ Ottawa 7:30PM
  • 2/23 @ Montreal 7PM
  • 2/26 vs Winnipeg 7PM
  • 2/28 vs Tampa Bay 7PM

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Buzz: The Two Games On Long Island/End Of Season Against NJ

7:06PM: Gulitti adds that the Rangers and Devils games are:

  • 2/5 in NJ
  • 3/19 in NJ
  • 4/21 at MSG
  • 4/27 at MSG

Once again, this is consistent with the unconfirmed schedule from this past week.

7PM: Tom Gulitti says that the Rangers and Devils will end the season at MSG on April 27.

Once again, this is consistent with the unconfirmed schedule from this past week.

5:42PM: According to, our sister site, Islanders Point Blank, the Rangers will play at the Nassau Coliseum on March 7th and April 13th.

These two dates are the same as the dates that appeared on the unconfirmed Rangers schedule from this past week.

So far, the information about the Rangers schedule that we have is:

  • Opener on 1/19 in Boston
  • Home opener on 1/20 against Pitt
  • On Long Island 3/7 and 4/13
  • 5 games against the Flyers with three on the road
  • 5 games against the Penguins with three games at MSG.


Buzz: Three of the Rangers Games Will Be In Philly/Five Times Against Pittsburgh

According to Frank Seravalli of the Philly Daily News, the Rangers and Flyers will play five times this season and three of the games will be in Philadelphia.

He also notes that the Rangers will play the Penguins five teams. Three of those games are likely to be at MSG.

  • The Penguins play the Rangers and Islanders five times.
  • The Flyers play the Rangers and Devils five times.
  • The Devils play the Flyers and Islanders five times.
  • The Islanders play the Penguins and Devils five times.

He notes that the Rangers have the toughest schedule in the Atlantic division with the extra game coming against the Flyers and the Penguins.

This report is consistent with the unconfirmed schedule leak from yesterday.

If the unconfirmed schedule is to be used, then six of the Rangers first seven games will be against the Bruins, Penguins and Flyers.

Buzz: The Penguins Want To Open At Home On Jan 20

According to Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Penguins want to have their home opener on January 20th against Carolina.

Currently, the schedule has them playing the Rangers on 1/20 in the Rangers home opener.

The Penguins open against the Flyers on 1/19.

Jim Matheson in Edmonton confirms that the last day of the regular season will be April 27.

THIS unconfirmed Rangers schedule has them playing Pitt on 1/20 at MSG and ending on 4/27 against the Devils.

Buzz: Is This The Rangers Schedule? (Unconfirmed)

6:02PM: Larry Brooks tweets that the home opener is tentatively scheduled for 1/20 against Pitt.

The first rumblings of the home opener vs Pittsburgh on 1/20 came last night.

4:01PM:A reader tweeted Steve Zipay what appears to be a possible 2013 schedule for the Rangers.

This version of the schedule confirms January 19th for the opener in Boston and January 20th for the homer opener against Pittsburgh. This schedule has a title of New York Rangers 2013 Schedule but has 2012 as the year for all of the dates in the schedule.

The schedule which will not be officially released until Saturday or Sunday.

On the Michael Kay Show, John Tortorella said that he doesn’t have the final schedule yet but has seen variations of it that give him an idea of when games will be played, back to backs, three in four nights, etc.

This unconfirmed schedule is:

-Road: 1/19 Boston
-Home: 1/20 Pittsburgh
-Home: 1/23 Boston
-Road: 1/24 Philly
-Home: 1/26 Toronto
-Home: 1/29 Philly
-Home: 1/31 Pittsburgh

-Road: 2/2 Tampa Bay
-Road: 2/3 Florida
-Road: 2/5 Devils
-Home: 2/7 Islanders
-Home: 2/10 Tampa Bay
-Road: 2/12 Boston
-Home: 2/14 Islanders
-Road: 2/15 Buffalo
-Home: 2/17 Washington
-Home: 2/20 Montreal
-Road: 2/21 Ottawa
-Road: 2/23 Montreal
-Home: 2/26 Winnipeg
-Home: 2/28 Tampa Bay

-Home: 3/3 Buffalo
-Home: 3/5 Philly
-Road: 3/7 Islanders
-Home: 3/8 Ottawa
-Road: 3/10 Washington
-Road: 3/14 Winnipeg
-Road: 3/16 Pittsburgh
-Home: 3/18 Carolina
-Road: 3/19 Devils
-Home: 3/21 Panthers
-Home: 3/24 Capitals
-Road: 3/26 Philly
-Road: 3/28 Ottawa
-Road: 3/30 MTL

-Home: 4/1 Winnipeg
-Home: 4/3 Pittsburgh
-Road: 4/5 Pittsburgh
-Road: 4/6 Carolina
-Road: 4/8 Toronto
-Home: 4/10 Toronto
-Road: 4/13 Islanders
-Road: 4/16 Philly
-Home: 4/18 Florida
-Road: 4/19 Buffalo
-Home: 4/21 Devils
-Road: 4/25 Carolina
-Home: 4/27 Devils

Adam Rotter: This version of the schedule, whether it is real or not, has the Rangers playing the Penguins and Flyers five times and the Islanders and Devils four times. I think that the big thing to take away from this is the structure of the schedule because no matter if the opponents mentioned above are correct, this is the pace that the schedule will take.

Read: The Rangers Know How To Deal With Adversity/How Important Each Of the 48 Games Will Be

In at article at Newsday, Steve Zipay wrote about how each game during the NHL’s 48 game season will mean so much and how this season isn’t a marathon but a sprint.

Brian Boyle told Zipay that each loss will mean double and any sort of losing streak could really put a team in a bad spot. Boyle added “it’s going o be 30 teams going nuts.”

John Tortorella said, in the Daily News, that the Rangers will need to use their experience of dealing with adversity to help get through the changes of a shortened season, “On the players’ side, no matter how many games you play, the mental toughness of it is always very important if you’re going to succeed. That’s a big reason we had success last year; we overcame a lot of different things. This is another one that’s ahead of us. We’ve had experience with it and I think we will handle it just fine.

Dan Rosen of writes that with all of the three point games, games that go into overtime where both teams get a point, winning in regulation is going to come at a much higher premium during the shortened season.

BUZZ: Rangers To Open Season In Boston on 1/19

New Posts Appear Under

10:29AM: Dave Molinari tweets that one version of the schedule has the Penguins playing at MSG on January 20th.

8:49PM: Unconfirmed reports have the Rangers home opener being on January 20th against Pittsburgh.

7:34PM: According to, the Rangers will open up the regular season on January 19th in Boston at the TD Garden.

The game is likely to be played at 7PM

Buzz: The Rangers Will Play The Flyers Five Times This Season

According to John Boruk of CSN Philly, the Flyers are one of the two Atlantic Division teams that the Rangers will play five times this season.

The Rangers will play one other Atlantic team five times and then play the other two teams four times.

Boruk says that the Flyers will also face the Penguins five times.

It is expected that the other team the Rangers will play five times is the Islanders.